How to use two-step verification in Fortnite for Android

Fortnite for Android  is the game of the moment. The popular  battle royale  recently reached Google’s  operating system  seeking to achieve the same pull as on other platforms. If you are a very active gamer, we recommend using two-step verification in Fortnite for Android to be more protected.

Two-step verification: a protection system that you should apply to all the accounts that matter to you

How many accounts do you have? From any site, social network, or video game, you may have racked up a lot of logins. In the same way, it is very likely that you do not remember all the sites where you are registered, and that opens a serious problem. If a password leak occurs on a website that you don’t remember, if your data is exposed, and you simply don’t even remember the site … that may affect other places where you log in .

Why? If you use the same email and password on multiple sites, it is possible to repeat the filtered credentials on all of them. If the flute plays, they’ll take over your account. One way to avoid this is to use two-step verification , a security system that requires an extra code to enter an account from an unknown device. Either through SMS messages or authenticating apps, using this system you will be more secure. Is it infallible? No, nothing is. But of course you can be calmer.

How to use two-step verification in Fortnite for Android

Turning then to the case of  Fortnite , its importance lies in the use of a single account on all the platforms on which it is available. All your data goes from one console to another, so it does not matter from where you play, you gain experience, objects, in-game currency  … Therefore, more reasons to protect the effort of so many hours of play.

Because of this, we are not talking about a one-time protection for  Fortnite for Android , but about a two-step verification system for the Epic Games account. This is the general account of the developer team that works as a nexus for the entire multiplatform system. In short, we also managed to have the account verified to enjoy crossplay in Fortnite and play with friends, since otherwise it could not be done.

To activate 2-Step Verification, go to and log in. Hover over your username and enter  Account . On the new screen, you will have a new menu on the left. select  Password and security . Find the Account Security  section  and choose  Enable 2-Step Verification. From then on, you will need your account email to log in to new devices or those that have been inactive for 30 days. In this way, no one can use your account without having your email and the shift code.


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