How to use the preview mode in Gmail?

Checking your email inbox could be a difficult task, due to the number of messages in it. However, you will see that there is an alternative that will be very useful to save reading time .

In this case, it is recommended that you install and use the preview mode in the Gmail mail, since it will allow you to see the messages quickly through the panel. You can also comfortably reply or forward your emails, as well as archive, delete or move messages to another folder without leaving the inbox.

In general, it is a very useful function that makes it easier to read the messages and saves you time. In case you do not know how to activate it and use the preview mode in Gmail, read on and you will see how to do it, and you will even find all the benefits that you will get by using it.

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  1. Can you read an email without marking it as open?
  2. Preview mode in Gmail
  3. Where is the panel for this option activated?
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  4. How to use the preview mode in Gmail?
  5. What does ‘No preview available’ mean?
  6. How to disable the preview of emails?

Can you read an email without marking it as open?

It is possible to carry out the reading of an email without it being marked as read, as long as you carry out a previous procedure. But it is important that you know that with the activation of the Gmail preview it will not be possible . Since when viewing it in the preview it will be marked as read after a while this can be modified in the ‘Preview Panel’.

In the case of Gmail it is possible after having opened or read a message mark it as unread, to do this, do the following. After having opened the email, go to the option ‘More’ and click, then select the option ‘ Mark as unread ‘. In the case that you have activated the keyboard shortcuts, you can press the key combination Shift + U.

In the case of Outlook you can do the following go to ‘File’ then select ‘Options’ and then choose ‘Advanced options’. The next step is to go to the Outlook panel and from there you will select the Reading Pane option. This action will generate several options on the screen and from them select ‘ Mark element as read-only when it is opened in a separate window ‘.

To do this in Outlook in a simpler way, you just have to select a message marked as read. The next step is to right click, this action will generate a menu of options and in our case you must choose the option ‘ Mark as unread ‘.

Preview mode in Gmail

With the preview mode in Gmail you can review or read emails very quickly without having to open them. Since it is a tool that allows the content of the received message to be displayed within the same inbox .

Besides being easy to use, it is very helpful for the user. On the other hand, do not forget that for better use of the preview it is important to synchronize the Google Chrome bookmarks between the mobile and your PC.

Where is the panel for this option activated?

The preview functions that we can find in the email services of Gmail and Outlook. They can be activated in a very simple and fast way , for this it will only be necessary that you follow the following instructions to the letter.

In Gmail

To activate the preview mode in Gmail it is necessary to install this function, so you must enter Google Labs to do it. Likewise, you must from the same inbox click on the Settings icon  that is located in the upper right part to display a menu.

In this menu you must select the option that says Settings, again several options will be broken down on the screen and there choose the one that says Labs that appears at the top. A tab will open showing different alternatives, you must choose the one that says Preview Panel by clicking on it to then hit the Enable button on the right side.

Then you have to go to the end of the Labs tab to click on the Save changes option. From that moment in the inbox you will notice that a new icon appears next to Settings which is Activate split panel mode . This option allows you to select how you want the preview mode to appear in Gmail.

When you click on the Divided Panel Mode icon, you must choose one of the three options that is most comfortable for you to use, such as:

  • No division: the preview pane does not appear in this option.
  • Vertical split: a panel will appear allowing you to view theselected message on the right side of the inbox.
  • Horizontal split: the preview pane will appear at the bottom of the inbox displaying the selected message.

At this point you will have the Gmail preview mode activated. On the other hand, it is also important to have the Gmail configuration ready as a mail client . Since it will allow you to have all the information you need directly on the desktop of your PC, without having to enter the web.

In outlook

In the case of Outlook, it is much easier to activate the preview  and the steps you must follow to do so are as follows. First you are going to go to the options tab found in the top menu.

And in our case you are going to select ‘View’ now go to the right and locate the option ‘Reading Pane’. This action will generate three options, but to activate it you will choose the option ‘Right’ or ‘Lower’ this depending on where you want the window to be displayed .

How to use the preview mode in Gmail?

To use the preview mode in Gmail you must select a message by clicking on it, it will automatically be displayed in the preview panel in the way you chose previously. Remember that if you use this option on your smartphone you must have the new version of Gmail on Android updated and activated .

After reviewing the first message, just by sliding the up and down arrows on the keyboard over them you can preview the content of each message. You don’t have to click on each message to open it individually.


What does ‘No preview available’ mean?

It is possible that when you want to open an email, it does not allow it and instead you receive a message indicating that ‘ There is no preview available ‘. And this may be due to the fact that you do not have a previewer for these types of files installed on your device or computer. Therefore, it will be necessary to make the necessary corrective or view the file directly from the browser.

How to disable the preview of emails?

As well as you can activate the preview of the emails in a very simple way both in Gmail and in Outlook. In the same simple way you can deactivate the preview of the emails and then we will tell you what are the steps you must follow.

In the case of Gmail you must do the following, enter Gmail then you must select the Settings option, you will get it in the upper right corner. Then choose the option ‘ See all settings ‘ now you must click on the ‘Received’ tab. Which is in the upper ribbon, now you must find and select the option ‘Reading Pane’.

Other options will be displayed and in our case in particular you will look for the option ‘Enable reading panel’. This must be checked and you only have to uncheck it so that the preview is deactivated . To finish you must click on the ‘Save changes’ option that is located at the bottom of the screen.

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