How to turn off auto-correct or automatic word correction in Excel

When we use the different Office programs, whether it is the Word text editor or we create a spreadsheet in Excel, there is a function that is very well received by those users who write or write reports. It is about self-correction, as this active function corrects our grammatical errors; but there are also people who find it a very unhelpful option, and in this sense we will show you how to disable auto-correct or automatic word correction in Excel.

In fact, many people deactivate this function on their mobile phones , since they find it very annoying when writing their chats on the different social networks and messaging platforms. Although keeping it activated, it would avoid us having some grammatical error and not being labeled as people with little knowledge of the correct way to write our words.

But many allude that sometimes this corrector does not show the correct word, but you should know that this system is not one hundred percent perfect. But anyway, we will show you how to deactivate this function, but remember that you can always activate the automatic spell checker again .

How to turn off auto-correct or automatic word correction in Excel

In this tutorial we will show you how easy it can be to disable this function and it is possible that you have never given yourself the task of finding where this setting is in Excel . But once you know where to find it, the mystery will be revealed and you can activate and deactivate it at will.

As you know, this is a function that always works, that is, it is activated and is not exclusive to Excel, it also works in the other programs of the Office suite. As Word and PowerPoint are, so in order for you to disable the automatic autocorrect function in Excel you must do the following.

Step to disable auto-correct or automatic word correction in Excel

To start go to the desktop or wherever the Excel program is to start it, you can do this process on a sheet where you are already working or on a new sheet, and go to the upper left corner and click on the logo . A box will appear showing the options New, Open, Save, etc.

But in the lower right part of the box you will see and click on the Excel Options button, this action will show us its window. Which has some options on its left side, and you are going to select the review option, then go to the right side and in the Auto-correction options section you are going to click on the button with the same name.

Once you have clicked on “auto correction options” a new box will appear with several tabs, but the options for the “auto correction” tab will be displayed. You will notice that there are a number of options with boxes next to them that are marked. And the next thing you should do is look for the option Replace text while typing and uncheck its box.

If you want to deactivate any of the options that appear in this tab, you can take advantage of doing so. For example, if you do not want Excel to automatically capitalize the names of the week, you can uncheck this box and you will no longer have this problem, if you want to make any other changes, do so and then click on the OK option .

When you carry out this last step, the changes you just made will be applied and there will be no way for them to be activated again, unless you do so . And so the function that allowed to automatically correct the text is now deactivated. And if you want this function to work again, you must perform the same steps that we indicated and check the corresponding box.

You have realized how simple and fast it is to make this type of adjustment and in the same way for any other. You only have to know the steps to follow and in less time it takes to read this article you have been able to deactivate auto-correct or automatic word correction in Excel.


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