What happens if you don t stop conspiracy bannerlord

How to stop conspiracy bannerlord.Here You will find explanation about,Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord – How to Stop a Conspiracy.In Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord’s main story campaign, you’ll face a conspiracy quest. Unfortunately, as the game is still in beta testing via Steam Early Access, various bugs may occur with this assignment. Below we will tell you in detail about the quest itself and how to complete it.

As you progress through the Empire quest chain, you will meet Istiana and Arzagos, and from one of them you will receive the Conspiracy quest. It all depends on which side you choose. The second half of the mission has a time limit, so once you get to it, try to drop all other activities and focus on completing the mission.

How to stop conspiracy bannerlord./stop the conspiracy bannerlord

Many players are reporting a recurring error that causes the mission failure message to appear. Therefore, before starting the quest, be sure to save. Make sure to save more often when performing the task directly. If something goes wrong, you can always reload the save.

The conspiracy meter will fill up as you continue to destroy or unite the empire. And, ultimately, it will be upgraded to the Stop Conspiracy state. It is then that you will see the time limit for completing the mission.

You cannot make a truce with Istiana or Arzagos. The quest will just stop. Perhaps the game developers simply haven’t added its logical conclusion yet. Your choices are, in fact, limited. And the only development of events at the moment: the expiration of time, which will lead to the implementation of a conspiracy and, possibly, war.

For example, if you want the Empire to be destroyed, make sure that it has less than four settlements on the entire map of Calradia, as only then can another dominant force emerge. Depending on your wealth, army size and influence, you can be a loyal “dog” or one who comes to power.

But many are also annoyed by the fact that the game simply does not allow concluding a truce and stopping the conspiracy. So far, nothing can be done about it. And also: if you do not have enough time to complete the task, you can try the mod that increases the time – Stop Conspiracy Quest Extender

Can a conspiracy be prevented

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is currently in Early Access. There are still many bugs in the game. You will encounter one of them during the “Stop the Conspiracy” quest. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to complete this task. If you find the main attacker and try to kill him, you will find that he is immortal. The only thing left for you is to wait until the conspiracy leads to war, the mission will fail. Next, you have to choose what to do:

  • Defeat all enemies;
  • Make peace.

Most likely, in the future, the developers will eliminate this flaw and the task can be completed, but so far it is impossible to do this.

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