100+Digital Marketing Glossary For Digital Marketers

We will show you Digital Marketing Glossary if you are digital marketer.In digital marketing there are many acronyms that are usually frequent for professionals in the online world, but that make people outside the internet not quite understand some things.

100+Digital Marketing Glossary For Digital Marketers.

100+Digital Marketing Glossary For Digital Marketers

URL shortener.

It is a program that shortens the address of a web to occupy fewer characters.


It is the number of users to whom a certain publication made on social networks reaches them.

The scope can be organic or paid:

  • The organic reach is what we achieve when we publish content on social networks.
  • The scope of payment is what we achieve through advertising.


It is a complex computer program that is used to obtain search results or to show your followers your content on social networks, according to certain rules.

Alt text or alternative text.

It is an HTML attribute that facilitates the understanding of an image for search engines and screen readers (device for blind or visually impaired people).

Anchor text

It is also called hook text . It is the word or phrase in which a link to another page or to another section of the same page is inserted.


It is also called a crawler or bot . It is a computer program, used by search engines, that crawls your website to collect information.


It is the way of evaluating that search engines use to classify web pages. It is usually compared with the quality of a website, therefore, the ideal is that if you have a website you try to increase its authority.


It stands for Business to Business . It is a business model that is established between companies.


It stands for Business to Client . It is a business model that is established between a company and its final consumer.


It is a type of link in which a web page links to another external web page. For example, if I put a link to your website on my website, I would be creating a backlink.


It is an image with which you want to draw the user’s attention and that is often used for advertising. It can have various dimensions and formats.

Black Hat SEO.

It is a series of web positioning techniques that go against Google’s guidelines and that, therefore, can be penalized.


It is a program that works automatically without the need for a person to run it.


It is the process of creating a personal or professional brand.


It is a sales technique in which it is offered to add a complementary product (at a very attractive price) when a user is about to finalize their purchase, on the checkout page.

For this technique to work, the product you offer must be aligned with the product (or products) that the user is buying.

Buyer person.

It is a fictitious file that defines in depth what your ideal client is like.

Can be confused with target audience. The difference between one and the other is that the buyer persona refers to that person who is more likely to be your customer and the target audience does not go so deep, but rather focuses on a broader group that encompasses your buyer persona.


The cache of a browser temporarily stores the content of the web pages you visit in order to reduce the loading time if you access it again after a while.

If you are editing your website it is possible that certain changes will not be displayed unless you delete the cache, since it will not be loading the latest version of your website.

Keyword cannibalization.

If you have two or more pages on your website that are positioning with the same keyword, they are said to be cannibalizing, since they are competing with each other to appear in the same search.


It is a tag that we can use to tell search engines who created the content we share.


It is a computer program created to maintain a conversation with a potential client, providing automatic responses.


It is a technique in which a very striking title or image is created in order to surprise the user and consume that content.

You have to be careful because well done can help you, but badly done is a deceptive practice that became very fashionable and that you have surely seen with headlines that used the tagline “and look what happened …”, but once you clicked on the content you did not find anything surprising in it.

Community Manager.

It is the person who is in charge of managing the social networks of a brand or company.

If you want to know more about this profession, here is the CM guide .

Duplicate content.

When an amount of text matches or is very similar on two or more different web pages, it is considered duplicate content.


It is when a user makes a desired action on a web page (a purchase, a content download, filling in their data in a form, etc.).


It is a small file that is installed in your browser to collect information about visited websites and make your experience on that website easier.

They are usually used primarily for two purposes:

  • Remember accesses , so that you do not have to identify yourself every time you access a website.
  • Know your browsing habits , to show you advertising focused on your interests (be careful, this does not mean that if you deactivate cookies, you will not get advertising, but that the advertising you see will not be personalized).


They are also called copy . It is the professional who is in charge of writing the texts of a web page, optimizing them for positioning.


It is the cost per acquisition and it is the payment that an advertiser makes for each sale that is made through that ad.


It is the cost per click which means that an advertiser will only pay for the number of clicks that that advertisement receives.


It is the cost per lead and it is the payment made by each user who has left certain information on our website through an advertisement.


It is the cost per thousand impressions and indicates the value of an ad per 1000 impressions.


It is the cost per view and indicates that you pay for each time a user views a video or a percentage of it.


It stands for Conversion Rate Optimization and it is the optimization of a web page or blog to improve sales or obtain more leads.

Cross selling

It is a cross-sale, in which you offer a complementary product to a consumer who has already made a purchase, such as extras or accessories.


