How to reroll Genshin Impact

We show you how to reroll a new game step by step in Genshin Impact to get the best possible characters from the beginning.


  1. What is reroll?
  2. How to reroll Genshin Impact effectively

The term reroll is closely linked to ‘gacha’ type games , as is the case at hand in Genshin Impact . In this article of our guide we are going to teach you how to do the reroll technique effectively in your game and how it works.

What is reroll?

In Genshin Impact (as in other gacha games) we can get characters in exchange for wishes , which works in a similar way to the well-known “loot boxes” . When we make a wish we make a roll that randomly rewards us with an item and among them we can get playable characters if we are lucky.

The reroll basically consists of starting a new game to try to get the first ‘gacha’ roll to reward us with the character we most want or with one of the best available (in this case, the ones with 5 stars). Therefore and, in short, the reroll is translated as restarting our game over and over again until we get what we want.

How to reroll Genshin Impact effectively

In order to reroll in Genshin Impact, first of all, you need to reach a certain point in the game. Specifically, we are talking about completing the tutorial, reaching the city of Mondstatd for the first time and entering the Headquarters of the Knights of Favonius , following the main story. This happens around the first hour of play, although if you go quickly without exploring you can do it much earlier.

  • Upon reaching this point in history, you will unlock access to the Gachapon(the wish-making system).
  • Then you can make a wishto one of the available banners with intertwined Destinations (such as the banner “Recommended Gachapon for beginners” which guarantees you a character of 4 stars or higher for every 10 wishes).
  • When you ask for your wishes, you will see if youget characters in your roll and if they are the ones you are looking for or the best.
  • Depending on what you get, you will want to reroll or keep what you get.

Create a new account to reroll

If in your first game when asking for your wishes you do not get any character or any that you want, then you can reroll and start over to have a second chance as many times as you need it. For this you will only have to invest time, have patience and a little luck.

Of course, you should know that in order to reroll you will have to create a new myHoYo account in each game, since you cannot restart a game in any other way. Luckily it’s easy:

  • Enter the miHoyo website .
  • Click where it says “Register”.
  • Create a new accountwith another associated email.
  • Launch Genshin Impact and log inwith your new account to start a new game.

From there you will have to go through the game tutorial again and get to the point where you unlock the Gachapon, as we have said before, to have another roll and see what you get.

Keep in mind that this that we have described works in case you play Genshin Impact on PC or Android and iOS mobiles . In case you play on a PlayStation 4 console, the system is the same, except that you will have to create a new user account on PlayStation Network to reroll (since on PS4 you do not play with myHoYo account).

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