How to transfer data to a new phone

Even 10 years ago, transferring data from phone to phone was a gamble, gigabytes of information and phone numbers were lost. Now the adventures are over, this is done in no time according to a clear algorithm. We will teach and show several working hacks how to transfer information from Android, iPhone and between two smartphone systems.

Transferring data from one Android smartphone to another

Catch four options for transferring data between Android phones:

  • via NFC

If both phones support the Android Beam function, it is enough to connect them via NFC and follow the instructions on the screen;

  • using MiCloud 

Transferring data is similar to working through a Google account: you need to sync with the cloud, transfer all the data there, make a backup, log into MiCloud from a new phone and restore all data from there;

  • through third-party programs 

CLONEit, Motorola Migrate, SHAREit, Send Anywhere are just 4 of the most popular apps available on Google Play. You need to download one of these apps to a new phone and start the transfer procedure, following the instructions on the screen;

  • using a google account 

The most difficult among the proposed methods, but it works on all devices. Described in detail in the section below.

The first 2 methods work only with a narrow range of devices. Some users are not ready to trust their data to third-party applications from the 3rd paragraph. It’s easier to use the universal option – Google sync. It will be discussed below in the text.

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Transferring data using a google account

The easiest way to transfer information from one Android to another is through the Google account. Then the infa of the account will be transferred to the “neighbor”. If the “new” phone is not yet synchronized, the operation will take place in 4 steps.

Preparing to transfer data from Android to Android

First you need to make sure that your old mobile phone is linked to your Google account. You can check it by going to “Settings →” Accounts “. In this case, both phones must be charged and connected to Wi-Fi. Or you will have to sacrifice some of the content, since it will be transmitted over the mobile Internet for a very long time.

How to sync your old device with your account in 4 steps:

Action What needs to be done
Decide which account you will transfer from Go to “Accounts” and select the required profile
Select apps to sync Check the boxes next to them
Continue operation Tap on “More”
End the process Click the “Synchronize” button

Thus, the phone is synchronized with the required services in order to save information from there.

Create a backup copy of the “old man” in Google

After the data from the calendar, bookmarks and browser history have been transferred to the “cloud”, you should take care of the “important little things” such as the call log, SMS history, application data and transferring contacts from the phone. Usually the transfer of this data is already enabled, but rechecking will not hurt. To do this, you need to do the following:

What’s happening Required actions
Start creating a backup Go to “Settings”, select “System”, run “Additional settings”
Start process Stop at the item “Backup”
Check save location Make sure that the “Upload to Google Drive” signs are in working position
Start copy creation Confirm intentions by clicking “Start copying”

Then the system will start copying the information to the Google Drive. Depending on the amount of information and the speed of the Internet, it takes from 5 minutes to an hour.

Recover from a backup on a new mobile phone

It’s easier to do this on a new mobile phone. Then on your Android you need to repeat the following steps:

What’s happening Necessary actions
Launch a mobile phone for the first time Switch on the smartphone and follow all instructions on the display
Connect to the network to pull up data “from the cloud” Connect to the Internet by finding a router and entering its access password
Confirm intent When the mobile phone prompts you to transfer data – tap “Next”
Start recovery Refer to Cloud Copy
Log in to the restored account Enter your username and password to the old Google-Akku
Select information that will be transferred Specify the data type to transfer

Wait until everything is ready. Please note that you will need to log in again in the migrated applications. Yes, “data transfer” saves you from the hassle with files, but authorization will take time.

If the phone has already been turned on, there are 2 options for solving the problem: soft and radical.

A sharp way is to reset the settings and install the phone “from scratch” (as in the paragraph above). This is how it is done.

  1. Open “Settings”.
  2. Select “System”.
  3. Take a look at “advanced settings”.
  4. Confirm intentions through “Reset settings”.
  5. If there are no “Additional settings” – select “Reset settings” in the “System” menu. Then the phone will reboot and you can install the system as described above.

A softer version is the case.

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Select “Accounts”.
  3. Tap on “Add account”.
  4. Enter the login and password of the required Google account.
  5. After authorization, you need to go to the “Accounts” section again.
  6. Select the required account.
  7. Click on “More”.
  8. Confirm “Synchronization”.

