Importance of digital media

Both digital media and social media are tools that came just over a decade and a half ago, revolutionizing the communication sector and popularizing advertising.

Index of contents

  • What are Digital Media and Social Media Marketing for Digitization
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  • What are digital media?
    • Own means
    • Paid Media
    • Earned Media
  • SEO, natural search engine optimization is the most desired option by any company.
  • SEM, Search Engine Marketing is the positioning you pay to be in the top three results for certain keywords.
  • Email Marketing, one of the best and most effective ways to reach your customers today.
  • Advertising on social media
  • Digitizing your project
  • Social media marketing or social media and networks.
  • The content strategy on social media
  • Define the objectives for each social network
  • You must know your community
  • How to set objectives in Social Networks derived from the objectives of the company
  • Conclusion:



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What are digital media?

Digital media are those places, platforms and elements through which you make your brand visible to achieve the different objectives of digitizing your projects.

Basically there are three types of media where a brand must be present to develop in the new form of communication.

Own Media – Paid Media – Earned Media

Own means

  • They are those that are controlled by the company itself
    • The website
    • Mobile site
    • Blog
    • Twitter
  • Its role is to build lasting relationships with existing and potential clients.
  • What are the biggest advantages:
    • They are 100% controllable
    • Highly profitable
    • Dynamic
    • They attack your niche
  • Risks:
    • There are no guarantees
    • Communications may not be reliable
    • Long-term scalability


Paid Media

  • The company pays for the use of the channel

    • Banners on other websites
    • Adwords, etc.
    • Purchased items
    • Sponsorship
  • They serve to feed and help own media and generate earned media

  • Advantage:
    • Flexibility of use
    • Immediate results
    • Scalable investment
    • Total control
  • Risks:
    • Atomization
    • Competition
    • Low credibility of the message


Earned Media

  • When the company appears in its own right in media that it does not control
    • SEO posts
    • Feedly
    • Viral
  • Their main function is to listen and respond
  • Advantage:
    • Greater credibility
    • Transparency
    • Higher ROI
  • Risks:
    • Not controlled by brand
    • Possibility of turning negative
    • Hard to measure
    • Low scalability

When we use all three media, media convergence occurs, which is the only space that offers the maximum guarantees of success.



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But let’s define the main digital media a little better.

SEO, natural search engine optimization is the most desired option by any company.

Appearing at the top of Google is not worth money in principle, getting to the top requires work that is worth good money.

Once you are on the first page of Google, approximately 60% of the visits that reach your website will come from there.

When you manage to position a page of your website or an article, if SEO is well worked, you can stay there for a long time until you are overwhelmed with better content.

So you continue to pay off the SEO investment long after it is done.


SEM, Search Engine Marketing is the positioning you pay to be in the top three results for certain keywords.

It is the Google sponsored ad system, very interesting to receive visits from the day you start the ad campaigns.

For a business that needs to sell, SEM is optimal.

You should not forget SEO, no matter how well you go with the SEM, at some point you will reach the first page on its own merits and you will start receiving visits without having to pay every time someone clicks on your ad.


Email Marketing, one of the best and most effective ways to reach your customers today.

Its effectiveness depends on the quality of the database to which you send the emails.

Buying a database and spamming is not the same as sending personalized communications to existing or potential clients who already know you.

In the long term, maintaining an email marketing strategy can become one of the most important assets to maximize the sales of your company.

For correct use and to increase the email open rate, the user is required to have previously given you permission to receive these newsletters and communications.

It is permission marketing that far from being an impediment or nuisance, it is one more opportunity to make a contact and create an excellent user experience from the customer / user service department.


Advertising on social media

Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Youtube Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads

They allow you to maximize the display of your publications and send them directly to the potential client.

Do direct advertising or brand image campaigns, segmenting the public by their interest, likes, affinity with the brand, age, etc. It is a very powerful system for the conversion rates you get.

It is also very cheap at the moment in Spain, it is not that you sell directly in 1 single step, it works well when you use these tools to attract and convince, then in second or successive actions you can push the sale more easily.


Digitizing your project

  • To plan and carry out your actions on social media you must know the digital actions of your competition.
  • Take constant action to optimize strategic SEO positioning to reach the top and increase your credibility.
  • Demonstrate with data the positive results of your actions. It is the only way to correct what does not work and optimize what does.
  • Train your employees and / or collaborators on digital issues, these are your greatest allies.
  • Define the strategy for growth and use of digital media. Use specific tools for these advertising and promotional actions.
  • Allocate internal and external resources with an exclusive budget for the management of digital media and not completely or suddenly leave the traditional advertising channels that are working for you.
  • Measure the quantitative and qualitative profitability of the actions carried out.


