How To to use all the functions of your Gmail email

Gmail email accounts are one of the most useful accounts that exist on the internet. This works as a link between all Google functions such as classroom, Calendar, Chrome. On the other hand, it is the email account with the most registered users .

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  1. What is a Gmail email account for?
  2. Learn to use all the functions of your Gmail email
    1. Create a group
    2. Send emails
    3. Add new contacts
    4. Organize your inbox
    5. Tag and filter content
  3. Policies that Gmail uses for its users that you should know
    1. Using multiple accounts
    2. Identity fraud
    3. Spam and bulk mail
    4. Account inactivity

What is a Gmail email account for?

A Gmail account allows us to send emails to our acquaintances, companies or classmates. These can have attachments up to 20MB like Word documents, photos, and PDF documents.

In addition, this account works as your online identity. This is usually a requirement for registration on different internet platforms such as PayPal , Facebook and YouTube.

With this email, you will have the option to save a backup of your contacts , phone applications and browser bookmarks in your Google account. This allows the same information to be used simultaneously.

Learn to use all the functions of your Gmail email

The Gmail platform lacks an in-depth tutorial for the different applications to be used in it, so we mention the most important ones below.

Create a group

For this we will use the Google Contacts platform. In this platform as soon as we enter we will find all the contacts that we have throughout our devices. Among them, the emails that we have used recently.

Once there we will create a new label , by clicking on the corresponding option in the list on the left of the screen. We will save the label that will be displayed at the top of the list.

Now we must click on the box that is shown to the left of the contacts that we want to add to the group. Next, we will select the “manage labels” button that appears as an arrow pointing to the right.

This is located on the list, we will select the labels that we want to associate with this contact, then we select apply and that’s it.

Send emails

To do this we must click on the button ” + write ” that appears on the left side at the top of the screen. A small window will open where we can place the recipient by clicking on “to”.

Then we will put the subject of the email and proceed to write. In the lower bar there are different options to attach emails or change the font style used. We can even place a custom signature .

Add new contacts

This is easily done using the Google “contacts” page we mentioned earlier. In it, similar to the compose button in Gmail, you will find a button that says “+ Create Contact”.

Once there we will begin to write all the relevant data to the person in question. It should be noted that we can do the same from the phone with the default application of Android devices and synchronize it with our Gmail email.

Organize your inbox

The inbox is divided into 3 tabs “Main, Social and Promotions”. If we want to move a conversation from one tab to another we must mark said message by clicking on the box to the left of it.

Once the message is selected, the menu at the top will be activated where we can move the conversation, add tags, archive it or mark it as spam .

Tag and filter content

Once the tag is added as we mentioned earlier, we can start filtering the messages of that tag. For this we will use the search bar at the top.

In it we can filter emails by name, recipient or issuer by writing your email address in it. In addition, we can click on “show search options” to filter the messages by date range or by emails with attachments.

Policies that Gmail uses for its users that you should know

Since your email account constitutes an important part of your identity on the internet, we must bear in mind that policies could carry severe penalties or the elimination of the account.

Using multiple accounts

There are limitations to the amount of data that we can store in the free version of the Gmail applications. These may be sanctions that third parties may apply to our email address (such as a temporary block).

In this sense, Google has condemned the use of multiple accounts to evade these limitations. Getting caught using by third party complaints or internal investigation could result in Gmail account banning .

Identity fraud

Google absolutely condemns the attempts of users to obtain bank details of their recipients. In addition, theft of identity and theft of email or financial accounts can lead not only to the deletion of the account, but also  legal consequences.

Spam and bulk mail

If we send emails to a group of people at the same time and one or more of them qualify it as spam , we run the risk that the Google algorithm will classify our future emails as “spam”.

Account inactivity

If we do not access our account at least 1 time every 2 years we can lose all the messages that were in it. For this reason, the email account must be used actively.

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