How to fix this media is not present in the internal memory on WhatsApp

Going on WhatsApp you tried to send an audio message or photos and you appeared the message: ” T his average is not present in the internal memory ” and not know how to fix? If the photos you want to send are actually present in your phone’s gallery, it is certainly a communication problem between your phone and SD card or internal memory.

This usually happens when transferring videos and images from the internal memory to the SD card and then deleting the data from the internal memory. By doing so, the media files become missing and blurry right on the WhatsApp messaging app . Let’s see the various methods you can apply to solve the problem.


  • How to fix this media is not present in the internal memory on WhatsApp
    • Check the connection of your device (data connection or Wi-Fi)
    • Check your phone’s internal memory space
    • Check your phone’s time and date
    • Check that the SD card is not damaged
    • Clear Data and Cache
    • Check for available updates
    • Uninstall the latest updates
    • Check your WhatsApp settings
    • Uninstall WhatsApp

How to fix this media is not present in the internal memory on WhatsApp

Check the connection of your device (data connection or Wi-Fi)

The first thing to do when faced with the error ” This media is not present in internal memory ” is to verify that the Internet connection is working. Check that the data connection or Wi-Fi connection is enabled on your mobile device and try to download the file again to see if the problem is solved.

  • For the data connection, go to Settings> Connections> Data usageand check if the voice is active. Alternatively, you can open the Quick Screen Settings by swiping your finger down from the top of the screen and turn on the Data Connections option.
  • For Wi-Fi connection, go to Settings> Connections> Wi-Fiand check if the voice is on.

Check your phone’s internal memory space

Make sure your phone’s internal memory or SD card (if you have one) has enough space to save WhatsApp media files. To check if the memory is full, open the app Settings> Device Support and displays the available space for the memory storage device and that the card SD .

If it is full, uninstall old apps and delete videos and images, or make a backup by connecting the phone via USB to a PC to copy photos and videos. In my case the WhatsApp folders with video, audio, document and photo files are in this path: Android \ media \ com.whatsapp \ WhatsApp \ Media . Locate the WhatsApp Images and WhatsApp Video folder and move all the images to a folder on your computer. This will free up space in your phone’s internal memory.

The same can be applied with a full SD card.

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Check your phone’s time and date

Incorrect phone date and time is another element that affects the ability to download media from WhatsApp as it prevents proper synchronization with the server. To fix this, open the Settings app > General Management> Date & Time . Turn off the Automatic date and time option and set the date and time manually. Press Done and activate the Automatic date and time option again .

Check that the SD card is not damaged

Check that the SD card is not damaged and that there are no write errors when saving the files. Before replacing it with a new one to buy, you can try pasting a media file into it.

Connect your smartphone to your computer via USB port. Open the SD card folder (usually corresponds to the name Card) go to Android \ media \ com.whatsapp \ WhatsApp \ Media . Try pasting an image into the WhatsApp Images folder and see if you can do it. If this fails, the SD card is damaged.

Another check you can do is to try unmounting and mounting the SD card to see if you have a way to recover it.

Go to Settings> Device Assistance and tap Memory Storage . Here scroll down to locate under the heading SD card, Advanced . Click on it and press SD Card again under the Portable Storage section . Press on Disassemble .

Repeat the steps above and instead of Unmount , stop on Connect .

Restart your device and see if the problem is solved.

Clear Data and Cache

If you have reached this paragraph it means that the previous solutions did not solve your problem. Clearing app data and cache usually works.

Open the Settings app > Applications> WhatsApp , here click on Storage memory and then on Clear cache . Also press on Manage Archives and on Clear all data to also clear the history and feed settings .

Check for available updates

Open the Play Store app and click on your profile icon at the top right. In the menu that appears, select Manage apps and devices and in the next window tap Overview at the top. Awards to refresh all or View details if you want to see if WhatsApp is the list of apps to update.

Uninstall the latest updates

If clearing the cache didn’t fix, you can try uninstalling the WhatsApp app updates. To do this, open Settings> Applications> WhatsApp and press the three vertical dots icon , at the top right. Click on Uninstall updates .

Check your WhatsApp settings

Open WhatsApp and go to the menu at the top right (the three vertical dots). In the drop-down list that appears, go to Settings> Space and data . Here check if:

  • When using the mobile network: Photos, Audio, Videos and Documents are active.
  • When connected via Wi-Fi: Photos, Audio, Videos and Documents are active.

Also try to remove all the flags, restart WhatsApp and go back to Space and Data and activate all the flags again.

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Uninstall WhatsApp

The last resort is to try uninstalling WhatsApp and re-downloading the app. To uninstall it you need to take your phone and open the Play Store app . In the search bar type WhatsApp and once you find it, tap it to open it and press the Uninstall button . Go to Google Play and download WhatsApp for Android again .

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