Best web browsers with flash support for mobiles

Much is said about browsers that consume less resources , but today it is important to talk about Flash Player. Given this, we will tell you a little about which are the best Web browsers with Flash Player support for Android and PC . In addition, we will also comment on something very important related to Flash Player support.

What about flash?

You may not be aware, but as of January 1, 2021 there will be a significant change in everything that refers to flash content on the Internet. As of the previous date, support for Flash Player is discontinued .

Browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera have shown updates regarding this. In any case, they are not the only ones, since the same company responsible for Flash Player (Adobe), has begun to block web pages with such content.

For this reason, it is very possible that you will see errors on web pages that contain flash content. In any case, although this application is in its last days, possibly one or another page of your interest continues to work. Given this, it is worth knowing the best mobile web browsers with flash support .

Best web browsers with flash support for mobiles and PC

As we pointed out before, the days of Flash Player are over , anyway, if for some reason you still need to access web pages that use these add-ons, it doesn’t hurt that you know some of the best alternatives, but always remember which is the current status of Flash Player.

Anyway, before you start, keep in mind that all the options below are focused on mobile devices. For computers, practically all browsers had flash support . In any case, we can introduce you to some of the few known alternative browsers to Chrome if that is what you are looking for.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is one of the most recognized Android Internet browsers with flash support. The browser is also available on iOS and stands out for its outstanding performance, suitable for mobile devices with lower features.

As we pointed out before, one of the most striking aspects of this browser is that it supports Flash. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why users choose it.

It also has other interesting options, such as Multi-Touch support (possibility of using several fingers when using it). In case you want to get the browser, you can download it directly from the application store .

Puffin Browser

For many people, Puffin Browser is one of the most prominent browsers for mobile devices. Not only does it include the flash function, it also has a few options that we cannot find in other browsers.

Puffin Browser first came to light in 2010, however, the developer has mainly focused on the mobile versions of the browser . As we pointed out, one of the most interesting points is that it has flash, but it is also fair to highlight its security system.

In fact, Puffin Browser is one of the safest browsers that you can use on your Android / iOS device. It also contains options for more efficient navigation, in it  we find a trackpad with which you can move more easily on your web pages


Many people believe that FlashFox is developed by the same company as Mozilla Firefox. In any case, the program has nothing to do with the popular browser, even so, as its name indicates, it contains flash functionalities .

In fact, FlashFox is classified as one of the best browsers with flash, being an excellent option if this is what you are looking for. In addition to the above, it is characterized by a very efficient system, which in fact runs on the vast majority of Android distributions and most basic devices.

If you want a fast and fast browsing experience, downloading FlashFox from the Play Store is something you should try. Beyond the whole flash browsing thing, you will find yourself with a versatile and comfortable experience.

Finally, understanding the whole thing about flash browsing, it is best that you focus on knowing the best ad blockers for PC and other aspects that can help you navigate more comfortably.


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