10 advantages of streaming in digital marketing to enhance your brand?

With the rise of various platforms, such as Facebook Live , streaming has gained unmatched popularity around the world . Thanks to the fact that it was a great novelty by putting aside the waiting time that users had to go through to download and be able to see or listen to the desired content .

As a consequence, nowadays, live broadcasts through the digital space represent an excellent opportunity to get closer to any type of audience and that is why they are being implemented in digital marketing. Well, many experts point out that, to reinforce any brand, it cannot be absent due to the potential that the video format exhibits.

In that sense, it is advisable to use streaming videos in your digital marketing strategy and in this post, we will let you know the reasons for this through the benefits it guarantees. Like, some of the most successful streaming campaigns of all to inspire you .


 What are the benefits and advantages of using streaming videos in your digital marketing strategy?

While it is true, just as promotional techniques have evolved over time, the ways of approaching users and / or potential customers have also changed notably . Therefore, in terms of digital marketing, many companies have had to reinvent themselves in order to meet their objectives . In this way, video marketing emerges as one of the most effective strategies for conversion .

Valuing that, by nature, the play button is the most convincing call to action that any strategy can take and that is why every day more brands and companies are betting on recording streaming video . The advantage of using streaming video in digital marketing campaigns is that video is 50 times more likely to generate organic search results compared to plain text.


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Added to that, having a video thumbnail in search results can double traffic and around 64% of shoppers on social networks say that streaming helps make purchasing decisions quickly . In this sense, the benefits of including streaming in a digital marketing strategy are remarkable .

Therefore, to enhance your brand, you should not hesitate to make use of this type of format and here, we point out some reasons for this:

  • Achieve better SEO: Undoubtedly, making use of streaming video in your online marketing strategy improves the positioning of your company website considerably . Since 65% of users choose to visit a website after watching a video; thus increasing the viewer’s commitment to entering the brand’s website .
  • They provide much more engagement than you imagine: This means that streaming manages to hook users more compared to other content . Well, as it combines images and sound, it can capture the attention of users and potential customers in great magnitude. Also valuing that, people process images 60,000 times faster than text.
  • They tend to be tailored to the needs of each person: Generally, streaming videos look good on computers, mobiles and tablets. Which encourages inclusion and helps you reach more people effectively , without having to make a greater effort.
  • This content tends to go viral on social networks: By default, the video is shared 20 times more on social networks than any other type of content. In this way, they can go viral more easily and boost the recognition of your brand or company to add more value to it .
  • Help increase conversions: If you show your product or service through a streaming video, conversions can increase by 80% (or even more) . Since, it allows to teach it with great detail and of course, it arouses more the attention of the users.
  • They are optimal for customer loyalty: As well as easily capturing people’s attention, these videos are capable of unconsciously creating a bond and complicity with the viewer and in this way, generate great trust that ends up loyalty to people, by same as increased the probability of conversions .
  • It keeps users longer on the pages: Thanks to the fact that streaming helps to better understand the information and thus, it retains users. Which, by spending more time on your website, extends the relevance of your brand with respect to its scope and thus, it acquires a much lower bounce rate .


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 Examples and ideas of successful streaming campaigns that big brands are using and that you can be inspired by for yours

So far, there are multiple companies that have chosen to carry out streaming campaigns in terms of digital marketing in order to publicize their brand, improve communication with their customers and increase their conversion rate. Therefore, to optimize the visibility of your venture, you can take some examples of these strategies in order to inspire you and implement something similar.

Here are the best ideas about it:

 The Boohoo Facebook Live contest

Basically Bohoo is a famous online fashion retailer targeting people between the ages of 16 and 30 that is based in the UK. Which, to benefit from the benefits revealed by the use of streaming video, decided to create a campaign through Facebook Live that managed to acquire a notable popularity.

In that sense, this digital marketing campaign was based on a contest from which Bohoo invited all its followers to participate to win different prizes , in case they got the answers to certain specific questions right. Thus, simultaneously and with a countdown, many users competed with each other via streaming and with this, the brand was able to receive more than 300,000 comments and views , extending its success remarkably.

 Spotify used Periscope wisely

Owned by Twitter , Periscope is an application used for streaming live video in real time. Which was used by the renowned streaming music service, Spotify . This, specifically, to develop your digital marketing strategy in order to attract more users to your platform .

In this way, Spotify uses Periscope to broadcast live and direct , capturing the attention of its consumers. Taking into account that, during these transmissions, they show exclusive performances of some famous musicians who are invited to the Spotify studio for advertising purposes.

It is no secret to anyone that Marc Jacobs is a renowned fashion designer in the United States who owns a brand with the same name , which has more than 200 stores present in 80 countries. Now, in order to test the advantages that streaming guarantees in digital marketing, Periscope is a renowned fashion firm employed in 2016 to carry out the official launch of its spring-summer collection .

Thanks to this, his clients and followers had the opportunity to see, in an exclusive way, each and every one of the garments that he designed for this collection. In addition to this, they were also able to ask questions live and direct, both to Marc Jacobs as well as to the other designers who participated . So, given the success that this generated, they later opted to use Snapchat to give their users some glimpses of their most important events .

 Swisscom implemented streaming in a novel way

The Swiss telecommunications, telephone and Internet service provider company had the original idea of holding a surprise contest for its fans in 2013 in order to reward them with a Samsung Galaxy 4, which was one of the newest mobiles on the market in said moment. In this case, the challenge was carried out specifically in a renowned shopping center in Zurich , in person.

For its part, the contest designed by Swisscom consisted of each participant being able to endure 60 minutes in total observing a screen . Considering that, through said screen, they presented numerous distractions in video format in real time that increased the difficulty of the challenge. However, if the contestant managed to endure that hour there, the mobile phone would win .

 “La route du frais” used Snapchat for its strategy

This refers to a supermarket of French origin that, among the main products for which it is distinguished, stands out its high quality fish . In this sense, to retain its consumers and attract more potential customers, “La route du frais” used Snapchat as a tool to demonstrate the freshness of its fish .


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In this way, this supermarket exposed the entire process from when they find and fish the product until they expose it in their facilities, by means of a streaming video . Thus, its main objective was to bring these people closer to this entire process so that they could verify the quality of their product and prefer it over their competitors . For which, they recorded clips from the eyes of the fisherman and the port carrier to the fishmonger in charge of the final establishment.

 Brawny Towels used streaming to build customer loyalty

Through a one-minute streaming video, the famous American toilet paper company, Brawny Towels; He opted to carry out a digital marketing campaign with the aim of adding value to his business by touching the hearts of mothers . Therefore, this strategy was endorsed by the motto “Once a mother, always a giant . 

Thus, from this campaign, he managed to highlight the work of mothers in the daily care of their children, which, in many cases, is little valued by other people . Since, showing a live and direct streaming in which it presents everything that mothers have to deal with in their day to day, inspires their customers and manages to retain them by giving a more authentic touch to what their brand really is. .


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