How to see the FPS in Counter Strike Golbal Offensive (CSGO)

Few know what the FPS are in an Online game but no more because we will explain what it is about, the Acronyms FPS mean Frames per second which in Spanish would be frames per second this indicates the speed of images that are shown per second.

That is to say, what we all know from LAG, is the big problem for many but to play Counter Strike Golbal Offensivea like a professional, solving this is the number 1 priority before playing.

How to View or Where the FPS are Displayed in Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO)

You should know that the recommended amount for Counter Strike GO is more than 60fps , it is even perfect in any type of online game , obviously each of the games has different ways to show the FPS, some do not even have the way, therefore third-party applications are used for this purpose.

Luckily for us in the same Counter Strike Golbal Offensive offers us the way to find out our frame rate just with a command in the developer’s console discover how to do it.

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  3. How to stop seeing the FPS in Counter Strike Golbal Offensive

How to see the FPS in Counter Strike Golbal Offensive (CSGO)

Most of the users who know the Counter Strike have memory of a console to execute commands this time it is no different since the Golbal Offensive also has one.

To activate the console, just go to the settings gear drawing , and select the label ” game ” and it will show the activate developer console box, which you must place ” YES “, with this it will be activated.

But to show it in the game you must assign a key, for this go to the ” Keyboard / Mouse ” section then look for where it says ” Interface keys “, and we assign a key for the use of the console, we recommend one that is easy to access, your you choose the strategic location.

Commands to show the FPS in Counter Strike Golbal Offensive

Already activated and with the possibility of showing the developer’s console, you start a section and press the key assigned by you to make the console appear, then we begin to write the following commands to show the FPS on the screen.

cl_showfps 1: It shows us the FPS at the top of the screen

net_graph 1 : With this command the FPS will appear at the bottom with another series of data such as the amount of data lost and the ping of the game in milliseconds.

In an analysis, the net_graph command is more recommended to users since it shows other information and is easier to memorize depending on the study, you can also change the location of the data shown with the net_graphheight (number) command, keep in mind that the higher the number, the higher it will be on the screen.

You customize the location how high or low and if you want to put it aside, the command would be net_graphpos (number) in this case the higher the number the data will go further to the right.

You can even change the font of the data shown, you choose if it is large or small with the command net_graphproportionalfont plus the number 1 if it is a large font and the one with the number 0 to show it small.

How to stop seeing the FPS in Counter Strike Golbal Offensive

This is extremely easy, just change the value from 1 to 0 , according to the command you used to display the FPS. For example: if you used the command cl_showfps 1 to show then to not show it would be cl_showfps 0, also with the recommended command and that’s it.

Since you learned everything related to FPS and how they affect Counter Strike GO, we give you some tips if your FPS are failing so that you can better enjoy the game

First measure the speed of your internet and if you have very low FPS it decreases the graphics quality so more images will be shown per second which means less lag, even if you play on PS4 and finally we leave you a list of commands that increase performance .

  • rate “128000”
  • cl_cmdrate “128”
  • cl_updaterate “128”
  • cl_interp “0”
  • cl_interp_ratio “1”
  • cl_lagcompensation “1”

These are the commands recommended by professionals in order to improve performance. Enjoy!

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