How to transfer data from iPhone to Android

How to transfer data from iPhone to Android.Have you finally decided to take the plunge and switch from  iPhone to Android? Millions of users drop old beliefs each year and choose to try something completely new. Regardless of the goodness or otherwise of this choice, our task in this case is to offer you our support to make this change  without encountering problems.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Android

This is precisely the reason that prompted us to write a  guide on how to switch from iPhone to Android.  If for the most experienced users it is a pure formality, those who have never carried out this operation will surely be terrified of a possible  loss of data. In fact, our smartphones are increasingly a sort of “reliquary”, where we jealously guard  photos, messages, videos  and many other types of content.

Having to abandon all the data on the old smartphone would really be an unwelcome option. So let’s try to understand how to  transfer data from iPhone to Android  in the easiest and painless way possible.

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  1. The best strategy to transfer data from iPhone to Android
  2. Transfer contacts, calendar and photos with Google Drive
  3. Transfer music from iPhone to Android
  4. Transfer mail from iPhone to Android
  5. Switching from iPhone to Android: the pros and cons

The best strategy to transfer data from iPhone to Android./How to transfer data from iPhone to Android

Create  a Google or Gmail account , with which you can then take advantage of all the services made available by the green robot. In this way the data backup process is  greatly simplified  and switching from iPhone to Android is much faster.

To create a Google account, all you have to do is open  this page  and fill in the fields with your personal data. You will be guided step by step to the next steps by pressing the  button at the bottom of the page. 

Once the operation is finished, go back to our guide and we will lead you, step by step, towards the fulfillment of your desire. At the end of the article you will realize that switching from iOS to Android without losing data is really a breeze.

Transfer contacts, calendar and photos with Google Drive

A very quick and easy way to download photos, contacts and your calendar from iPhone to Android is to use Google Drive , which is nothing more than an online storage and synchronization service.

  • Download Google Drive on your iOS device and start the application
  • Log in with your Google account
  • At this point, on the main screen, press the icon in the shape of three lines , then on Settings
  • Then press on Backup and select the contents you want to transfer to the Android device
  • At the end of the selection, all you have to do is click on Start Backup and wait for the operation to complete (it may take some time, depending on the amount of data to be transferred)

Next, you will need to properly configure the Android device to recover all the data just transferred.

  • Do l ‘ access to your Android device with your Google account (the same used on iPhone to backup using Google Drive)
  • At this point, in the respective apps ( contacts , calendar and photos ) you will find all the elements you transferred just before from the iPhone

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Transfer music from iPhone to Android

Transferring music from iPhone to Android is a very simple operation that requires very few steps. In fact, if you use the Apple Music service , I immediately warn you that you can also use it on the Android device. To do this, simply download the Apple Music application and log in with your Apple ID . In this way you will have all your music available without any particular problems.

Note that this operation applies to any music streaming service used, such as Spotify . The procedure to be applied is always the same:

  • Download the application on the Android device
  • Making the ‘ Access to music streaming service with the account you use on iPhone

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Transfer mail from iPhone to Android

Even transferring emails from iPhone to Android is a simple and fast operation, as it will be enough to use Gmail , the well-known e-mail service from Google.

  • Go to the official Gmail page
  • Click on the gear icon to access the Settings , then click on View all settings
  • Go to the Account and Import screen
  • Click on Import messages and contacts and indicate the email address from which to import messages
  • Finally, click on Start importing and wait for the operation to complete
  • At this point, all you have to do is open the application on the Android device and select your email account

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Switching from iPhone to Android: the pros and cons

Android and iOS, which are the two giants of the mobile world, both have their strengths and weaknesses. iOS  is perhaps the best performing one, with really perfect optimizations, thanks also to the few models to cover. Surely among the cons we find the price of Apple  devices  which is the highest among those available on the market. In favor, on the other hand, we have a truly manic care in the design and implementation. Every detail is studied and perfected to offer the best possible user experience.

Android, on the  other hand, has on its side the infinite possibilities of an open, customizable and optimizable system. The choice of the smartphone in this case does not necessarily have to fall on the top of the range that battle with Apple. Indeed, there are several devices between  200 €  and  400 €  very interesting and offer an excellent balance between performance and cost. On the other hand, due to the extreme ramification of the operating system, the problems due to poor unification in the various devices continue. Apart from the  Google Pixel  branch , in fact, each manufacturer customizes it to their liking, not always improving it.

To be honest we have to say that in recent times the  performance differences  are much lower than in the past. The tops of the range of both companies now offer everything a user could want, with very similar prices and specifications. Precisely for this reason, the transition from iOS to Android and vice versa is increasingly becoming a matter of  personal taste. What really interests us right now is to help you do this without losing your personal data.

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