It stands for Call To Action or call to action and is a tool that serves to capture the attention of the user and lead him to do a certain action (for example, subscription or purchase buttons).


It stands for Click Througt Rate and it is a metric that measures the frequency with which users see an organic or paid result and end up accessing it.

To obtain this percentage, the formula is used

CTR = (Clicks / Impressions) * 100

Content curation

It is the task of finding and filtering quality content on the Internet, giving value to the shared content.

The professional who does this is called a Content Curator .

Digital Marketing Glossary/Terms For Digital Marketers.

100+Digital Marketing Glossary For Digital Marketers


It is a matrix that is used to carry out the internal and external analysis of a brand or company and that focuses on four sections: Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities .

Keyword density

It is the frequency with which a keyword appears in the content of a web page.


If your website suffers an attack and many fraudulent websites point to it, disavow is the way to disavow those links to prevent your search engine positioning from being harmed.


It means Direct Message or direct message . It is the private means of communication that is used in social networks

I leave you here a link in case you want to know the  meaning of the most used abbreviations in social networks .

Double opt-in

It is a type of consent that is often used when you subscribe to a blog. Apart from entering your data on the web, you must also confirm your email to ensure that you have not subscribed by mistake.


It is the address of a website.


It is an attribute of the links that tells the spiders that they can follow the content of the link.


Edge Rank

It is the algorithm that Facebook uses to know what relevance to give to each publication of this social network.

Email Marketing

It is the marketing technique that is based on email to send news about your brand or company or to try to sell your products or services.

Conversion funnel

They are the steps that a user must perform to perform a specific action (such as making a purchase or downloading content) on a web page.


It is the degree of interaction that your followers have with your social profiles.

To calculate it, you can use either of these two formulas:

Engagement (%) = (Interactions / Impressions) * 100

Engagement (%) = (Interactions / Followers) * 100


Also called hyperlink or link . It is a connection between several web pages that is often used to complete or supplement information.


It is a type of content that is not perishable, that is, it does not need to be updated since it does not become obsolete.

Featured Snippet

It’s the summary box that Google shows in some search results. It is usually in the form of a list, paragraph, table or video.

Sales funnel or sales funnel

It is a funnel that represents the journey that a potential customer must take from the moment they meet us until they take a specific action (in this case, the sale).It is an automated system so we do not have to do any manual actions, except in the case that we are implementing it.

Google Hummingbird.

It is the Google algorithm that is responsible for better understanding the context of the searches that are carried out to provide the best search results.

Google panda.

It is the Google algorithm that is responsible for reducing the visibility of low-quality content.

Google penguin.

It is the Google algorithm that is responsible for reducing the visibility of over-optimized pages or that use fraudulent techniques.

Google Pigeon.

It is the Google algorithm that is responsible for improving local search results.

Gray Hat SEO.

They are the techniques of web positioning that are in the limit of the correct thing.

Growth hacking.

They are a set of techniques, based on creativity, curiosity and analytics, which are used to increase visits to a website or sales.

Guest Blogging.

Also called a guest author . It is about creating content for someone else’s blog in order to make yourself known to your audience and to get links from that page to your own in return.


It is a user who presents a negative and hostile attitude on social networks.


It is a label, made up of a word or a set of them and preceded by the # symbol, which are used in social networks to organize content according to ideas or themes.

If you want to know more, I share this post on how to use hashtags on Instagram .


They are the headings that separate the content into sections, according to their importance.


It is a heat map and is used to know in which parts of a web page the users who visit it focus the most attention.


It is also called a server . It is the service that hosts and stores the contents of a web page.

Are you interested in what you are reading?


It is the number of times a post appears on social networks and is supposed to be seen by a user.

It would be similar to the scope only that in the case of the scope we are talking about users and in the case of impressions of the times it has been seen.

Inbound Marketing.

It is a set of marketing techniques that base their strategy on three pillars: web positioning, content marketing and social media marketing.


It is the process with which search engines add a web page to their index.


They are very active users in social networks who have a great capacity to influence the purchase decisions of other users and who generate great engagement in their community.


They are images that combine text and photographs or icons, which serve as a summary of a more extensive content.


They are also called Igers . They are very active users on Instagram, who belong to a community and who share content through this social network.


It is the word or set of words that represent the idea or topic of the content that is shared. Usually, users find you thanks to the keywords on your website or blog.


It stands for Key Performance Indicator  and they are indicators that are used to measure the actions that are carried out on the blog or on social networks.If you want to know more about KPIs, you can consult this post in which I tell you what KPIs are and what they are for in social networks .

