How To Block A Contact On WhatsApp

WhatsApp has radically changed the way people connect to a point that can no longer be considered a simple messaging service. We are talking about an app that has grown to become a social network, one of the most popular. But not everything is rosy within the application. Stay until the end and learn how to block a contact on WhatsApp .

You can have contact with people who have their registered number, it is possible that an unwanted user may obtain it by other means; how to search for you in a general group directory or just spy on other networks. It can be very annoying, like anyone else who has your phone without your permission, so the best option is to block it.

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How to block a contact on WhatsApp?

Block A Person On WhatsApp

In this guide, we will teach you how to block a contact on WhatsApp. We are going to show you illustrations so that you can know all the steps to follow to make it easier for you. You are going to learn everything about this function of the app, how to do it temporarily and forever. We will also teach you how to block an annoying user in your groups and how to do it without that person knowing.

WhatsApp is such a versatile application that it can be used on both Android and iOS. Therefore, in this guide, we will teach you how to block a contact on WhatsApp from a mobile with Android or iOS system.

Lock or unlock from Android

You can execute this strategy on any contact to refrain from receiving calls, messages and even updates on their status. First of all, we will tell you how do you block someone that is saved in your directory or agenda?

  1. You must open the app and go to the “Settings” or Settings section.
  2. Then you have to touch where it says ” account” and in that section you will go to the ” Privacy” section then to ” blocked contacts “.
  3. You must click on the icon to add a contact and finally you have to choose the contact you want to block.

Choose the contact you want to block

Here we show you how to do it manually from the privacy of the cell phone, although it has another way of doing it that improves the procedure much more. To do this, you must do the following:

  1. Open your chat with the contact you want to block.
  2. Then go to the other person’s profile and scroll down until you see the ” Block” option . You just have to make a touch and you’re done, the contact will be blocked automatically.

Go to the “Block” option

For how to block a contact on WhatsApp, simply do the same process and choose the previously selected contact that should appear on your blocked list. You can also enter a contact profile and check the Unblock option that appears after scrolling down.

Block iPhone contacts

Since you know how to block a contact on WhatsApp from Android, it’s time to continue. If you have an iPhone in your case, the process is practically the same. We will show you the following:

  1. Open the app. Click on the ” Settings” button at the bottom right of your iPhone mobile.
  2. Access ” Account – Privacy” and then touch the ” Blocked ” option .
  3. Later, in the ” Add new” option, your contact list will be expanded.
  4. In this list you will have to find the contact you want, you cannot contact yourself for this application and touch it to activate the option.

Open the app and click on the “Settings” button

As it happens in Android, in iOS you can simplify the process that we have just shown you. To do this, you just have to do the following:

  1. Enter the contact chat you want to restrict and then the user’s profile.
  2. Scroll down until you see the ” Block” option , which will send to the contact you want to touch on the unwanted list.

Go to the “Block” option

How to do it temporarily?

There is no program that allows you to control the blocking of one of your contacts to make it more or less prolonged. If you want to unblock someone you have already blocked, you just have to make them leave your list of blocked people on WhatsApp.

You just have to follow the steps already established in the previous point and thus proceed to unlock it manually. Thus, you yourself decide the time in which you are going to have this person, limited.

How to do this without the other person finding out?

There is still no WhatsApp update to notify you if a contact has blocked you (so far). In this way, you can have total freedom and confidence to be able to do it with any contact, and they will never find out. If it is true that there are certain ” indicators ” that can give you the idea that you have blocked them.

These are the most important indicators:

  1. You will no longer be able to see the time of your last connection.
  2. They won’t be able to see your profile picture.
  3. It only shows “a popcorn” or a Check when you send it a text message.
  4. This contact will not be able to call you through this app.

If a person is alert and begins to notice these aspects, they might suspect that they are blocked. However, it is impossible to know 100% if it was blocked, and can be limited only to suspicion. This is because there are other situations in which such indicators can be observed. One of them is theft. Here it is convenient to send the device to be blocked.

In this case, the indicators will also be visible. Also, there is the possibility of losing the device . These 2 factors will make a person suspicious, but they cannot know if they are really 100% blocked.

What happens when you block a WhatsApp contact?

Blocking a contact on WhatsApp is easy, but what happens next? Regardless of the operating system that your smartphone or tablet has, there are 3 points to consider, which we will show you below.

  1. You will not receive messages, calls or status updates from a blocked contact and they will not appear on your phone.
  2. Your online connection information, the last time, your status updates and changes to your profile will no longer be visible.
  3. When you block someone from your Wassap, the number will continue to appear in your contact list. Your number will also appear on the other person’s phone book.

How to block a contact on WhatsApp in a group?

You can also find the option to create a WhatsApp group either with your friends or with any other group of known people or relatives. However, it is possible that there is a person who you do not want to have access to your data, who perhaps you do not want to see anything of them or who is simply an annoying person that you want to remove from their contacts.

Well, this process is something different from the previous ones. Although you should not worry, here we show you how to do it quickly and effectively.

Limit a contact within a group from an iPhone

The iPhone device is a very fussy terminal with the security of the users, so it does everything possible to make people feel comfortable. That is why you can block a contact on WhatsApp who is in a group easily. The steps are:

  1. Open the application and enter the group that contains the person you want to block.
  2. Choose “Group Information“. And go down to the section where the list of members is.

Group info

  1. You must select the person who will send you to a private chat.
  2. Then go to the user profile login and unsubscribe until you find the lock option. This completes the job.

Choose the lock option

Block person from a group from my Android device

As with the iPhone, on the Android system, you can delete the most annoying contacts from your groups in the app so that you can only interact with the users you like in the most effective way possible.

  1. Open the app, of course.
  2. Enter the group that contains the person you want to block
  3. Click on the 3 dots at the top and choose “Group Information.”

Choose the option “Group information”

  1. Go to the participant list.
  2. Find the person you want to block.
  3. Choose ” View Profile” and go to the red section labeled ” Block .” You touch this option and that’s it.

Go to the red section “Block”

What happens when you block a contact from the group?

After blocking a contact from a group, you will just no longer see what they are sharing in this group . Not forgetting all the other functions described above when you block a common person.

How do I know if a WhatsApp contact has blocked me?

Before continuing, we need to clarify the next point. This information is very inaccurate as these are all indicators. The person may have changed their privacy settings or are experiencing device or signal issues.

The reality is that it is impossible to know if someone has blocked you with complete security. However, some signs of this can be:

  1. You can no longer observe the time of your last connection.
  2. You don’t see the user’s profile photo.
  3. You only see ” popcorn” or a received picture p Check when you send a message.
  4. You cannot call this contact.

Done, now there is no need to mute your group of friends. And you have learned how to block a contact on WhatsApp. This measure will be very effective for you, so you will be able to avoid annoying messages from the person that bothers you so much, or from those that you know are not the right ones for you, and therefore you will be able to be calmer.

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