This will transfer mail, calendar and contacts to the new phone. If that’s enough, you don’t have to continue. For those who need to get the apps they want, do the following.

  1. Go to Google Play.
  2. Go to My Apps & Games.
  3. Select the “three stripes” icon (responsible for the sorting type).
  4. Agree to sort “Recent”.
  5. Download the required attachments.

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Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone

“Apple” smartphones are getting cooler every year, and hands are already itching to switch to a novelty. If it stops transferring data from one iPhone to another, there is no need to be afraid. Now the owners of Apple mobile phones transfer information in the following way:

  • via iTunes / iCloud;
  • using the “quick start” function – just put two switched on iPhones (new and old) side by side, after which the “start” screen will appear. Then follow the instructions on the screen;
  • transfer directly (only for iOS 12.4 and newer). It is possible both through a cable (connecting 2 devices), and by downloading the backup information from iCloud;
  • using third-party software;

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Transferring data using iCloud

The easiest way to “transfer” information is already built into the system. At the same time, it works even with “oldies” like the iPhone 4S, and even more so on the current iPhone 11 . For a smooth data transfer, you need to do the following.

  1. Turn on iTunes on your computer.
  2. Tap on the mobile phone icon from the top left.
  3. Check the “Backups” section. There should be a check mark on “This computer” (for those who do not have enough space to transfer all files to iCloud) and “iCloud” (for owners of a spacious “cloud”).
  4. Click on “Create a copy now”.
  5. Wait 10-20 minutes for the data to be copied.
  6. Upon completion of the “backup” of data, at the bottom of the window will appear “Last copy: today at XX o’clock.”
  7. Now the data is securely saved and you can remove the SIM card from the first device.
  8. Move the SIM card to a new phone.
  9. The device will ask if you need to recover the data. Answer in the affirmative to this.
  10. Then 2 options “from iCloud” or “through iTunes” will be highlighted. If the data was stored on the cloud, choose the first option. For a PC – the second.
  11. Follow the instructions in the setup wizard.

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Transfer data from iPhone to Android and vice versa

One of the points that prevents users from experimenting with technology is the fear that data is not transferred between systems. In fact, there is no need to be afraid of this. Google and Apple have long thought about how to transfer data from one OS to another. To transfer from iOS to Android, you need to do the following.

  1. Download the Google Disc app.
  2. Enter your Google account data there (information from which will be transferred to the new phone).
  3. After authorization, go to the menu by tapping on the “burger” (three horizontal stripes from the top left).
  4. Turn your eyes to the right and find the “gear” icon. This is direct access to the settings.
  5. Go to the item “Backup”.
  6. Select the type of data to be copied.
  7. Connect the iPhone to a power outlet and preferably to a Wi-Fi network (otherwise copying will be slower).
  8. After the backup is complete (it will take from 10 minutes to 1-2 hours – depending on the amount of data), you should turn on your Android smartphone.
  9. Turn on the new mobile phone, and when the question “Set up as new or restore data” appears on the screen, select the second method.
  10. Connect your phone to the same Wi-Fi network.
  11. Choose where your Cloud or iPhone backup data is located.
  12. Select iPhone.
  13. Log in to Google, and then the device itself will start downloading the selected data.

Moving from Android to iPhone is even easier and faster. To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Download the Move to iOS app to your Android smartphone.
  2. Turn on your iPhone and put it next to your old mobile phone.
  3. Apple mobile phone will offer 2 options to choose from: set up from scratch or “transfer information from Android”. You need to choose the second option.
  4. Next, the iPhone will display a 6-digit code that must be entered into the Move to iOS program.
  5. Select the data you want to transfer.

Then the phones themselves will start transmitting data to each other. You can transfer contacts, calendars, notes, messages and photo / video content. In addition, iOS will download free applications that are available for both systems. All you have to do is log in to your favorite services and your phone is ready to go!

In fact, transferring data from phone to phone turned out to be a matter that even dummies can do. The main thing is to properly back up and then wait until the infa is downloaded to the new product.

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