How using multiple browsers improves your privacy and security

When browsing the Internet, we can constantly expose data, even without our realizing it. This can put our privacy and security at risk . Having many browsers available raises the question: Can we improve privacy and security if we use several programs instead of just one? We are going to talk about it.

Using multiple browsers can be very beneficial

The normal thing is that we use a browser for everything. For example Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, which are the most used. But sometimes it is interesting to use both or even try others such as Opera, Tor Browser, Brave … The truth is that the range of options is very wide and yes, we can improve privacy and security if we combine them.

Separate personal and work accounts

One possibility is to separate personal accounts and those we use at work. For example, a person who works from home may have personal accounts open and also some work accounts, such as email, a social network such as Facebook or Twitter, sites where you have to register, etc.

By using several browsers we can have an exclusive one for work issues, where we will have the tabs open with the mail, pages that we use for day-to-day work, etc. On the other hand, we will have another totally independent browser where we will use personal accounts.

Be able to install extensions safely

Another reason to install two or more browsers and thus improve privacy and security is to be able to install add-ons with less risk. There are many types of extensions, such as for reading PDF, grouping tabs, etc. But of course, these are applications that we are installing in the browser and may not always be safe or affect operation.

If we have several browsers, we can use one of them to install this type of add-ons that may have a certain risk or that we do not want to interfere in any way with the normal use that we give it on a day-to-day basis.

You can use a browser with VPN

One type of add-on that we can install in browsers are VPNs . They are programs that what they do is encrypt the connection. Very useful if we browse public Wi-Fi networks and want to avoid problems. In addition, they serve to hide the real IP address and, at the same time, modify the location in which we are. This allows us to enter pages that are blocked in a country or services such as Netflix, for example.

But of course, the normal thing is that we do not always want to navigate through a VPN . What can we do to avoid having to be installing and uninstalling or changing the configuration? We can always have a dedicated browser to use with VPN. an alternative that for example we use only when we are traveling. This will allow spoofing the location in Chrome or Firefox .


Prevent social media from leaking data

One of the things that can filter the most data is social networks . We not only talk about the information we post, but also simply by logging in. For example, if we are logged into Facebook and we enter a web page that has the typical button to give like, that site will receive information from our account when the session is logged in.

If we use several browsers, we can prevent this from happening when we have logged into the social network. We will be able to navigate from another program at the same time as Facebook we have it open in a different browser.

Therefore, these are some questions to consider. Having multiple browsers can help improve privacy and security. There are many options, both for computers and mobile devices. You just have to find the ones you like the most. For example there are browsers based on privacy

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