How to transfer data from your old PS4 to the new PS4 Pro

Many are the users who are taking advantage of these dates to make the leap to  PS4 Pro , changing their standard PS4 model to achieve that extra power that the new Sony console will add to various games.

However, you may not know what to do with your old data and how to proceed so as not to lose games, trophies, purchases and other content . Next, we describe how to do this whole process in a very simple and comfortable way, with two possible options, via cable or with a Wi-FI router as a common connection point.

  • When we activate our PlayStation 4 account we will go to the options and settings menu of the new PlayStation 4 Pro, then we will select the option “Transfer data from another PlayStation 4”.
  • Once our console examines the data for a few seconds, it will tell us which data can be transferred and which cannot, always based on the information that we have hosted in our official PSN account. Possibly the data that we can transfer will be saved games, screenshots or videos, titles or games purchased and users created.
  • Once we do this, we have to connect our new PlayStation 4 Pro and the old model at the same time, in two possible ways, through an Ethernet cable or via Wi-FI connecting them to the same router, as we will already have our PS4 Pro turned on, We will only have to press the power button on our old PS4 for a second.
  • When both consoles are recognized we will only have to choose the contents that we want to transfer to our PlayStation 4 Pro and which we are not interested in transferring, our new console will also detail how to synchronize the trophies. Before starting the copy, we will be informed of the total transfer time in all the chosen data, then we start the transfer and in a matter of minutes (it depends on the content) we will have all the data transferred to our new PlayStation 4 Pro.
  • We remember that the data transferred from our old PlayStation to our new PlayStation 4 Pro will continue to be in the old model, so if we have subsequently decided to get rid of our old PlayStation 4 we will have to delete the data.
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