How to turn off screen echo show

There are so many reasons why it would be preferable to turn off the screen when the Amazon echo is not in use. Did you know that your Amazon Echo consumes around 2 Watts even when you are away from home and not using it? This is because the display, the network connection and the other peripherals are always active. Wouldn’t it be better if the screen turns off automatically when you’re not using the Amazon echo? so How to turn off screen echo show ? In this guide I will explain everything to you.

I tell you right away that, despite the numerous requests from users to developers, there is still no function on echo show to turn off the screen when not in use. According to Amazon, in fact, the Amazon Echo devices are designed to be always on. In fact, the echo, save a different configuration, adapt the brightness of your screen to the ambient light up to reduce the brightness to a minimum when it is dark. However this is a big flaw for those who pay attention to consumption and do not want to waste electricity. We are increasingly attentive to energy consumption and we certainly cannot ignore 2 constant watts of consumption.

I propose two different solutions; in one solution you will have to be the one to turn off the screen from time to time and in the other solution you will plan everything


  • How to turn off echo show screen manually
  • How to turn off echo show screen automatically

How to turn off echo show screen manually

To turn off the echo show screen, just say

” Alexa turn off screen ”

The screen will automatically turn off and only turn on again when you use the device again. However, in some devices this solution does not work (the screen turns on again after a few seconds) and to solve the problem it is necessary to reset the device.

If you want to disable notifications too, you can say

” Alexa do not disturb ”

In this case, in addition to turning off the screen on echo show, all notifications and Drop In calls will be disabled.

You can also set the do not disturb mode from the display (but I think it is less practical as a solution), by swiping down at the top of the screen and clicking on the do not disturb icon (the moon icon)

Currently this feature does not allow you to turn off the echo show 5 screen, this should be resolved with the next update .

How to turn off echo show screen automatically

As I told you there is still no feature that turns off the screen when you are not using your echo show.

The only remedy you have is to schedule do not disturb mode during the times of the day when you are not using your echo show.

To do this, open the Alexa app from your mobile and click on devices (bottom right) select Echo and Alexa

click on the name of your echo show. Scroll down and click Do Not Disturb . Enable the Do Not Disturb voice and enable the Scheduled voice Set the start (Start field) and end (end field) time of the do not disturb mode.

setting do not disturb alexa

At this point your echo show is set to enter do not disturb mode at the selected times and the screen will automatically turn off.

If you don’t like both of the solutions I have proposed to you then you should connect the socket of your echo to a plug with a timer or a smart socket that you will program to switch on and off at a certain time. Like all electronic devices it is not recommended to unplug the electrical socket while the device is in operation so I do not feel like suggesting this last mode, however if you have decided that you want to opt for this choice then I recommend this socket that for me it is currently the best on the market as well as being very cheap

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