How to free up space in Gmail

As we all know, Gmail is the Google service for storing emails, it is the most used worldwide, we can say that it is very difficult to find someone who does not have a Gmail email, a perfect service for organized people who live updating their email daily. .

Either for work reasons or to stay active in communication, these people find it easy to have space since they can delete unwanted emails, also configure automatic responses , they even synchronize mobile contacts to Gmail.

How to Free up Storage Space in my Gmail Account without Deleting Emails

But if you are not one of these people and you enter your email from time to time it is possible that on one occasion you will find yourself with the surprise that your inbox is full , the normal action is to start deleting the emails although this causes accidents, for example you delete an important email.

Although you can learn to restore deleted emails this is not the solution to free up space, we will teach you how to free up storage space in your Gmail account without deleting emails, discover how to do it.

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  1. Is it possible to free up space in Gmail without deleting emails?
  2. How to free up space in Gmail without deleting emails definitive solution
  3. How to universally free up space in Gmail

Is it possible to free up space in Gmail without deleting emails?

One information that you may not know is that Gmail, being a Google service, has its shared space, this means that the Google account only offers us 15 GB of storage and this is divided into the services of Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos. Likewise, this information is then known, you only proceed in the following way.

How to free up space in Gmail without deleting emails definitive solution

After having obtained the information and the Tips, then you will understand that if your Gmail account is full, it is possibly because you used the 15 GB, you simply proceed to delete large or heavy files from the other services that are commonly covering this space.

Normally our cell phone when taking pictures and recording videos is possible that it synchronizes them with Google Photos this depending on the model of our Mobile, just check and make sure to clear this section to free up space in our mail without deleting our important emails.

The same with Google Drive, obviously the videos are the ones that occupy the most spaces, so we recommend that you download the videos to the PC from Google Drive , the ones of your choice with the same purpose of making space in the other services, in this case Gmail.

Another somewhat orthodox way to free up space in your Gmail account without deleting emails is to make a backup, that is, downloading the emails to your PC or wherever you like, it is a bit complicated since you have to do it one by one.

You proceed to choose the emails with a lot of space or more important, then you enter the email / message and in the upper left you will see 3 points (more) and a list of options will be immediately displayed from which you obviously choose “Download Message” .

These are downloaded in a file type “eml” that if you have Windows 10 on your PC, it will simply open it directly from one of its mail programs, obviously you must add your Google account if you do not have it added.

If you do not have the program or if you have another Windows, don’t worry, there are many ways to open an “eml” file either with Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird, you can even use Online converters that transform this type of file into PDF .

How to  free up space in Gmail

This is very simple, just locate the emails with the largest space and delete them, currently Gmail gives us the option to group by Categories (Main, Social and Promotions), if we enter social you may have many unnecessary emails from social networks that you can delete with all confidence and the best you can select and delete them all at the same time.

Like the Spam and Promotions tray, we commonly find advertising emails or from a page that we are registered but nothing important and as our purpose is to free space we simply proceed to delete all these emails to solve our problem. Successes!

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