How to use Smart Switch to transfer data?

With the great technological advances that have taken place recently, it is normal that we change our cell phone or smartphone frequently. But many will agree that one of the most annoying problems with this situation is the “moving” or transfer of files from one device to another. This is why in this article we show you how to use Smart Switch to transfer data from an old phone to the new Galaxy .

Using the famous Smart Switch developed by Samsung, you will not have any problem to change phones whenever you want. If you find yourself with the problem of buying a new Galaxy and not wanting to leave behind everything you had in the previous one, no problem, because today we explain how you can transfer all your data to the new phone.

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  1. How to use Smart Switch to transfer data?
  2. What to watch out for when using Smart Switch?

How to use Smart Switch to transfer data?

The famous Japanese electronics company provides us with a wide variety of devices and tools that greatly facilitate our lives.

And it is that they think of everything, since they give us solutions for problems that years ago we believed to be unsolvable. For example, we have the wonderful Smart Switch application , which allows us to transfer data from an old device to a new one quickly and easily. But, how can we start using it in the “move” of a Samsung Galaxy ?

Well, although it may sound somewhat complicated for those who do not handle these types of tools much, it is actually very simple. We encourage you to keep reading and discover how to achieve it in just a few simple steps.

Steps to use Smart Switch to transfer data from old phone to new Galaxy

To begin, we remind you that this is an application that you can download from the Google Play Store or the App Store, depending on the store that your smartphone has. The steps to transfer data from an old phone to a new one with Smart Switch are:

  • First, download the application on your old phone and on your new Samsung Galaxy.
  • Accept the terms and conditions on both cell phones.
  • When you have downloaded the app on both devices, go to the “Settings” of the new smartphone.
  • Go to “Cloud and Accounts”.
  • Select the “Smart Switch” app.
  • Now, open the app on the old cell phone.
  • Press the “Start” option on both cell phones.
  • Select the “Wireless” option.
  • Choose the type of device with which you want to connect your Galaxy, be it Android, Apple, or some other.
  • From the old cell phone, press “Send”.
  • On the new Galaxy, press “Receive”.
  • Press “Connect” from the old cell phone.
  • When they are connected and you see all the transfer options, choose the data you want to transferor select “All” to send them all.
  • Press “Send”.
  • Press “Accept” to confirm your action.

That’s all! Once you have done this, the data you have chosen will begin to transfer. Another excellent option to transfer data is to share files between devices over WiFi , of course, if you wish.

What to watch out for when using Smart Switch?

When we use this wonderful app, there are several aspects to take into account. For example, it should be noted that the Galaxy S7 Edge and S7 devices already have this function integrated, since it is part of their tools included by default .

Another detail to remember is that, if it is difficult for us to connect both devices and make the transfer, we can facilitate the process by entering the old PIN on the new Galaxy device. Apart from this, you must remember that the transfer time will depend greatly on the number and volume of the files to be moved.

Of course, although this is undoubtedly the best option to transfer files between Samsung devices, it is also possible to recover files from a mobile that does not turn on. If this is your problem, do not worry, because everything has a solution.

We hope that this entire guide can be of great use to you when you change your cell phone, and that you can enjoy your old files in a great way, in a wonderful new Samsung Galaxy .


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