How to turn on and off the screen of my Android mobile

Sometimes unpleasant accidents occur to our mobile device, which leads us to seek methods and solutions to solve our accidents; For example, the physical button to lock or turn off the screen was damaged.

This is quite uncomfortable so we need a solution to this problem, we have seen that there are virtual keyboards that float on the touch screen. This example is the answer to our problem with the physical off button.

How to Turn On and Off the Screen of my Android Mobile without using the Button

We are only looking for an application that is responsible for turning off our screen with a floating button inside it; clearly we can also wait for a certain time and it turns off by itself, it should only be configured from the settings-screen section of our device.

Here in discover how to do it we will show you the best application to lock or turn off the screen in the latest version of the Play Store , we have selected the TOP 1 in order to meet the needs of all types of users.

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  1. How to turn off Android screen with apps
  2. How to turn off Android screen without apps

How to turn off Android screen with apps

There are overlay or floating window applications that allow us to perform activities on top of others, that is, we can see a small floating icon that is responsible for performing an action while we are executing other tasks.

On this occasion, if you do not have a physical button to turn off your mobile screen, we will show you an APP that takes care of the same function but with a floating Widget-type button.

Turn off the screen: It is also the name of the APP and as its name indicates, it is to turn off the screen, just go to the Play Store and write its name, proceed to download and then install, after that you look for the icon in your application drawer and you open it.

This tool is perfect since it is simple and direct, you only open it and you will be able to see a shutdown button that when pressed will immediately turn off the screen of our Android device with a touch . It’s that simple, and if you want to delete it, you just have to deactivate it and then if you can proceed to uninstall it.

Lock Screen / Screen Lock / Screen Off: With more than 4.5 stars comes this APP that also serves to turn off the screen of your cell phone; create a floating button as we have already explained, it can also be configured to turn off the screen directly without having to enter any interface.

Most users tend to choose this APP since it works more directly and does not have as much weight as the others; You just have to press the icon of the application and that will be enough, this APP is uninstalled in the same way as all.

Screen Lock (Screen Off): Chosen for its ability to lock the screen in two different ways; one directly and the other with a time of 4 seconds; This in addition to solving our problem of the lack of a physical button also helps us to preserve the useful life of the same.

How to turn off Android screen without apps

In all devices you can turn off the screen without any type of applications, it is only a matter of configuring, so that this happens; the only thing is that you must wait a certain time, normally the minimum expected time is 10 seconds, if you wish you can modify this time at your convenience.

Several high-end phones have the ability to configure in the accessibility section the function to turn off the screen according to the light sensor. You just have to put it in your pocket and it will automatically turn off the screen; you should keep in mind that all these screen lock options should be temporary.

Since you must always have the physical shutdown button because in addition to all the Apps, these cannot be used to enter the recovery mode , there are also other methods of entering the recovery mode without buttons but nothing is more comfortable than doing it with their respective physical button.

For this reason, we recommend that all these ways be temporary, while you solve the problems of the physical button to turn off the screen. Successes!

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