How to track IP address from email

With a wider internet, with more people accessing the network, it is normal for spam and related scams to grow. Although it is something that to some extent we can avoid, it is not always going to be possible. For precisely this reason, it is important to know how to trace an IP address from an email .

Many scams are carried out through email messages, many spammers send us junk mail daily. Is it annoying? Yes, it is certainly annoying and above all, very dangerous. Knowing how to track an IP will allow us to be more secure and be more cautious.

Why do we need to track an IP address from an email?

There are actually many reasons, the most important of which is to avoid phishing scams . When we know the sender’s IP address , to a certain extent we can avoid falling for this kind of scam; depending on this we can decide whether to respond or not.

It also serves to block persistent spam , many of us receive too much constant junk mail from the same sender or from a spammer who uses multiple email addresses, it is not exactly comfortable to have to be blocking all their emails; we would never finish blocking it.

On the other hand, if we block your IP address, you will not be able to send us any new e-mail that is created directly.

Track IP address from Gmail

The first thing will be to open the Gmail account, after this we will have to open the email to which we want to track the IP. We will click on the button in the upper right corner that will show us a drop-down menu. In this menu we will have the option to show the original. When we click on this, we will see the full header of the email and the IP address from which it was sent .

How to know the IP address of an email from Outlook

In the case of Outlook it is really very simple, we are going to have to open the email in which we want to track the IP of the person who sent it. Then we will click on the File drop-down menu and then on properties. Now that we are in properties, we are going to see the complete header with the email and the IP address.

Track email IP address from Apple Mail

We open the email whose IP we want to obtain. Then we are going to click on the “View” drop-down menu and then on the message option, then on Raw source. Once we are in raw source, we will be able to see all the header data among which is the IP address.

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