How to share an email received in Gmail to a WhatsApp contact

Of the variety of email platforms that exist today, Gmail is one of the largest and most recognized worldwide, all thanks to its large number of features. For example, one of them is the possibility of sharing an email with a WhatsApp contact . How to do this will be explained below.

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  1. How to save an email from Gmail on my cell phone?
    1. Convert email to PDF
    2. Take screenshots of mail
  2. How to send Gmail email to a WhatsApp contact?
    1. Share the PDF or screenshots
    2. Copy and paste the content of the mail
  3. What other files can be sent via WhatsApp?

How to save an email from Gmail on my cell phone?

Although an email works like a message on any other platform, it will arrive directly in our inbox. However, unlike other platforms, saving emails on a cell phone is possible . Here are two methods that can be used to save it.

Convert email to PDF

The first way to save a Gmail email on mobile is by converting the message from the Gmail platform to a PDF file . To do this, you simply have to open the message in question. Then you have to click on the three points in the upper right corner and select the ‘Print’ option.

Clicking this option will open a window showing a preview of what the mail will look like if printed. Then what must be done is to change the action that we want to carry out in the upper right part; ‘Save as PDF’ must be selected. Then you just have to find the part of the device where it will be saved, and that’s it.

Take screenshots of mail

Although this is the most obvious method (so much so that many would discard it), the truth is that it is the most efficient and simplest. You simply have to search for the email in question and arrange it in such a way that you can see all the information you want to save. Then the method that our device has to take a screenshot is used.

Now, some people would like to be able to send an email message on WhatsApp . For this reason, more details will be discussed below: it will be explained whether it is possible to do so or not, and what procedure must be followed to send it.

How to send Gmail email to a WhatsApp contact?

Needless to say, it is not possible to directly forward an email from Gmail to WhatsApp. And this is not possible for two reasons: first, they are not part of the same platform, so they work differently. In addition, one works through a phone number, and the other through an email address.

However, it is possible to send a message from Gmail to WhatsApp using some alternative and external tricks to both applications. Two of them will be mentioned below, and exactly what to do to apply them will be explained.

Share the PDF or screenshots

The first way to do this is to convert the email to a PDF file and then send it to the WhatsApp contact in question. To do this, you will simply have to follow the procedure indicated above . In addition, another method that can work, and is simpler, is to take a screenshot of the email.

Copy and paste the content of the mail

Another way to be able to share the content of an email with a WhatsApp contact is to copy the content of the email and paste it into the person’s chat. Of course, this method is useful with emails that simply have text ; however, it becomes inefficient for emails that contain attachments.

Now, be that as it may, these methods are not that complicated to carry out, and they are also extremely efficient. For this reason it is highly recommended to use them. However, these are not the only files that can be sent using WhatsApp . Next, it will be said that other things can be sent by WhatsApp.

What other files can be sent via WhatsApp?

On the WhatsApp platform, whether in its web version or in the mobile application, it is possible to send more than simple PDF files or images such as screenshots. In this app you can find an option to attach files in chats, and if you open it you can send documents, audios and songs, locations and even contacts.


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