How to change the language of your Gmail email? – In any version

Email services such as Gmail have been essential to facilitate remote communication instantly , with tools to meet the needs of its users by allowing you to share text files, documents, videos, audio and use your Gmail mail offline. to the internet , all within a platform that can be customized for ease of use.

To have quick access no matter where you are, Gmail can be synchronized between devices for personal use, depending on the device, the mail configuration may vary. For this reason, here we will tell you how to change the language of your Gmail email in any version.

How to Change the Language of your Gmail Email? – In Any Version

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  1. What should you do to change the language of Gmail on your PC?
    1. From the browser
    2. In the HTML version
  2. How to change the language of Gmail from your cell phone?
    1. From an iPhone
    2. On an Android phone
  3. From where can you change the language of Gmail on a Tablet?
    1. On an Android tablet
    2. From your iPad

What should you do to change the language of Gmail on your PC?

The desktop version of Gmail is the most widely used version of these email services, as it has easy access to the rest of Google’s complementary tools to synchronize with them and the options to create folders and filters where you can save your emails, which Despite being available on other platforms, from the computer all the processes are faster.

Like the rest of the options to customize the platform, Gmail has several methods to change the language of the platform if you are using the version for computers. Next we will tell you the two main processes available to change the language of Gmail on your PC.


From the browser

  • Enter the Gmail websiteto log in with your email address, preferably enter from Google Chrome or a browser for personal use.
  • When your inbox has already opened, click on the gear iconthat appears in the upper right corner.
  • Then in the drop-down column with the configuration options, you must click on the ‘See all settings’ button.
  • Next, the general tab of the Gmail configuration menu will open, where you will see the ‘Language’ option at the top of the menunext to the drop-down list to select a new language.
  • After opening the Gmail language dropdown list and selecting a new one, go to the bottom of the menu to click the ‘Save Changes’ buttonto finish the process.

In the HTML version

If you are using the HTML version of Gmail so that the inbox can load faster, due to limitations with the speed of the internet to which you are connected, you can still change the language of the platform by clicking on the ‘Settings’ option that appears located in the upper toolbar in the right corner.

In this way you will enter the general Gmail configuration menu, where the first option to configure that you will have available will be Language > Show Gmail in this language and touch on the selected language, to open the list of available languages ​​and choose a new one . Finally, click the ‘Save changes’ button for the new settings to take effect.

How to change the language of Gmail from your cell phone?

Despite being a platform whose main access device is computers, the Gmail mobile application still has all the additional functions and configuration options of the PC version. Therefore, you can also change the language of Gmail from your cell phone, both iPhone and Android to personalize your email, just by applying the steps that we will explain below.


From an iPhone

  • On the home screen of your iPhone phone, enter the Settings menu and then select the General section.
  • Then you will enter a new options menu, in which you have to check the Language and region option > iPhone Languageand select a new language from the list of available options. Finally, click Done to save the changes made.

It is important to note that by making these changes to the iPhone settings, not only will the language of the Gmail platform change, but also that of the rest of the applications installed on the iPhone.



On an Android phone

First of all, the first thing you must do to be able to carry out this procedure is to update and activate the Gmail email on an Android cell phone , to be able to enter your account and have all the configuration options available. Once you have done this first step, you can continue with the following ones.

  • In your email inbox, select the three horizontal arrows iconat the top left.
  • Next, you will open a column with the Gmail navigation options, where you must locate the Configuration optionand tap on it to open it.
  • Now select the Language & input > Languageoption , and drag the language you want to apply to the top of the list to finish the process.

From where can you change the language of Gmail on a Tablet?

The Gmail application is factory-installed on most of the currently available Tablet models, and to suit the needs of its users, it is possible to change the Gmail language on both Android and iPad Tablet , as follows.

On an Android tablet

Despite being two completely different devices, the steps you need to follow to change the language of Gmail on an Android tablet are the same as on the Android mobile app since we are dealing with the same operating system. That is, you have to enter the Settings section and look for the Language and input option.

From your iPad

To change the language of Gmail on iPad, the process is the same as on an iPhone, where you must change the language of the device so that the changes are applied to Gmail. Therefore, you just have to follow the following route: Settings> General> Language and region> iPad language , and when finished, check the Done button.

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