How To Activate Two-Step Verification For Fortnite

Through this guide we will teach you in a very simple way how to enable or activate two-step verification in Fortnite and your Epic Games account. It is undoubtedly something that we recommend if you have invested time and money in this platform.

On the other hand, if in addition to the Epic Games platform, you also have a Steam account , there is the possibility of activating two-step verification in Steam Guard in a very simple way.

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  1. How can I have better security in my Fortnite account
  2. What are the benefits of activating two-step verification?
    1. Greater security
    2. Free games
    3. Exclusive gifts
  3. How to Activate Two-Step Verification
    1. You can turn off Fortnite / Epic Games two-step verification at any time
  4. Why should I turn on Fortnite / Epic Games 2-Step Verification?
  5. What other protection options are there for my Fortnite account?
    1. Google Authenticator
    2. LastPass Authenticator
    3. Microsoft Authenticator

How can I have better security in my Fortnite account

Fortnite is a very popular game and where many people enter not only to play and compete, you can also make purchases. Therefore, if you have your account secure, you can avoid the possible entry of other people who use your account in an inappropriate way . Causing you this possible penalties and even loss of money for purchases not made by you.

Therefore, in order for you to have better security, we recommend that you enable two-step verification . This is an innovative system that will prevent another person having your password and username from entering your account. Since it will also be necessary, that you enter a security code that has an expiration time and that you will receive on your mobile.

In this way, the entry to your account from people not authorized by you will be efficiently shielded. But we also recommend that you use a unique password that you do not use in other accounts such as email or social networks. In addition to the fact that said password is robust and difficult to guess , keep it in good protection and do not give it to anyone who asks for it.

What are the benefits of activating two-step verification?

Two-step verification is a security system that most, not to mention all mobile applications or internet services   use to protect user safety . And that thanks to this measure, improper entry to our accounts and especially Fortnite is prevented, offering us excellent advantages for its activation.

Greater security

The first thing that is sought when activating the two-step verification is to keep our Fortnite account as secure as possible. Where now it is possible that our data such as username and password, can be filtered and stopped in unknown hands . But with this system another layer of security is added to your account which makes it almost impossible to access it.

Free games

Fortnite responsibly understands the importance of users activating two-step verification on their accounts . And in this sense, the Epic Games Store offers those users who activate said security system the possibility of obtaining some games for free, this to encourage them, does not seem like an extraordinary advantage.

Exclusive gifts

And in the same vein and reiterating once again how important it is for Epic Game that users have their accounts secure. It also offers its users exclusive gifts in Fortnite, if they agree to the activation of the two-step verification. This shows the priority that security has in this incredible game.

How to Activate Two-Step Verification

Enabling 2-Step Verification will undoubtedly help protect your account, especially if you have a lot of games or content that you want to protect . To start protecting yourself in this way, read this guide carefully

  • First of all, it will be necessary to go to the official Epic Games page .
  • Once you are on the page, go to the top right and click on ” Login“. Log in as you have registered, remember that you can do it directly through Epic Games, Google, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, etc.
  • Once you have logged in, click on your username and then select the ” Account” option .
  • The options related to your account will be displayed. You must select ” Password and security“.
  • Once you go down between the security options, you will see “ Two-Step Authentication”. There are several ways to apply this method. We have ” Authentication App “, ” SMS Authentication ” and ” Email Authentication “.
  • Any of these options will work to protect your account, however, the choice will be up to you. Although we certainly recommend authentication by SMSor through your email .
  • In the case of two-step authentication for mobile, you will need to provide your phone number. Remember to select your country codein case it is not selected.
  • After that, click on the option send code. Once you receive this code, provide it on the page and click on ” Send“. After this, the two-step SMS authentication will be enabled.

You can turn off Fortnite / Epic Games two-step verification at any time

Remember that you can deactivate this function at any time, accessing the menu that we showed you before and clicking on the option. Either way, it is highly recommended if you want to protect your Epic Games account .

Why should I turn on Fortnite / Epic Games 2-Step Verification?

Certainly the choice to activate or not the verification in two steps is purely personal. Either way, it is something that is often highly recommended these days . Therefore, why is it recommended to activate two-step verification?

Two-step authentication is one of the most efficient security systems that exist to protect our accounts. In fact, it is highly recommended to enable two-step verification for Facebook or Twitter . What’s more, many recommend activating this verification on all social networks.

However, this does not stop here, as your Fortnite / Epic Games account is usually a space in which time / money has been invested .

Given this, any method of extra protection is completely welcome. If you’ve bought a lot of games on Epic Games or made in-house purchases on games like Fortnite, it’s best to protect this investment and this is where two-step verification comes in.

Two-step verification makes it necessary to enter a code every time you log in from an unknown device. The truth is that there are many ways to steal a password, but this method will also require indicating the code that reaches our cell phone / email, which will undoubtedly extend the protection of your account.

What other protection options are there for my Fortnite account?

As we have already mentioned , two-step verification is the most recommended security method to keep your account safe. But by activating this verification method, the system also offers you another way to verify your identity and it is through email that is easier to use compared to using a mobile application.

And in that case you just have to enter your email account and look in the inbox for the email that contains the code that you must enter in the requested field. But we recommend that you use an authentication App . In virtual stores you can find some that offer you excellent results and we will mention them briefly below.

Google Authenticator

From the Google virtual store the Play Store you can download Google Authenticator for free and for Android devices . Which and in a very simple way is configured by QR code, which makes it very easy to use. The App will generate a code every so often so that you can safely enter your Fortnite account without major problems.

LastPass Authenticator

Another extraordinary tool that you can also find in the Play Store is LastPass Authenticator . It has never been so easy to protect your account from the entry of unwanted people. In addition, this application offers you other functions that will help you manage your accounts more efficiently.

Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft offers both for Android device users and for those using iOS Microsoft Authenticator. With this App you will not only be able to enter your Fortnite account safely and quickly. You will also be able to enter Outlook, Office and other accounts . This way you save a lot of time and keep your accounts safe.

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