Islam and conspiracy theories

Long before any negative word or deed came by a person or organization in the name of Islam, the Jewish Christians were behind this conspiracy. The Muslim world finds the conspiracy of other religions behind this negative act. Opponents of Islam, haters allege that Muslims want to save their bad deeds by blaming others for their conspiracy; Muslims are bad, Islam is bad and so on. Many of the names are objectified by all materialists.


Now let’s look at the rationale behind conspiracy theories. Islamists hated for the killing of Banu Quraiza by Muslims during the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) 3 years ago. But the Bani focuses very little on the activities behind the Jewish tribe called Quraiza. Why the war was conducted against the Bani Quraiza tribe and why or why they were killed. In a word, the cause of the war and murder was the Bani Kuraija conspiracy against the Muslims. To those who are Muslim but do not know this history, I will tell you this history reads a little. I did not go here for detailed discussion.


At the time of the crusade, many conspiracies took place against Salahuddin Ayub; The details of which will become a huge book. All I can say is that the number of times he tried to poison her was too many times; This time the history page looks a little upside down. Islamists will say that these are the stories of Muslims.


Now let’s come to English and Lord Clive’s history of Bangla occupation. It is well known that the sun of Bengal was set in the battle of Palashi for dishonesty of Mir Jafar. But who was the root of the conspiracy with Mir Jafar? What was his nationality What was his religion identity? Who then spread the false propaganda of the death well against Siraj? Now Islamists will say that these are the pursuit of war; These things can be done. This time but no more gossip.


Then come the hypocrisy of Christian missionaries. There are numerous books on Islam in this country, namely Islam in Arabic, and Christian missionaries of the Christian missionaries by the name of the Quran. A book should be printed with the names of those books; So that ordinary Muslims do not cheat. What are those books that are preached to Christians? Starting with the name of Allah and the Prophet (peace be upon him), it has been exchanged with false information from the middle (1 lie down with 5 saheeh), saying that Islam is wrong and that the religion of Christianity has been propagated in the end. Through those mistakes, attempts have been made to deceive ordinary Muslims. Naturally, after some truth, when Islam is tried to prove falsehoods by means of untrue lies, those who know less will be deceived; And they are also deceived. What kind of work are these? Are these Muslim scholars, Propagators of Islam? Do Muslims preach Islam by the name of Jesus Christ or Saint Paul or by any other name? These are the works of the devil. Bring your own way.


Now let’s name the two Mossad agents. Eli Cohen is another Ashraf Marwan. Eli Cohen is an Egyptian-born Jewish Mossad agent of Egyptian descent who entered Muslim encampments in Syria through Mossad. And the Israelis think he is the only person for whom Israel won in that day’s war and the Arabs lost. After the end of the war, his cover was leaked, and the Syrian government quickly hanged him after the trial. Another devastating act of Eli Cohen is the bombing of embassies in different countries while in Egypt. Whose primary responsibility lay above the Egyptian as well as the Muslim Brotherhood, but later came to the inquiry, the real cat in the bag. Eli Cohen left Egypt for Israel.



If the cover of Eli Cohen had not been leaked, this man would have once joined the air. No one knew about the existence of Eli Cohen. It was not known how much a Muslim spy named Kamal Amin Samet, a Jew named Eli Cohen, had done to the Muslim countries.


Ashraf Marwan, the daughter-in-law of former Egyptian president Nasser. Although Ashraf Marwan is a Muslim by name, he was a Mossad agent in mind. There has been a lot of research on how and why Ashraf Marwan was linked to Mossad, but what is true is not known until today. Ashraf Marwan conducted his activities from the 9th to the 5th, but was never caught. The name of Ashraf Marowan is known after 25, when an Israeli writer, Aaron Bergman, published the book Ashraf Marwan in his hint. Then it is fully known in the confession of former Israeli army chief Eli Zeira. However, within 6 weeks of this confession, he dies or later. Egypt lost Syria in the battle of Yom-Kippur in advance of Ashraf Marwan.


All of these are examples of a conspiracy of Jewish Christians. Such a masterpiece can be written with a full sample. Even then, Islam scholars will say that Muslims find the smell of conspiracy.


The reason for this conspiracy theory is that in the present world there are many conspiracies against Muslims. But there is no Muslim majority country to say anything against those conspiracies or to protest against the Muslim world or to conduct an espionage operation against these nefarious events. Most Muslim countries are ruled by agents like Ashraf Marwan; Those who do not even hold Islam in their hearts are suffering from fever called nationalism. They work in the nationalism of those agents according to the Lord’s will. In truth, there is a Muslim majority country but not an Islamic country. The princes of the Muslim countries chose different religions as their savior, rather than taunting one God. This is because of the weakness of the faith of the heads of these states, Akkidar Komati; They have no knowledge of Islam in their hearts. As one they are non-Muslim. Because of this, the heads of the state are unable to provide guidance for the Muslim population.


Before the birth of Isis, millions of people have been killed in bombings on a weak state like Iraq due to false pretenses of destructive weapons. Then in this rugged environment is created a monster called Isis. The whole world is swallowing what is being preached in their media, even we Muslims. We Muslims are not even thinking that there is a big conspiracy behind it. The Muslims are not aware of these conspiracies because they are taking the Muslims to the door of destruction.

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