Eid al-Azha (Festival of Sacrifice) Some words in context

Every year, on the occasion of Eid al-Azha and the festival of sacrifice, no humanitarian festival can be seen among other religions or atheists, with the help of the poorest Muslims around the world without any interest. Poor people keep the animals in front of the baby Azha. The animals are bought at a great price for the sacrifice. Every year, thousands of crores of money is transferred from the pockets of the rich to the poor. It would not have been possible without the occasion of Eid.

– One-third of the sacrificial animal meat is passed on to the poor. This is also not done on any occasion other than the occasion of Eid. Because of this, poor people can eat meat at least a few days a year. Even the skin money of those animals is given to the poor.

So great a humanitarian festival, and no second. For example, every year, hundreds of billions of rupees are spent in worship, making idols and submerging them again in water. That means every year hundreds of millions of money is being dumped from the pockets of the rich just in the water for worship! But poor people are not benefiting. Poor sacrifices also do not benefit the poor. Even through Christmas there is no profit to the poor. The pockets of the big businessmen are swollen over the Christmas call.


  1. Muslims in the Indian subcontinent have made Eid al-Azha the first ‘Eid of sacrifice’ in Persian style. Finally, the ‘Eid of the sacrifice’ has been made ‘Eid of the cow’! Every year, during Eid al-Adha, you will find that the paper magazines provide pictures of cattle huts and bulls. That is, the huge human side of Eid-ul-Azha has collapsed. It is a matter of shame for Muslims.


. In recent years, Eid al-Azha has been sharing on Facebook with images of slaughtering animal sacrifices on mobile phones by some of the emerging Polapan mobile phones. They are doing it in retaliation with the Indian proletariat, Death Cult – who are killing and raping one after another in the name of ‘Go-Raksha’. But would any non-Muslim be attracted to Islam by seeing such a bloody scene? Does anyone have a good idea about Islam? Of course not. Moreover, must the animal of sacrifice be publicly slaughtered for all to see? Of course not. However, till date no scholar has been seen to give a fatwa against this. A fatwa should have come from the scholars of this society.

However – those who sacrifice images of animal sacrifices through communication, defying Eid al-Azhar’s huge humanitarian aspects, presenting Islam inhumane, offering simple weapons to Islamist haters – should be aware of any way and resist the need. It has to be in the interest of Islam. Extra overcharges have to be fined. And the animal must be sacrificed in secret and out of reach of children. It has to be done in the interest of Islam too. An Islam-loving Muslim can never slaughter the animal by sacrificing it by showing it to everyone.


. Those who kill and rape people in the name of ‘go protection’, sacrifice lambs, cows and buffaloes, offer burnt offerings, or even sacrifice children to appease the goddess  – they make a human photo by spreading social media through photoshopped during Eid-ul-Azha. Presenting the festival in a terrifying and inhumane manner. In reality the view of sacrifice is not at all like this. These are the Brahminist-Hindutva cults.


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