What is the use of postponing an email in Gmail

Gmail is one of the most used emails today. Its success is given by the extra functions it contains for managing emails. Today we explain what the use of postponing an email in Gmail is for.

Email is the most widely used digital communication medium, especially at a professional level. In 2020, the number of global users using email communication amounted to 3,900 million and it is expected that in 2024 it will be 4,480 million in 2024.

One of the platforms that brings together many of these email users is Google’s Gmail . This application was launched in 2009 and currently leads the e-mail market ranking with more than 1.8 billion users worldwide.

Among the reasons for the success of the application are the innumerable functions it contains for managing information . In Gmail you can establish rules to organize emails, define the language, create folders or put the dark mode. In addition, there is the snooze function, one of the most interesting and unknown. Today we talk about it and show you what it is for to postpone an email in Gmail.

If you just received an email, but you don’t have time at the time you received it to pay attention to it, you can use the snooze function. The snooze function is automatic and what you do is that the mail arrives later , when you decide, so that you can read it calmly.

Postponing an email is much better than skimming it because it can happen that you forget that you received it and later receive others and thus be relegated on the list.


You already know what the purpose of postponing an email in Gmail is. If you are interested in the function, then we will show you how to postpone mail sent in Gmail, you just have to follow the steps that we show you below.

  • Open the Gmail application and enter the mail you want to postpone.
  • Click on the three dots that are seen in the upperright corner of the screen
  • Choose “Snooze” Then select the moment when you want the email to reach you again.
  • Among the options that it gives you is “Today later”, “Tomorrow”, “Next week” or choose the date and time.
  • Once you have chosen when you want it to arrive, that email will disappear and it will arrive again at the chosen time as if it were new at that time.

If what you need is to know how to postpone mail sent in Gmail from a computer, you just have to open the platform, choose the mail and then click on a clock-shaped icon on the right. Finally, choose a later date and time when you want to receive the email.

Remember that you can postpone more than one message at a time. You just have to select them and enter the menu and choose “Snooze”. You can also change your Gmail settings and customize the snooze option so that it works quickly by sliding messages from your message list to the right or left.


Now that you know what is the use of postponing an email in Gmail and how to postpone email sent in Gmail, you will need to know what happens if I postpone an email sent in Gmail.

When you postpone an email automatically what will happen is that it will disappear from the inbox. Don’t worry because that doesn’t mean it has been removed.

What happens is that it is transferred to a special postponed tray and is not visible . To see postponed emails you just have to open Gmail and click on the menu. Then choose “Postponed” and there you will see them.

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