Domestic method of removing acne in 5 days

Acne means turbulence. There are many ways to remove bronze from homemade or natural methods. In fact, when acne surrounds us, there is no end to the annoyance. Check out home remedies to get rid of acne problems.

Suffering from black spots on face? Usually, after removing the acne or rash, such black spots are left on the skin of the face. It is okay to get rid of acne and blemishes in the right treatment, but the medicines or creams that are used for it are expensive, so it also fears side effects. But if this kind of black spot can be removed by natural means, it is best. In a report published in the Ayurvedic Journal for Medical Sciences, the hadith has been given a domestic and reliable method, which can be used to remove facial skin in just five days.


A) Apply lemon juice directly to the stained area of ​​the mouth. After 5-20 minutes wash the face in white water. Do this twice a day. In the next 5-7 days you will see the farakata.

B) Combine one teaspoon of petilibur juice with one teaspoon of honey. Apply this mixture lightly on the black spots on the face. After 5-20 minutes wash your face.

C) In addition, mix one teaspoon of tomato juice with one teaspoon tomato juice. If you can take one teaspoon oatmeal in that mixture, you will get better results. Apply this mixture to the spots on the face and wash the face in white water for 5 minutes. Doing it a couple of times a day will produce quick results.

In fact, citric acid contained in lemon is very beneficial to the skin. This creates an invisible protective layer on the skin. As well as acne or rash, it also kills bacteria, and eliminates oily skin. Then start today without delay and get these side effects home-based and get a stain-free face in a week.

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