How to block a contact or an email from Gmail

Nowadays, having an email is as common as having a telephone number and a room address because it is essential for a large number of procedures, in addition to communication. In general, people try to use their emails to keep in touch with people as well as to be well informed.

How to Block a Contact or a Gmail Email From my Android

However, there are cases where we want to block a contact or email from Gmail since this is annoying for us, we do not want to receive their messages or we simply do not want to know anything about that person. Especially when it’s spam, that’s when we want to block an email address the most.

In this article we will explain how to block a contact or a Gmail email from an Android device , so that you can keep the peace in your inbox. We will also teach you how to know which accounts you have blocked in case you have forgotten.

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  1. How to block a contact or email from Gmail from Android?
  2. Remove all subscriptions from your Gmail email
  3. How do I know which contacts I have blocked?

How to block a contact or email from Gmail from Android?

The process to block a contact or Gmail email from Android is very simple, we must have the application installed . That way we can enter it to do what we want. If you want to know more about your Gmail account, you can check Google help to get more out of it .

  • We will start by entering Gmail from your Android device.
  • In the main inbox, or where the contact or email you want to delete is located, you will look for a message from the email you want to block.
  • You will click on it to enter the body of the message.
  • At the top of the menu you will find three points on which you will have to press.
  • A menu with a list will be displayed, you will look for the option “Block user name”and you will click on it.
  • And ready! The email address and the contact associated with it have been blocked from your Gmail account.

As you could see, it is a very easy process to do since it does not take much time . By blocking a contact automatically all messages from the contact that you have received will disappear. You can also free up storage space in your Gmail account without the need to delete emails.

Remove all subscriptions from your Gmail email

It is not a lie that many people are overwhelmed by receiving a large amount of unnecessary emails daily that fill their storage with junk. That is why they are looking for a way to avoid this forever, by unsubscribing. For them you must know how to cancel all subscriptions to your Gmail account .

In this way, you can avoid so much SPAM mail in addition to saving the time you would invest in dedicating yourself to blocking each email that sends them to you one by one.

Carrying out this process is not complicated and improves the visual quality of your email when reviewing it. In the same way, these emails consume storage that is limited in the case of Gmail, being able to take advantage of that space in more important things.

This is one of the main reasons why people seek to block contacts in Gmail, being able to eliminate the root problem by eliminating the subscriptions that the messages cause. However, when it comes to another personal contact, there is no other option but to block the contact .

How do I know which contacts I have blocked?

It may be the case that you have forgotten which email addresses you have blocked . But do not worry, because it is possible to know which users are restricted in your account, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • We will have to do this from a computer, where we will log into our Gmail account from the browser of your choice.
  • We will look for the “Settings”section .
  • We will click on the option “Filters and blocked addresses”.
  • Immediately, all blocked email addresses will appear in your Gmail account since you created it. Two lists will appear, one blocked by filter and others by the method previously explained.

Gmail is a message platform that has a wide variety of functionalities, in addition to being part of the Google group. The latter gives you great advantages when creating accounts in other applications . It is important that you have your account activated and configured that you can do it from your Android device without any problem, to keep your life in order.

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