How to unlock the free Genshin Impact Battle Pass?

We explain how to unlock the Genshin Impact Battle Pass, what its models and prices are and all the rewards you can earn for completing its levels with missions.


  1. How to unlock the free Genshin Impact Battle Pass?
  2. Types of battle pass
  3. Premium Battle Pass Prices
  4. All Battle Pass rewards

It may not seem like it at first, but yes, Genshin Impact also has its own Battle Pass ; a system of levels and rewards that in recent years has been established in the majority of free to play games. In this section of our complete guide to the miHoYo JRPG we are going to reveal to you how the Battle Pass is unlocked , what variants it offers, as well as what its prices and rewards are.

How to unlock the free Genshin Impact Battle Pass?


If you have just started playing Genshin Impact, chances are you have not yet come across any kind of Battle Pass in the in-game Store . Typically, this is because the battle just pass it unlocks reaching level 20 of Range Adventure (this range increases as you know completing quests and exploring the world).

Therefore, if you want to have access to the battle pass, you will first have to play a bit until you reach level 20 of your Adventure Rank. When you do, a new access will be unlocked in the main menu to enter the battle pass section.

Battle Pass Types

The Genshin Impact Battle Pass has two variants or aspects ; on the one hand the free version for all players and on the other the paid version, only available for those who pay with real money. Each one receives a different title:

  • Wanderer’s Battle Pass – Unlocksat Adventure Rank Level 20.
  • Gnostic PB:only for those who pay, offers greater rewards.

The two passes have the same duration to complete and the same number of levels . There are a total of 50 levels with rewards in each of them and the estimated duration of a pass is approximately two months , that is, about 60 days.

When you unlock the battle pass, a missions section opens to gain experience of the battle pass , this experience can be obtained by completing daily missions, weekly missions or missions of the current PB. Each level of the pass requires 1,000 experience points to advance to the next.

Premium Battle Pass prices

In case you want to purchase the Genshin Impact paid battle pass, all you have to do is open the related menu and click on the tab that says “Unlock Gnostic PB”. Once that is done you will see that two types of price offers appear , they are the following:

Gnostic PB

  • Price:for 10.99 euros.
  • Contents:Unlock the premium tier path with higher rewards than the free ones.

PB Hymn of the Pearl

  • Price:for 21.99 euros.
  • Contents:Contains all the rewards of the current Gnostic BP and will upgrade you to level 10 directly to start from there.

All Battle Pass rewards

Throughout the 50 levels of the Genshin Impact Battle Pass you can claim a lot of rewards , mainly you will find all these:

  • Character EXPmaterials (to raise the levels of these).
  • RefinementMaterials (to upgrade weapons ).
  • Largeamounts of blackberries .
  • Bountifulreward from Protogems , in the form of intertwined fates and fate encounters .

Think that the rewards between the free and paid pass are practically identical most of the time, except that they triple the amounts in the paid version. That is, if in a free level you get 4 exp books, in the paid one you will get 12. It should also be noted that at level 30 of the first premium pass you can claim a PB Chest thanks to which you are allowed to choose between 4 possible weapons quite valuable. These are the weapons Black Sword, Marrow of the Sea Serpent, Solar Pearl, Emerald Bow of the Huntress or Spear of the Duel. It is more than likely that this reward model will be repeated in future countries.

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