How to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung with Smart Switch

How to transfer data from samsung to samsung with Smart Switch. Here is a complete guide to transfer data from old phone to Samsung Galaxy.

In recent years, more and more companies, Samsung in the first place, have decided to create an advanced ecosystem that would allow the exchange of data quickly between the different devices of the same brand. While it is still difficult to reach the speed and quality of the Apple ecosystem today, Samsung is getting very close, even offering some new features.

Among the most interesting functions is that of transferring data from Samsung to Samsung , that is, making a connection, whether wired or wireless, between two products of this brand, ensuring very fast communication and data exchange.

For this to be possible, it is essential to take advantage of the Smart Switch, of which we will deepen its potential and operation in the next lines.


  • How Smart Switch works
  • Transfer data from Samsung to Samsung
    • Cable-free transfer
    • Cable transfer
  • Smart Switch alternatives to transfer data, photos and contacts
    • Google Drive
    • Google o Samsung Cloud
    • WhatsApp
    • Google Photo
  • Programmi simili a Smart Switch

How Smart Switch works

First of all let’s try to understand what Smart Switch is, with this term we identify a software, compatible with Windows, macOS and smartphones, with which you can transfer data with speed from one Samsung device to another.

This application was created with the aim of reducing data transfer times from one Samsung smartphone to another, bringing you back all the apps and photographs on the reference product. Imagine having to change your smartphone and buy one from the same manufacturer, in this case Samsung, in just a few minutes it allows you to transfer all the data to the new device, effectively obtaining the same apps, images and information that you usually use.

Smart Swicth is available on all Samsung mobile devices with the Android operating system. You can find it in Settings> Accounts and backups or you can download from the Google Play Store .

How it works depends on which approach you use, you can transfer data from your PC or, as we will see in the next lines, from Samsung smartphone to Samsung . The methods to do this are mainly two: wireless transfer or cable transfer, in both cases you will have to perform very few steps to move files from one device to another. Let’s see how.

Transfer data from Samsung to Samsung

In order for you to start data transfer, whether in wired or wireless mode, you need the Smart Switch app. Usually on Samsung devices it is already installed by default, but if not, just click here to download and install it.

Cable-free transfer

If your goal is to move data from Samsung to Samsung using the wireless method, then make sure you have installed the Smart Switch application and launch it from the target smartphone, i.e. the one you intend to upload the files to.

Once the software is started, all you have to do is press the Send Data item on the old phone and on the next page touch Wireless . Wait for nearby device search via high frequency audio.

Pick up your new Samsung phone and when asked Receive content from your old Samsung phone , tap Yes .

Allow connection on both mobile devices to allow transfer via Wi-Fi. The two devices will begin the synchronization phase via Wi-Fi, therefore, make sure that they are close and that they are both connected to the same network, and that this is on the same frequencies: 2.4 Ghz or 5.0 Ghz.

If everything goes as planned, the old smartphone will ask you to confirm the association, accept the connection and you will see a phase of analysis of the data on the device start.

Once the scan is finished, the software will show you some folders, choose the ones you intend to move to the new Samsung:

  • All
  • Only accounts, calls, contacts and messages
  • Personalized

By tapping Custom , you can select the data to transfer: Calls and Contacts , Messages , Applications , Accounts , Galaxy Wearable , Settings , Home Screen , Personal Area , Pictures , Videos , Audio , Documents and Files . You can also select the items to transfer from the SD card: Images, Videos, Audio, Documents and files.

If you decide to transfer the Personal Area data as well, you will be asked to set a password of at least 6 characters to unlock the transfer from the old to the new phone.

Click on Next to continue.

A message may appear asking you to open the app from which it is impossible to transfer data on the previous smartphone. In our case it is WhatsApp . Press on Next and wait for the data to be transferred from the previous smartphone. For WhatsApp I suggest you read the next chapter.

Smart Switch will show you the transfer rate and minutes remaining. When finished, you will see a Go to Home screen button to finish the transfer process.

Warning : you will have to wait a few minutes to see all the apps on the new phone.

Cable transfer

In case you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection, or just can’t initiate a data transfer due to an impossible pairing, then you could opt for data transfer directly with the cable.

