How to crop an image with Paint?

Image editing programs have become essential material over the years. Well, these cover functions that include edits and corrections of all kinds in images and photographs.

Tools that also allow us to adapt the size of the image we want to later use it in a much more aesthetic way, for example, in a mosaic or Instagram banner.

In this way, Paint is established as one of the best image editing tools. Well, although the platform is simple, it offers functions that range from simple cropping and drawing, to a Paint service for image editing integrated into WhatsApp Web . Therefore, we will show you the steps to change or remove the background of an image and cut it with Paint easily.

How to easily crop an image with Paint?

Paint is one of the tools that makes it easy to edit multiple images , which of course includes being able to crop them. So the first step to crop an image with Paint is to open the image in this program.

Next, use the “Select” option displayed in the upper left corner of your main Paint window. Specifically, you must click on the drop-down menu that appears under this option.

Once this menu is displayed, you will have two cropping options: “Rectangular Selection” and “Free Form Selection” . You should consider in what way you want to crop the image, as this will depend on the cropping tool you choose.

Crop an image in Paint with the Rectangular Selection

In case you select this cropping option, you will have to adjust the size to which you want to reduce the image by moving the ends of the box shown in the program and over the image to be cropped.

Once you have completed the selection, you must select the “Crop” option , which is displayed right next to the previous “Selection” option, in the tools panel. So that your cut is carried out by the program.

Crop an image in Paint with Freeform Selection

If this is your choice for cropping, the first step to cropping is to draw an outline around the image element you want to crop and keep.

For this, you must drag the pointer   around said element, while holding down the left mouse button. Closing the contour line at the end of the selection.

After you have finished selecting the element, you must access the “Crop” option found in the toolbar, right next to the “Select” option. In this way, the program will save your free crop, eliminating the rest of the image.

How to easily change or remove the background of an image with Paint?

Paint is an image editing tool that many underestimate, not for nothing is it one of the best alternatives to Adobe Photoshop for image editing . Well, this program offers a wide variety of options for those looking for a simple but very efficient way to edit images.

One of these options is to change or remove the background of an image. To do so, whether you have previously cut the image with Paint or it is a new one, you must select the “Brush” option in the program’s toolbar, and define its color and size.

Then, you must go over the outline of the image with the brush, until you leave only the element you want. Keep in mind that this step requires patience and subtlety, since the quality of the final result depends on it.

So, once you have finished with the outline of the image and you have left only the element of the image to which you want to change the background, you must copy this image with the program’s tool. Later, you must open in Paint the image that has the new background you want and paste the previous one on it.

Finally, to remove the background you must select the “Transparent Selection” option in the “Select” drop-down menu. Thus, you will have changed or removed the background of the image in Paint in a simple way.


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