How to unlock Genshin Impact multiplayer?

We tell you the requirements you need to meet in Genshin Impact to unlock multiplayer options and how you can invite your friends to play cooperatively.


  1. How to unlock Genshin Impact multiplayer?
  2. How to invite friends to your game?

The RPG title Genshin Impact , by miHoYo, is already among us and invites us to explore a huge open world full of adventures. The game has cooperative multiplayer options to share the experience with up to 3 friends , although initially this possibility is not available and we must unlock it . In this section of our guide we show you what you must do to access the multiplayer options and how to invite your friends.

How to unlock Genshin Impact multiplayer?

As we have said, the multiplayer options of Genshin Impact are blocked when starting a new game . But you do not worry, to unlock the multiplayer only have to meet the following steps:

  • You will have to play for a few hours alone (approximately 10 hours) to raise your Adventure Rank to level 16 .
  • Be careful, the level of your character is not the same as the level ofthe Adventure Rank.
  • When you reach level 16 of the Adventure Rank you will unlock multiplayer.
  • starwill appear at the top of your screen, near the minimap, allowing you to access multiplayer from then on.

Adventure Rank determines how strong your enemies are in the world, among other things. Remember that to increase the level of the Adventure Rank you can complete a lot of different activities such as completing missions, overcoming Domains, opening chests, unlocking teleportation points or leveling up the Statues of the Seven.

How to invite friends to your game?

When you have unlocked the multiplayer options of Genshin Impact, you can share your adventure with 3 more players who have also reached Adventure Rank 16 or higher. You just have to click on the button for multiplayer and your friends list will appear (you must share the UID between you).

  • You can invite up to 3 more friendsto be the host of the game.
  • You can also allow unknown players to join your game.
  • You can joinanother host’s game as a guest .

Multiplayer features and limits

It should be borne in mind that when playing in cooperative with more players to Genshin Impact certain characteristics and limits are established that do not occur when playing alone. These are the following details:

  • All players joined to a game:will have access to teleports unlocked by the host player.
  • Only the host of the game can:open treasure chests, continue with the story missions and interact with the NPCs.
  • Playing cooperatively is a great opportunity to:explore the world, make dungeons more easily, complete daily quests together, gain character experience, and much more.
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