In this case you will need to have a USB-C / USB-C cable with which it is possible to exchange data directly between the two smartphones, usually the one supplied is compatible. Beware of third-party cables, as some of them only allow smartphone charging and not the passage of data.

Having taken note of this little trick, start Smart Switch from your target Samsung and press on the Receive data option . You will now have to choose the Galaxy / Android entry and immediately after the transfer source, in this case the Cable option .

On both devices you will be asked to confirm the connection, give your consent and wait a few seconds for the data scan to finish. When the scan is complete, the different transferable sections, from contacts to applications, will be displayed on the screen. Choose the ones you want to move and wait a few minutes without unplugging the cable.

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Smart Switch alternatives to transfer data, photos and contacts

Maybe you have a device that is not compatible with Samsung systems and you have a desire to exchange data quickly, how to do it? You can transfer Android files with other software as well, so you get very similar results, although not at the same speed. The most used solutions are: Google Drive, Google or Samsung Cloud, WhatsApp and Google Photos.

Google Drive

One of the most used alternatives for transferring data from Samsung to Samsung or from Android to Android is Google Drive . Thanks to the account synchronization system you can create a folder on the target smartphone and the main one, once uploaded you can then download them wherever you want.

As you can imagine you will need an internet connection, but in this case not necessarily Wi-Fi, you can also use a common network connection with data.

Google Drive currently allows you to upload up to 15 GB of files of all kinds, which you can share with the various associated services, from Gmail to Word Online. To access the service you just need to have a Google account , technically you will have to create one on Gmail. To download the official app on a Samsung phone you can visit this page .

Google o Samsung Cloud

If the Google Drive application seems too complex to manage, or you simply don’t like the idea of ​​installing it, you can also think about using your Google or Samsung Cloud account directly . In the first case, all you have to do is make a backup of your smartphone and send it to the Google cloud, and then download it again on your new smartphone.

In this case, you could not only transfer files, but also have a safety backup when you encounter problems with your old or new device. The waiting time between backups could take hours and many gigabytes, so be patient.

In addition to Google, however, you can opt for another Samsung software, namely its Cloud service. The same company Samsung offers you 5GB of free storage .

To access Samsung Cloud , go to Settings> Accounts & Backup> Samsung Cloud , select the items you are interested in and tap Back Up Data. If you do not find Sasmung Cloud on your phone you can download the app from this page and log in and then upload the files and download them on the other smartphone.


If you prefer to use your favorite messaging program directly, then you can do it on all Android devices. Enter the WhatsApp Settings and click on Chat . Immediately after, press on the item Chat Backup and select Backup .

Now start the new smartphone and install WhatsApp, in the initial stages of verifying your number you will be asked if you want to restore via backup or not. Just select Yes and all the data from your previous WhatsApp will start synchronizing, without losing any chat.

On the new phone, we recommend that you uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp, this will bring up the Restore Backup screen to recover WhatsApp backups made on the old phone.

Google Photo

If Samsung Smart Switch mobile hasn’t made it easy for you to approach the transfer, especially photos that take a long time to load, then you can opt for Google Photos . Currently this application allows you to upload up to 15 GB of images , with which you can then synchronize them on as many devices as you want.

Download the application from the Play Store on both your old and new device and launch it from where you have the photos. Upload all the images to the cloud and then synchronize the account and app on the other smartphone. To activate the Backup go to the icon of your account , at the top right, and in the menu that appears, step on Activate backup .

Programmi simili a Smart Switch

  • CLONEit: is an app for Android with which you can backup by transferring data from one phone to another without cables. You can transfer 12 types of mobile data, including: messages, apps, call logs, apps, pictures and contacts.
  • fone – Switch: with this software, switching from Android to Android is really simple. It can transfer 11 types of files: photos, videos, contacts, messages, call history, bookmarks, calendar, voice memos, contact blacklist, music and applications.
  • inShare: Transferring data from one mobile to another with this Android app is quick and easy. Just select the elements you are most interested in moving and that’s it.
  • Wondershare MobileTrans– other software for secure data transfer from one phone to another. You can freely transfer all types of data, or selectively choose which data to transfer by simply checking the boxes.
  • XShare: another app for Android with which you can share all types of files: photos, apps, music, videos, movies, word, excel, folders, PDFs and much more.


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