The media in online version are and have always been multimedia or bimedia . These have merged the components of the written press with those of the audiovisual media. The first thing that was incorporated were the images; now the hypertextuality of the media includes videos, which makes the internet a reliable source full of audiovisual content. The digital configuration uses a series of resources to complement and support the news that has been previously exposed. This technique constitutes a complementary tool to the data that also enriches the information.


The added value offered by the digital medium requires an incessant update. Internet users want to see new content, updated news, especially follow-up news, as well as news updates accompanied by audiovisual content that contributes truthfulness to the texts. An online page has to be dynamic in nature to be constantly updated against other pages.


Today, we send large amounts of data that are transmitted across the planet. As a consequence, simultaneous information exchanges occur. In this way, everyone wants to participate instantly.

The easy accessibility to the digital medium allows millions of people to interact on web pages, blogs, forums, chats, social networks, conferences, etc. Users are the ones who allow the medium and the message to grow.


Thanks to the hypertext, news has a much greater impact on readers. Hypertextuality is the element that allows the incorporation of different information layers so that those users who wish to do so can delve into the different levels of information: headline, hyperlink that leads to detailed information, reports, resources or sentences, and audiovisual content.


The way of interacting in social networks together with the new digital formats have allowed the use of the Internet to acquire new dimensions and goals.

At the time we are in, the media go beyond the physical to configure themselves with the electronic world. We can read a story in a printed newspaper or in its digital version, as well as listen to the latest news or on the radio, watch it on television or meet it on social networks. These different modes come together and instead of being separate they are in tune in the same place.


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