How to track your suitcase in real time with Android

How do you track the suitcase sent, or the one lost or left at the airport? How to know where the suitcase is and follow its position in real time.

How to track the suitcase shipped and know where it is in real time

New super article for YourLifeUpdated readers , in particular for those who are about to leave for a trip and have to embark or send their suitcase and luggage.

When we go to the airport or when we have to send our luggage for the holidays the fear is always the same: will the suitcase arrive at its destination? Will my baggage be lost? And if I lose my suitcase, how do I know where it is?

Here, if you also have these doubts and fears regarding your trip and, above all, your luggage , in this article I will show you all the EFFECTIVE solutions to track your suitcase shipped or embarked and to always know where it is.

Without getting lost in chat, let’s start with the guide right away and see all the solutions you have available to track the suitcase in real time with iPhone and Android .

Important premise

As you can read in the article, the solutions I propose must be implemented BEFORE your departure , not after.


In fact, these are preventive actions that you must take while the suitcase is still with you so that you can track it down and find it again in case of loss.

On the contrary, if you have already left and have already embarked or sent your luggage , this guide cannot be for you : in this case you have to rely on the luck and professionalism of those who work at the airport, with the hope that your suitcase will be found. and returned to the right address as soon as possible.

In all cases, if you have already lost your suitcase and have already made the report at the airport, on THIS SITE you can get real-time updates on the status of your case. It’s not much, but better than nothing.

That said, let’s see the solutions at your disposal to track suitcase and luggage.

Track suitcase with Apple AirTag

Without a doubt, the best solution ever to track suitcases and luggage and always know where they are is represented by Apple ‘s AirTag .

For the uninitiated, this small, circular and compact device allows you to locate anything at any time using Apple’s “Where’s” location system.

Unlike all competitors, which are not very widespread and very inaccurate, AirTag uses Apple’s localization system to track down all the devices connected to your account with extreme precision .

All you need to do to make sure you never lose sight of your suitcase is:

  • buy an AirTag(one per suitcase)
  • link the AirTagsto your Apple account
  • insert the AirTagsin your luggage


At this point, directly from the “Where is” app, you will be able to track all the suitcases in real time and you will always be able to know where they are.



Apple AirTag news

AirTag is set up in an instant: a tap and connects to the iPhone or iPad

35,00 € −5,10 € 29,90 €


New Apple AirTag 4 Pack

AirTag is set up in an instant: a tap and connects to the iPhone or iPad

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With the automatic alarm active you will receive a notification as soon as you have strayed too far from the AirTags: in this way we can make sure that no one steals our own luggage, or that we do not forget our backpack or bag at the airport.

In short, as already mentioned AirTag is the best system to track backpacks, suitcases, luggage and more. It is a super precise and reliable system, which never misses a beat and works both when we lose something at home (keys, wallet ..) and when we lose something around the world (car, bike, scooter, suitcase, backpack. .).

The only drawback? AirTag only works with iPhones and iPads, so if you don’t have one of these two Apple devices you can’t use AirTag.

And for those who don’t have iPhones? How to track lost luggage and suitcases?

Don’t worry, there are  AirTag alternatives for Android  users  , although they work far worse and far less accurately.

Alternative ad AirTag per Android

As anticipated, if you use an Android smartphone you must necessarily rely on alternatives to AirTag, since this system is only compatible with iPhone and iPad.

The big problem is that, even though the basic operation is common to all these tracking devices , AirTag’s competitors are much LESS accurate as they only rely on the network of users using those devices and cannot rely on all of them. iPhone and iPad owners.

In fact, therefore, all the alternatives to AirTag for Android work, but little and in any case in a much less precise and reliable way. It’s better than nothing anyway, so we might as well give it a try.

Let’s see what solutions you have available for Android.

Tile Mate e Tile Pro

To date , the best alternative to AirTag for Android is represented by Tile Mate  and  Tile Pro : they attach to luggage or objects to keep an eye on and then can be traced from the Android smartphone through the dedicated app.

