How to track parcel shipment in EMS

EMS is one of the many international shipping services that exist, so it is a common thing to see if you receive a package from abroad. With this understanding, we will teach you how to track or track a parcel shipment in EMS .

In any case, just as it is necessary to know the objects allowed to send through the US postal service , also in relation to EMS there are certain regulations that we recommend you investigate before using this type of service.

Track or track a parcel shipment in EMS

Tracking packages with EMS is extremely easy. In any case, if you are going to receive a shipment from the company and you are not aware of its operation, carefully read the following information where we explain very briefly and concisely how it is done.

  • The first thing you should do is go to the EMS website.
  • Once there, locate the following message ” Track your EMS item ” (track your package). Immediately below you will see a space for text, this is where you must write the tracking number.
  • After the above, simply click on the ” Track ” button . In this way you can track your package within the page.

If for any reason you have problems and the guide number does not appear on the page, just as there is the option to claim a lost package with the USPS in the United States , EMS provides tools for the care of the user and their package.

Format of the tracking numbers with EMS, to identify the package

It is very good to know the formats that companies handle, since in this way we will be able to corroborate if a guide number belongs precisely to a particular fastway tracking

In the case of EMS, we have an alphanumeric tracking number. It begins with two letters, followed by nine numbers and finally two more letters, which represent the country code.

For example, your code should look something like the following EE133455385US . As you can see, the last two digits refer to the country, in this case, the United States, which means that the package leaves from this place.

If instead the package comes from another site, these codes will be different. Similarly, the first codes may differ from the previous example, but what is shown is a good basis for recognizing whether a package should be tracked by EMS.

What is EMS and where does it come from?

Currently there are many shipping companies in existence, in fact, each country has its own internal services. In the case of international services, services such as FedEx, UPS are included . National services are also taken into account, for example, in the United States there is the USPS which, although it is specific to that nation, also has a global reach.

So where is EMS among postal services?

EMS is a shipping service of international level, through it documents and merchandise can be sent. It is born from the so-called Universal Postal Union ( Universal Postal Union ), an international organization created by the United Nations.

The EMS service was created with the purpose of improving all shipping services in the countries included in the United Nations. Currently 191 nations are covered, so we could say EMS has an almost total reach. Given this, it is very possible that when tracking an order or package from AliExpress you will realize that the service provided is sent through EMS.

In any case, the main difference of EMS in relation to other postal services is that through its modalities it is possible to have a premium service . This means that, by paying a certain amount of money, the shipping process is accelerated, which means that the duration of the shipments is much shorter.

As we have pointed out before, just as it is necessary to know the rules for sending packages in FedEx if you use that company, with EMS it is very important to know all the parameters and the terms and conditions for your shipments before using the services.


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