How to activate two-step verification in Fortnite?

Two-Step Verification allows you to add security to your EpicGames gaming account. Therefore, it is very important to have this tool, so this article will explain how to activate two-step verification in Fortnite in addition to the times when the security code will be required.

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  1. Why is it important to enable Fortnite 2-Step Verification?
    1. Security
    2. Gifts
    3. Fortnite competitions
    4. Free games
  2. What methods can I use to activate 2-Step Verification for Fortnite?
    1. Via email
    2. Google Authenticator
    3. LastPass Authenticator
    4. Microsoft Authenticator
    5. Authy
  3. How to prevent my Fortnite verification code from being stolen by other users?
    1. Extend account protection

Why is it important to enable Fortnite 2-Step Verification?

Two-step verification is a security method that is done on accounts related to games or social networks. In this sense, it is necessary to activate a high and reliable level of security in your Fornite account at EpicGames and thus avoid problems or hacking attempts.


The security of your account and your data is paramount, so the two-step verification is essential to keep your account secure . In this sense, such verification does not allow other people to enter your account without your consent. Therefore, this way you avoid them stealing your information, money and playing with your avatars.

Likewise, if you leave your account open on a third-party device, the two-step verification allows you to log out of all devices quickly. Therefore, the account must be reopened on said device, as long as you authorize this entry.


Another possibility that should be considered to maintain the security of the account are the gifts that Fortnite gives. Well, if other people have access to your account, you can take these gifts and transfer them to their accounts , for example, they can buy and sell turkeys without you being aware of the transaction.

Fortnite competitions

Fortnite competitions can also be in jeopardy if you don’t turn on two-step verification. Since, if anyone can enter your account, then they can register in one of these competitions . So you would miss a great opportunity that this game offers.

Free games

In the same way, within the account you can access other free games that the account suggests for a while. If you do not have this security system, someone else could enter one of these games and take away the possibility that you can play them. Since, these disappear quickly.

What methods can I use to activate 2-Step Verification for Fortnite?

First, you must log in to your EpicGames account to enter. Then, in its settings, you have to click on the option that says account. The next step is to search in this new section for the password and security category to enter it.

This step opens a new section where you can find the two-step authentication category When you touch this option, several options appear to choose the method you want to use to perform said authentication. The options you can choose from are the following.

Via email

You must have the email account authenticated or verified before doing the two-step verification activation process. One of the verification methods is through the use of the mail. If this option is chosen, each time an attempt is made to log into your account, EpicGame will request a code that will be sent to your email address.

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is an application used to generate authentication codes. This is one of the most used by users of the Fortnite game to enter their EpicGames accounts. In this sense, with each login, you must open this application to search for the code.

LastPass Authenticator

Another of these applications that seek account security is LastPass Authenticator, including Fortnite. In addition to working for two-step authentication, this application also serves to make backup copies of data, since they have a cloud where files can be uploaded.

Microsoft Authenticator

With Microsoft Authenticator, all Microsoft company devices can enable security for their accounts. Well, with this application, authentication codes can be generated so that you can activate two-step verification. Thus with each attempt to enter the account you will be asked for a new code.


Authy is a new application designed for the use of Android devices . This is a security application for the phone and all the accounts that have been registered on this mobile. Therefore, it is also possible to generate authentication codes to request entry to your EpicGames account.

How to prevent my Fortnite verification code from being stolen by other users?

The security code for two-step verification will be required in various processes. In this sense, it will be asked when you log into the account the first time after activating this verification. Likewise, when you open the account on a new device, the security code will also be required.

If more than 30 days have passed without opening the EpicGames or Fortnite account, opening it again, for security reasons, will activate the activation in two steps. In the same way, you must find and copy the code when cookies and browser history are deleted and finally, when you log in after having downloaded the Fortnite application .

Extend account protection

To extend account protection, you can change the account password frequently. It is recommended not to put the same password in all the accounts you have on the internet. Since in this way, it becomes more difficult to guess people’s information.

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