How do you turn on spell checking in Word? – Automatic spelling

The digital presentation is a very important point especially at work. For this reason, it is vital to be extremely careful when writing a document or text, since it shows how detailed the worker is.

Therefore, there are various tools to make the document correction process easier. The Word program offers this function within its work instruments, so that in this way the documents are displayed correctly and professionally.

How to Activate Spell Check in Word? – Automatic Spelling

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  1. Take care of the presentation of your texts by activating the spell checker
  2. Why do I have to set the language in advance in Word?
  3. What does the red underline in the text mean?
  4. Is spelling the same as grammar?
  5. What options do I have for spell checking in Word?
    1. Check spelling and grammar
    2. Review as you type
    3. confirmation
  6. You can also turn on Word proofing suggestions

Take care of the presentation of your texts by activating the spell checker

It is necessary that when you are transcribing a work in Word, you are attentive to use the different tools that this program offers, including deleting the formats  to give the body that we want to our text.

So to improve the texts and avoid mistakes, you can choose the spelling and grammar  check that is at the top of the page. When the option is deactivated, corrections are not made automatically and errors you make when typing will not be taken into account.

Sometimes you have to check that the Software is working correctly, since it can be misconfigured and not take the errors that are present. On the other hand, the program can cause the change to another language other than the one being used in writing, which causes errors to be displayed in practically all the words.

Why do I have to set the language in advance in Word?

It is very important to specify the language, so that in this way the document can be corrected according to the language you have selected. To do this, you can do it by clicking on the Review button found in the top bar, then you will click where it says Language, then it will give you the option to Set correction language .

The language with which you want to correct your Word document will be selected, then it will indicate which are the words that need correction.

What does the red underline in the text mean?

When the steps for correcting the document have been followed, some words will appear underlined in red, this will indicate those words that have spelling errors such as missing accents or missing letters. To correct them you will click on the right side of the mouse and the options of the correctly written word will appear, you just have to choose the ideal one and it will automatically be corrected.

Is spelling the same as grammar?

Spelling and grammar are often very confused, and even taken as meaning the same thing. However, spelling is a series of rules for the correct writing of a word, such as accents, capital letters, letters, among others.

On the other hand, grammar deals with how those words are used correctly in a context. That is, using repeated words to start two consecutive paragraphs, or repeating one word after another.

What options do I have for spell checking in Word?

In the Word interface, there are various methods for correctly correcting a text or a document , so that in this way you can have a good presentation without spelling or grammatical errors. Among the tips to consider are the following:

Check spelling and grammar

To apply this option, look in the top bar, click on the Review menu and at the end of the bar as the first option is Spelling and Grammar.

By selecting this tab a box will appear showing the first misspelled word, then you will decide if you want to correct the error or skip that time, in this way you replace the content in Word. When you have selected your option, the red underline will no longer appear.

Review as you type

In Word there is the option of correcting the text as it is written. To activate the automatic corrector you must look in File, the tab where you will click on Options, where you will find the third menu Review, this will show a series of boxes indicating different options among which will be the Check spelling while writing.

It is selected and it will automatically be active, so as you type, the words that need a correction will be indicated by the red underline.


Word checking can be done through the grammar checker, but you cannot fully rely on it, since there are words that it does not read as incorrect and lets them pass without any correction. This check should be used as a supplement to the fix, not completely rely on the function alone.

You can also turn on Word proofing suggestions

When writing a text, sometimes mistakes may be made. When this happens, Word will indicate it to you by means of red or blue underlines . When these underscores are placed under the misspelled word, right click on the word so that Word can suggest a correct spelling.


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