How to transfer files between two Android

When there was still no talk of real smartphones, file transfer via Bluetooth was truly a salvation for all technology enthusiasts. Today, however, thanks to the hundreds of applications and dozens of different services, you just need to choose the one that is most comfortable and appropriate to the circumstances. In particular, today we are going to see how to transfer files between two Android devices quickly and easily .

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  1. Sharing nearby

1.1. Share me

  1. Google files: free up space on your phone
  2. Third Party Applications

3.1. Xender: share music, videos, save statuses

3.2. Super sharing: Wifi file transfer

Sharing nearby

One of the exclusive and most loved features of iOS is undoubtedly AirDrop, which allows for a simple and fast transfer between Apple devices. Even Google has therefore decided to jump into the fray, releasing the “Sharing nearby” service . However, being something quite recent, it will be necessary for the device to have certain characteristics. In general, however, it will be sufficient if you have at least Android version 6.0 installed . Having said that, let’s see how to activate it.

  • Activate Bluetooth and geolocation on your device
  • Open the “Settings” app
  • Continue with “Google” (or “Account” and then “Google”)
  • Choose “Device Connections”
  • Click on “Sharing nearby” and then on  “Activate”

To share a file with another Android device, proceed as follows. We remind you, however, that, as the name itself states, this service will only work if the devices are close and within a maximum range of 5 meters.

  • Enable “Nearby Sharing” on both devices
  • Open the file to send (photo, video, PDF, web page or other)
  • Click on the share button (usually with a triangle icon with three dots at the corners)
  • Choose “Sharing nearby” (click on “Activate” if required)
  • In the “Search for nearby devices” section , select the name of the device to send the files to
  • Confirm with  “Send”
    • A pop-up will appear on the receiver’s device to confirm or reject
  • Wait for the process to finish and click on  “Close”

Share me

If both devices are Xiaomi, we recommend that you also try the “Mi Share” function , a service similar to AirDrop and Sharing nearby, but developed by the Chinese company. To activate it, simply open the “Settings” app , continue with “Connection and Sharing” , then with “Mi Share” and activate “Mi Share”  and  “Activate Mi Share automatically” .

At this point, just click on the share button on the file to be sent and proceed with the “Mi Share” option . Obviously both devices must be Xiaomi and must have the function active.

Google files – free up space on your phone

Another method directly developed by Google passes through the free “Files” application , available on the Play Store and also very useful for freeing up the memory occupied on the device. It is a very simple file manager, within which, however, there is also a file sharing service.

  • Open the “Google Files” app on both devices
  • Access the “Share” section  at the bottom right
  • Continue with  “Submit”
    • On the recipient’s smartphone, click on  “Share” and then  “Receive”
  • Select the name of the other device on both devices to start the connection
  • Choose the files to send using the integrated file manager and start sharing

Third Party Applications

In case the methods seen above are not for you, here are some free third-party applications developed to allow the exchange of files on Android smartphones. However, we remind you that for all these services it will be necessary to download the relevant application on both devices , otherwise the transfer will be impossible.

Xender: share music, videos, save statuses

One of the free applications designed for our purpose is “Xender” , obviously available on the Play Store . Its operation is quite simple and intuitive and the support is extended to practically any type of file. Furthermore, the same service is also available on a PC, so it can also be used to exchange elements between computers and smartphones. To further facilitate the operations to be performed, the developers have added support for 32 languages , in order to avoid any problems or misunderstandings.

Super sharing: Wifi file transfer

Among the best and easiest to use alternatives, we find “Super sharing” , also free on the Play Store . The functionalities are essentially the same, as the support for the type of file to be shared is total and there is not even the HTTP service for computers . In addition, this also allows you to back up the applications installed on your smartphone using an SDCard .


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