Social media marketing or social media and networks.

Social media is the meeting point between your brand and users.

And social media marketing is the combination of internet marketing goals with social media.

Social networks initially emerged as tools for communication between people, this fact seems to me more and more a growth strategy and then monetize all its power, becoming a source of opportunities for companies.

I do not know if by mere evolution or if everything was well planned from the beginning, what is sure and evident is that the big companies Facebook, Twitter and others receive capital from investors and as such claim their profitability.

The good news is that we have very effective tools that serve the growth of our brands, we can make them known to us where we would not have imagined that we would arrive and for little money.

The bad news is that we play by their rules, we spent years creating a thick community because they told us that it was the most visual way to be and now, as in the case of Facebook FanPages, they eliminate the scope of visualizations even to our own fan community, unless we pay to display those posts, of course .

Still with everything, the best option is to be present and interact with social networks, because everyone is on them.


The types of Social Networks can be differentiated in:

  • Networks to establish relationships
  • To share multimedia content
  • Courier
  • For recommendations

And group them into:

  • Of relationships

They serve for communication between people at a personal and professional level, are the case of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

With these networks we can easily create links to improve customer service and work on the loyalty strategy.

Direct promotional and marketing campaigns to a segmented audience.

We will publish our own content, relevant to the interests of the community, and from other sources as well, do not forget something to entertain as curiosities.


  • Courier

They are generally used instantly, WhatsApp or Slack.

Offering the possibility of free calls and instant messaging makes the client feel safe and participant in our company.

They also have a high retention ratio.


The content strategy on social media

To achieve good effectiveness and as time is finite to deal with social networks, there are many, the first thing we will do will be a specific communication and content dissemination plan for each social network that serves the brand’s growth strategy. .


Define the objectives for each social network

It is important to define them because it allows us to measure the level of success of our campaigns.

We will also find out which of them our audience is in and we can focus or maximize the advertising budget.

The effectiveness of unpaid publications is measured by the amount of spontaneous interactions of Internet users, so you must generate content focused on the audience you are targeting, again content of value to him.


You must know your community

To share content that can be scientific, investigative, popular, humorous, emotional, or a little bit of everything if your community demands it, it must always be experiential and like enough for it to be shared spontaneously.

There is only one way to achieve this, and that is by getting to know your community very well.


How to set objectives in Social Networks derived from the objectives of the company

Although the generic objectives of the company are usually clear and well defined, the same does not happen with the specific objectives on social networks.

The path from macro objectives to determining concrete actions is well reflected in the following image adapted by John Lovett’s Tristn Elosegui.


Where if we read the graph from the inside out, revenue, loyalty and innovation can be the generic objectives of the brand.


So as an example we would say that:

  1. A brand Income objective.
  2. It would be a sales target on social networks.

  3. We would establish a Kpi of conversion rate or Interaction to measure the result of actions focused on selling on social networks.
  4. And we would use communities, social platforms, the web as the best digital channels to achieve the objectives and execute and / or spread the campaigns.


  1. Macro Loyalty Objective
  2. In social networks the objective is to implement a customer service

  3. The Kpi to measure the effectiveness would be Incident resolution rate, the time invested and the level of user satisfaction.
  4. We would be present with said service in forums, communities, web-chat.


You can also see more here if you are interested, How to make an effective social media plan.



Social media is the meeting point between your project and users, and digital media is the place where that meeting occurs.

Not using digital media means that your company or project is not digitized, that you are not connecting with today’s user, and that the survival of your project is not viable.

Success only occurs in media convergence, that is, depending on each objective you have, you must use all or part of the earned, paid and own media.

Empowering or using only one type of these means will give you certain results but it will be very difficult to conclude that you have been successful, you may be able to, of course, but now imagine how much more successful the project would have been using a conjunction of the three media types.

Finally, it must be taken into account that social networks come and go, that the almighty Facebook may be extinct tomorrow and Instagram or another will become the king of the moment, this only means that in one way or another the digital will continue to be present and it will be essential for the viability of our projects and businesses.

We can only be aware of changes, take advantage of trends and continue working and learning for and by our customers / users, that thanks to them everything else is possible.


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