Landing Page

It is a static page, normally dedicated to selling services or products, in which the user can only make one option (buy or leave their information). They do not usually have a navigation menu to prevent the user from going to other pages.


You are a potential customer who has left their details on a web page.

Lead Magnet

It is the way to capture leads through an exchange in which the user gives his email address in exchange for the download of a quality resource (template, ebook, pdf, etc.).

Link Building

It is an offline web positioning strategy that aims to get links from another website to yours to improve search engine positioning.

Link Juice

It is the authority that transfers a web page to another that it has linked.

Long tail.

It is an SEO technique to position relevant keywords and with little competition.

Personal brand.

It is also called Personal Branding . It is about considering people as brands, to stand out as a professional in your sector and improve the positioning of your brand.

Marketing automation.

It is a methodology that requires a set of tools that automate some processes of your digital marketing strategy in order to convert users into real customers loyal to your brand.

Affiliate marketing

It consists of the sale of products or services of a company in exchange for a commission.

Attraction Marketing

It is based on your product or service attracting a consumer on its own initiative.

Content marketing

It is based on offering its own quality content in order to attract users.

Digital or online marketing

They are the set of marketing techniques and strategies that are carried out through digital media (blog, website, email, social networks, etc.).

Experiential marketing

It is about selling your services or products thanks to the emotions or feelings that they convey to users.

Relational marketing

They are the set of marketing techniques and strategies that focus on creating a relationship with customers.

Viral marketing

They are the set of marketing techniques and strategies that focus on making content viral.

Meta tags

They are tags that provide additional information to search engines. The most used are the meta title (title) and the meta description (description).


It is an element that helps us to know where we are in relation to the web map of a page. It is often used a lot in online stores to know in which category or subcategory you are browsing.


They are the set of rules or standards of education that must be followed on the Internet and on social networks.


It refers to relating to other professionals in the same sector by attending events, in order to increase your network of contacts and create possible opportunities for collaboration.


It is a newsletter, which is usually sent by email, in which companies and professionals share news about their brand and the content they produce with their subscribers.


It is an attribute that is given to a link that you do not want to be crawled by the spider, to prevent authority from being transferred to that web page.


It’s a meta tag that tells search engines that you don’t want to index this page.

Word cloud

It is a way of highlighting the most used keywords and thus making it easier for the user to search for information.


It stands for One Time Offer . This is a special offer for a product that cannot be purchased later.

Page Rank

It is a numerical value that measures the importance of a web page according to the inbound links it has.

Page Speed.

It is also called loading speed . It is the time it takes for a web page to fully load.


It is a type of scam that consists of impersonating a person in order to find out their bank details or passwords.

If you want to know more about this topic, here is a post about the most common scams and what you can do to avoid them .

100+Digital Marketing Glossary For Digital Marketers.

100+Digital Marketing Glossary For Digital Marketers

Digital Marketing Plan

It is a document in which the objectives and strategies that a brand or company will follow to achieve them are detailed.


It stands for Pay Per Click  and it is an advertising system in which you pay when a user clicks on the ad.


It is an audio format file that can be listened to via the Internet or downloaded.


It is an advertising format that appears as a pop-up window when you are browsing a web page or when accessing it.

Bounce Rate

It is a metric that indicates the percentage of users that enter your website and leave it without taking any action.


It is a way of advertising and is done through the blue button that appears on Facebook or Instagram after sharing a publication. You have few options when it comes to promoting and little control over the results.

Project manager

It is the person in charge of directing a project both at the level of personnel, resources, deadlines, task design, etc.


It is the professional way to advertise on social media through the creation of campaigns, ad sets and advertisements. You have more options and more control over the results, plus you can optimize your advertising.

Public saved

This is what the public that we can create through demographics, interests or behaviors is called on Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Target audiences

It is also called target  and it is a group of users who may be interested in our services or products.

Custom audience

This is the name on Facebook and Instagram Ads to the public that we can create through the Facebook tracking pixel or that users have taken some action on Facebook and / or Instagram.

These audiences are often used for retargeting, although they can also be used in other advertising strategies.

Similar public

This is what the public that we can create from a personalized audience is called on Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Facebook collects the common interests and behaviors of the custom audience that we use as a root to create a broader audience.


Social networks

They are web applications that favor the connection between people and between brands and consumers.

If you want to know more, here is a post about what social networks are for .


It is a technique that consists of sending a user to a different page than the one they clicked on. It is usually used when a web page has been removed but you do not want it to generate a 404 error.

