Into the Dead 2: general beginner’s guide

Tips for beginners on the basics of the game.At the moment, the game has three modes:

The Story Game is the very first available mode, which is a standard story campaign with missions, for which you will receive a variety of rewards in the form of money and many other useful trophies. Most importantly, why you need to go through this mode – opening all the rest of the content. Be sure to complete the eighth mission, on the way to which the other two modes will open for you, as well as a companion to help in the passage.

Survival not much different from the main campaign – you also need to complete missions here. Only the event is limited, and you need to complete as many missions as possible over time to get the maximum reward. There is also a rating of players by the number of points that are awarded for the most effective passage. Depending on your place in the ranking, you will receive a certain reward in the form of gold and weapon parts.

Daily tasks . This mode is special in that it does not require stamina. Also, it does not have an end goal – it just needs to perform a certain action. For example – kill 40 zombies. There are three types of tasks in total – bronze, silver and gold. Depending on which one you complete, your reward will depend. Also, if you complete at least a bronze task for seven days in a row, you will receive 200 gold as a reward.

How to get a lot of money (gold)?

  • Come into the game as often as possible so that your stamina is not idle.
  • When there is no stamina for other modes, take up daily tasks. If you can complete silver tasks, you will receive additional gold.
  • Feel free to watch ads. 30 seconds of watched video will bring you additional income.
  • Complete the survival mode as efficiently as possible. Once in the first 5,000 players, you can get 500 gold.

How to complete missions?

  • Save ammo! Some zombies move in such a way that it is very difficult to avoid them. This is especially true of missions with cornfields, where enemies are waiting in the most unexpected places.
  • Also, be careful in places with various objects such as houses, fences, cars, etc. Sometimes zombies hide behind them.
  • Supplies are displayed as smoke. Try to go to them. Sometimes there are additional types of weapons needed to complete side missions.
  • Try to combine weapons so that you have both great firepower and rate of fire.

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