How to transfer data from Huawei to Huawei

Are you looking for a guide that can explain in detail  how to transfer data from Huawei to Huawei ? Very well, you found it! In this in-depth study we are going to show you all the steps to succeed in your intent.

This is not a long or complex procedure: with our instructions you will know what is the procedure for transferring photos from your Huawei device to your PC. Enjoy the reading!

How to transfer data from Huawei to Huawei

You recently bought a new Huawei smartphone, and you would like to transfer the data from your old device, which is always a Chinese brand device, to it. For this reason you are wondering how to transfer data from Huawei to Huawei .

In the next lines we will provide you with all the information to succeed in your intent, so you can transfer photos, videos or documents present in your old Huawei to the new one.

So take a few minutes of free time – we’re sure that once you’ve finished reading, you’ll have a clearer picture of everything you need to do. But notice the delay, are you ready? Perfect, let’s go!

Procedure via Bluetooth

The main method you need to use to be able to transfer data from a Huawei device to another Huawei is the one that involves the use of Bluetooth technology . It is precisely a technology that allows the wireless connection of two or more devices, so as to transmit data without using cables.

By data we mean photos , videos , documents, etc. To initiate the transfer via Bluetooth, you must first initiate it on both your old and new device. To do this, swipe from top to bottom to open the Android Notification Center.

Once this is done, tap on the Bluetooth icon : in this way you will have activated it! Now you can send the data that interests you. In case they are multimedia files, such as photos or videos, tap on the Gallery app and press on the thumbnail of the content you want to send to the other Huawei device.

Now press the “Share” icon , which you find at the bottom right, and choose the “Bluetooth” option among the various ones that are shown on the screen. You will see a screen where you will have to select the name of the Huawei smartphone to which you want to send the file. Tap on it and then on “Accept” .

Very well, we’re almost there: you just have to wait for the transfer procedure to finish, after which the file will be available in the Gallery app of the other Huawei device to which you sent it.

This procedure just seen for multimedia files, also applies to transferring documents or music files. Just use the File Manager app . All you have to do is open the document you want to send, select the item “Share” and choose “Bluetooth”. Virtually the exact same procedure, but without going to the Gallery of course.

As you can see it was not difficult but it is always good to do everything precisely to avoid redoing the operation from scratch.

How to transfer data from Huawei to Huawei: conclusions

You should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to transfer data from Huawei to Huawei . The procedures we have seen tend to be fine for any Huawei smartphone , but you may find some differences.

The advice we give you is to follow the instructions that will be gradually given to you on the display of your device, in case of inconsistencies with the steps in this guide to avoid problems related to the wrong steps.

We just have to make an appointment for the next one, in the hope that our guide has been of practical help. See you soon!


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