Xbox One S controller will better connect with Android Pie

The Xbox One S  controller will  connect better with smartphones that use Android 9 Pie . This is due to the correction of a bug that existed in previous versions of the operating system, and that will benefit games like Fortnite.

The Xbox One S controller will connect better with Android Pie: the gaming sector continues to advance in smartphones

One of the main advantages of using an Xbox One S controller is that it uses a bluetooth connection instead of other proprietary connections. This means that connecting them to a whole range of bluetooth devices is much easier, and that includes Android smartphones. The problem to date lay in an error in the operating system itself, which, in short, wrongly remapped the buttons and prevented the play of Play Store games properly  . No, it didn’t happen at all, but it was a common enough mistake.

The complaints of the users and users were noted in the same way, but the truth is that there had been no news until the arrival of Android Pie. Whatever the bug, it has been fixed, which allows you to play properly and use your mobile as a true gamer platform  . In addition, the timing is the most appropriate of all, as we have seen the video game industry become a bigger site over the past few months.

Gaming mobiles such as the  Xiaomi Black Shark  or the  Razer Phone are  becoming relatively common, and premium high-end devices such as the  Galaxy Note 9 are  also directly focused on this market that, despite being one of the highest earners in The  Play Store still has a lot of untapped potential. Android as a platform for video games is improving a lot in 2018, and the trend seems to continue.

Fortnite for Android will add support for bluetooth controllers in the future

Of course, to have a good video game platform you need games that accompany it, and that is why launches such as PUBG Mobile  or  Fortnite acquire more relevance  . Adding to Garena Free Fire , they are the main representatives of the battle royale industry today, the most popular games of the moment. Focusing on the title of  Epic Games , during its launch in beta form they confirmed that in the future integration with bluetooth controls would arrive when they managed to avoid  cheats  through this connection. With the Android 9 Pie fix, perhaps the moment is closer than previously thought.


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