Why does WhatsApp Web ask for the QR code again

Discover the new function by which WhatsApp Web asks for the QR code again.

WhatsApp Web is one of the versions of the messaging application that can be used from the computer or from any other device as long as it is from a browser. If you have recently tried to connect, you will see that it asks you for the QR again, today we will tell you why WhatsApp Web asks for the QR code again.

With two billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is the most used messaging app to communicate . India is the country with the most users of this application, in the US, on the contrary, they use Facebook Messenger more. Every day 100,000 million text messages are sent by WhatsApp and also audio notes, images or videos.

In addition to the application for mobile devices and tablets, WhatsApp also has WhatsApp Web the version for chatting from any internet browser. If you have recently tried to log in to this version of the browser, you may have noticed that you have to scan the QR code again to enter . Today we tell you why WhatsApp Web asks for the QR code again.

From the Meta PlatForms company to which it belongs, they continue to work on new functions so that users can improve their experience within the platform. Behind these new things that come is the reason why WhatsApp Web asks for the QR code again.

This novelty is why it asks you for the QR again is because once you scan it it will no longer be necessary to keep the mobile connected to the internet permanently, but you can have the mobile even turned off and you can communicate on WhatsApp Web without problem.

This new function is in beta phase and is available as long as the latest version of WhatsApp is updated and installed on the mobile device. It is a feature that allows you to use the platform on up to four paired devices and one phone, all at the same time. That is, you can log in on four computers or tablets, for example, but you cannot have this session on two mobiles at the same time.


You already know the reason why WhatsApp Web asks for the QR code again, but be careful if you are in this situation: I can’t see the WhatsApp Web QR code, what do I do? Next, we give you the solutions that you can apply.

If you have tried to log in, but you see that the QR code does not load, it may be because the internet connection has dropped. To solve it you must press F5 on your keyboard and reload the web page. After pressing, you will have to wait a few seconds and the QR code should appear on the screen. If it does not appear, check that you have an internet connection by trying to access any other web page.


As you have seen previously, WhatsApp Web is not without its problems. If you can not log in because your mobile does not read the QR code of WhatsApp Web, we propose some solutions that you can carry out.

Check that you have an internet connection on your mobile . It may not read the code to you because if there is no connection it will not be able to connect to the servers. If you do not connect to the servers, you will not be able to log into WhatsApp Web.

See if the problem can come from the mobile camera. For this reason, we suggest you close all open apps on your phone in case the camera has been blocked. You can do this by pressing the square button on the start menu on Android devices or from the multitasking Start button on iOS. Another solution that you can apply is to restart the mobile device and then enter WhatsApp Web.

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