Online Reputation

It is the prestige that a brand or person has on the Internet.


It is said of a web page that adapts its content to different screen sizes so that it can be viewed properly from a mobile, a tablet or a PC.


It is an advertising technique in which ads are shown to a user who has previously visited your website or who have taken a specific action (they abandoned the shopping cart, visited a product or a service page, subscribed to your newsletter, They followed you on social media, interacted with a video, etc.).


It means Return On Advertising Spend or return on advertising investment . It is used to know the percentage of the income obtained in relation to the investment made. That is, how much money have you earned for each euro you have invested.

ROAS = Sales revenue / Expenses


It means Return On Investment or return on investment  and it is used to measure the benefits we have obtained with a campaign against the spending we have made on it.

ROI = (Income – Expenses) / Expenses * 100


It is the action of grouping people according to certain criteria (age, occupation, sex, habits, etc.).


It stands for Search Engine Marketing and it is about promoting a website, product or service through search engine advertising.


It stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is also called web positioning . They are a series of techniques that are used to obtain a good result in the searches that users carry out in search engines for certain keywords.

Two types can be differentiated: SEO Online (tasks that are carried out through the website) or SEO Offline (tasks that are carried out outside the website).

Negative SEO

It is a malicious practice that tries to harm the authority of a web page and its positioning through spam techniques.


It is the page that shows the results after conducting a search in any search engine.


It is the map of a web page, where all the pages of that web site appear in the form of a list.


It stands for Social Media Optimization and it is about optimizing social networks to achieve a specific goal.

Social Ads

It is the advertising that is carried out on social networks.

Social media

It is the set of platforms, tools, applications and media where the user creates and consumes content.

Social Media Analyst

He is the professional in charge of analyzing the results obtained by the brand’s social media strategy and also analyzing market trends.

Social media manager

He is the professional in charge of planning and coordinating the strategy of a brand or company in social networks, directing the Community Manager.

Social Media Marketing

They are all those actions that seek to sell products and services and create connection with consumers through social networks.

Social Media Strategist

He is the professional in charge of designing the social media strategy and the action plan to follow for a brand or company.

Social Selling

It is the process of selling thanks to sharing interesting content for your followers or interacting with them.


It is an unwanted email, message or comment that usually has commercial purposes and that is given without the user asking for information or without even verifying if that person needs the service or product that is being offered.

SSI or Social Media Index

It is a LinkedIn indicator that tells us the sales index with social networks in relation to your effectiveness in establishing your professional brand, finding the right people, interacting by offering information and creating relationships on LinkedIn.

You can check this metric from https://www.linkedin.com/sales/ssi


It is a marketing technique that tries to connect with the user through experiences or emotions.


They are the people who give their email to receive the news of a brand or company.

A / B test

It is a digital marketing technique that consists of creating two different versions of a landing page, an advertisement or an email to compare the results obtained and select the one that best suits the objectives.

Trafficker Digital

It is the professional who is in charge of designing and managing online advertising campaigns in order to get traffic and convert it into conversions.

Web traffic

It is the number of visits a web page receives.

Trending Topic

It is a trend on Twitter and occurs when many users are talking about the same topic, using the same hashtag for it.


It is a sales technique in which you offer a product or info-product (which usually costs between € 5 and € 50) to finance advertising campaigns.

Your goal is not to make a profit, but to pay for expenses.


It is a user who is dedicated to publishing provocative and hurtful content in order to anger or provoke discussions.


It is the action of unfollowing a user on social networks.

Up Selling

It is a marketing technique that is used to propose to a user who has bought from you or is interested in buying from you, a complementary and more expensive product, service or info-product.


It stands for Uniform Resource Locator  and it is the address that identifies a web page.


It refers to how easy it is for users to find what they are looking for on your website.


It means User Experience or user experience and it is a set of elements that can facilitate the user’s navigation through a web page or not.

Video Marketing

It is a marketing technique that aims to promote content, services or products through the creation of videos.


They are those contents that are easily and massively shared on social networks.


They are video conferences or online seminars that allow the connection of several users and that are carried out through the Internet.

White Hat SEO

They are SEO techniques that meet the guidelines established by search engines to position your website.


It is a small program that adds new functionalities to a web page.

If you don’t know which widgets to install on your website, here is a list of the best widgets for WordPress .


It is the creator of content in video format for the YouTube social network.Do you know any more terms that you find interesting to share? Is there a word that you don’t know what it means? Share it in the comments!

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