As already mentioned, however, these trackers for Android can only be seen and detected by those who use the Tile app, and unfortunately the users in this case are very few (especially when compared to those who own an iPhone or iPad).

Their coverage is higher (on paper) than AirTag , since they can be detected up to 75 meters (Tile Mate) and 125 meters (Tile Pro) , but as we have already seen in everyday use these Tiles are really not very useful , especially if we lose something in a big place (airport, city ..).

Here, these Tiles are slightly more useful if we lose something in our house (keys, wallet ..) since from the app we can make the lost device ring in order to identify it more easily.

On the contrary, if we leave the suitcase at the airport or want to know where it is with extreme precision, the Tiles will be of little use since, in the best of cases, they will show us the last position of the suitcase when it was near our phone, nothing. moreover.

In short, these devices are fine (and not always ..) for relatively narrow spaces, such as stations or airports, but certainly not to find where you left your car or bicycle.


Tile Mate (2022) Bluetooth article locator, 60m range, works with Alexa and Google …

24,99 €

Tile Pro (2022) Bluetooth Object Finder, 1 Piece, 120m Detection Range, Compatible with …

34,99 €

Tile Essentials (2022) Bluetooth Object Finder Set – 4 Pieces (2 Mates, 1 Slim, 1 Sticker), …

79,99 €

Tile Mate and Tile Pro compared

For completeness, I point out the differences between Tile Mate and Tile Pro:

  • the first costs € 25 and the second € 35
  • the  Mate has a Bluetooth range only up to a distance of 75 meters, while the  Pro  reaches 125 meters
  • Tile Mate‘s battery  is not replaceable, and after about 3 years it will stop working (you will need to replace the entire device). Tile Pro , on the other hand, uses a standard flat battery, like a wristwatch battery, which can be easily replaced
  • Mate is smaller and more compact, with almost half the length (37mm vs 58mm)

Galaxy SmartTag

If you don’t want to buy Tile Mate and Pro trackers, you can rely on Samsung ‘s SmartTag solution , which is in fact the Korean company’s answer to  AirTag .

On paper , Galaxy SmartTag  works exactly like Apple’s tracker, and indeed boasts a much more powerful Bluetooth connection (120 meters against only 5 of AirTag).

Other than that,  SmartTag is the only one that can use a network similar to that of Apple’s Where’s, taking advantage of Samsung Galaxy phones   instead of  iPhones .

Unfortunately, however, even in this case the network used is much smaller than that of Apple and therefore, concretely, Samsung’s device works like Tile: it behaves well if we lose something at home, it does much worse if we have to track down or find a lost or misplaced suitcase.

In all cases, if you have an Android device (even non-  Samsung Galaxy ),  SmartTag  remains the most concrete possibility to approach the  Apple AirTag service  without buying an iPhone or iPad.


Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2021 Bluetooth Tracker and Object Locator for Keys, …

31,99 €

SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Multicolore

107,09 €

Wire Tag, Chipolo One

In addition to all the devices already listed, I also point out Filo Tag and Chipolo One.

They offer themselves as alternatives to Tile, AirTag and all the others and work the same way.

Exactly like Tile, however, Filo Tag and Chipolo One also work by exploiting the proprietary network, which is very rare. In addition, Filo Tag and Chipolo One do not work very well even for tracking devices that are near us.

In fact, therefore, I do not feel I can recommend the purchase of Filo Tag and Chipolo One.

What do you use to track suitcases and luggage during the trip?

Let me know in the comments at the end of the article!

Personally I do this:

  • I have attached a Tile Mate and Pro to the keys of the house, the motorbike, the car, the backpack and the wallet:in this way I try not to lose the things I use every day. As already mentioned, Tile works discreetly but only if we lose something in the house or in any case nearby. If I lose my house keys along the way while driving to work, I can be sure that I will never find them again.
  • I put an AirTag in my suitcase and link it to my sister’s Apple account, who has an iPhone: in case of lost or lost baggage, I can ask her to track it precisely and see the location in real time.

I would love to switch to iPhone to be able to use AirTag on all my devices, but unfortunately I am not at all comfortable with the iOS operating system.


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