How to free up space from my cell phone’s internal storage

In our mobile phone we accumulate many times as we do it many times in our homes, we accumulate photos, videos, chats, documents, audios, music. Of which many we do not use or do not really need. In other cases it may happen that our cell phone memory is really low and is not enough for what we need.

Another thing for which our memory fills up in many cases is that it brings many applications from the factory, when we buy a mobile it brings default applications in the internal memory and they take up a lot of space and do not always let us get out of them the same system.

In the same way, sometimes when we open web pages from our mobile it can create errors or folders that somehow we do not even know where they are stored on our mobile and for many reasons it accumulates space that we really need on our mobile.

That is why today we bring you some tricks to free up the memory of your device and you can continue using your favorite applications. Read on for all these details and more.

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  1. Why does my phone say memory full without having anything?
    1. Very small internal memory of the mobile
    2. Default apps that take up space
    3. Has a virus that fills the memory of the cell phone
  2. How to free up internal storage space on Android and iPhone
    1. Clear cache and download
    2. Free up RAM memory space
    3. Disable default apps you don’t use and their updates
  3. Use Lite or Web Apps
    1. Save your files on the PC
    2. Disable automatic file download on WhatsApp
    3. Move apps to SD card
    4. Do a factory reset
  4. How to free up space on my cell phone without deleting anything?
    1. Use the SD card as internal storage

Why does my phone say memory full without having anything?

It is important that you do not rule out that your phone may have some falsification, that somehow the numbers that your storage says are not the ones that your mobile originally has, to be able to verify it you must go to settings and in storage you will really know its capacity .

If after clearing your cache memory it still tells you that you don’t have space, you can check manually. This can be done through a PC only there you will be able to see what you have saved on your device and so you can copy and paste on the PC and leave files so as not to lose them. It would only be a small backup to help you free up space.

Another solution, but a bit more radical, is to restore your device from the factory , thus eliminating all but all the errors that your mobile may have. You should do this by making sure that your phone does not have any counterfeits and that you have done the other steps above.

Very small internal memory of the mobile

This problem also usually happens when we have a low capacity internal memory on our mobile device, which will restrict the free operation of internal apps.

In turn, they generate a slowdown because the executions of the internal commands deserve some space to be able to function. These kinds of limitations cover degrees of aspects of all kinds; from email synchronization, to the ability to back up cached files .

Default apps that take up space

This could be another reason why we don’t have enough storage on our mobile device. Even so, without having a considerable number of applications in it, but even more so if we have them as default, an example of the applications that consume the most storage are, Google Chrome and YouTube, which of course are already integrated with the device and It is not possible to eliminate them in some cases, but in other scenarios it is possible to do so. To eliminate applications of this type we only have to:

  • Click on the application that we want to delete or eliminate, for a few seconds. Then we have to click on “uninstall”.

It is possible that when you press and hold on the application, the option to uninstall does not appear. In this case, what we must do is another series of steps to access this section:

  • Click on “Settings” and then on the “Applications” section. We look for the one we want to remove, and finally click on the “uninstall application” option.

In the same way, we could point out the applications of social networks and messaging such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. These, due to their great daily use, consume a lot of storage space, which could be compared to that used by the determined ones. Both the internal and external memory of the mobile device. Which consequently not only limits the storage capacities but also slows down the phone due to its large data consumption.

Has a virus that fills the memory of the cell phone

Unfortunately the world of electronic devices is plagued with viruses and malware that negatively affect operating systems. So it is not surprising that some viruses saturate the storage of the device. Which consequently decreases the memory capacities of your cell phone.

If this is your case, and the problem of storage continues; despite having cleaned applications and files on your device. It is wise to inspect your device with antivirus. To rule out that it is a condition of this type.

To get rid of the virus you can use an antivirus application. Some devices have applications of this type previously integrated into their systems. If this is not your case, try downloading an application of this type. Once the inspection is done, the antivirus application will take care of removing the harmful virus from your device’s system.

Now, if you don’t want to integrate an application of this type. You can perform system inspection of your phone from your computer. To do this, connect the mobile device to the PC via USB and carry out a debugging using your computer’s antivirus. On the other hand, you can also try to factory reset your phone to remove the virus that saturates the storage space.

Keep in mind, that in any case, if you think that your device contains malware of this type . You can take the phone to technical service if you don’t want to do the procedure yourself.

How to free up internal storage space on Android and iPhone

There are several ways to perform the function related to freeing up space or storage on our mobile device, the difference between doing it between iPhone and Android are the steps to follow to achieve delete the files that take up more space than appropriate on the phone, thus leading to that the device has a greater capacity and of course a considerable speed at the time of its use with applications and other functions within it.

The method you decide to use will depend on what you want to delete within the mobile, that is, the amount of unnecessary files that we have, or failing that, the applications that you do not use and occupy most of the memory.

Clear cache and download

The main thing is to know what cache memory really is and this is a fast memory and there is any device, but it can accumulate more than you think. In the short term, it is storing, but what happens later is that the information is transferred to the internal memory and it is filling up more and more.

What this memory really stores is data or instructions from applications or websites that you go back to and in some way saves this information, in some way it is how you get a copy of sites that you visit from different platforms for that reason clear the cache memory you It can help your phone free up memory space .

In any device it is important to clear the cache to free up space, this will make you know or get better performance on your mobile when you need space. It is always a concern because there may come a time that the phone is saturated for that reason you must free up internal storage space on Android.

When we erase the cache and the files that we have previously downloaded, we manage to free up a considerable space inside our mobile, this being a good strategy to achieve it, the steps to follow to do it in a very fast and simple way, these also vary from According to the version of Android you have, but usually these steps are the following:

  • First, we must enter the “settings” option on our device.
  • Next, we search among the various options that we find and select the option that indicates “storage”.
  • Once this is done, the option to enter “data stored in the cache” will appear.
  • So, click on the “accept” option, by pressing there, the downloaded files will be deleted and of course those unnecessary cache filesthat have to do with applications and other functions.

There are also applications to delete the cache and downloads , but they are not so recommended since they do not perform the function well when performing the procedure, leaving some files to be deleted, and in the end we would have to do it manually, in the same way, It would not be worth downloading an app to clear cache as it also takes up storage space on the phone and would limit its use. So, to delete the cache and download memory on an iPhone device, what we must do is the following:

  • As the main step we must enter the “settings” option on our mobile with iOS operating system.
  • After that, we enter the section that indicates “security and privacy”.
  • After doing the previous step, we must click on “delete the history and data of the websites”.
  • And finally, we click on the option that appears as “confirm”, in order to complete this process.

Free up RAM memory space

The role of this memory is to help keep the applications we use ready, so the phone is easily mobilized with this memory. Best of all, with a good speed he is able to mobilize everything in the best possible way. But what happens when this RAM is not enough , the phone will not run the applications the best way.

One way to free up the space on your phone is by increasing and freeing the RAM memory of your Android cell phone, for a better performance this would be one of the options . We always use many apps at the same time or we use our mobile a lot, but if it is saturated by so much information, it would be best to free this memory.

If you want to make your mobile faster you can do it in two ways, with root or without root or you can stop apps that consume a lot of RAM memory , they are technical aspects that consume our memory and that when the phone is released, its speed increases. This is very common if we use many applications and it does not require many steps to release them.

Disable default apps you don’t use and their updates

It is one of the strategies to free up space on a mobile that users use, which is why it generates a great final result, to do so we only have to comply with the following steps in terms of deactivation:

  • We go to the “settings” option on our phone.
  • After that, we must look for the section that indicates where the “applications” are in total.
  • In this case, we look for and select the application that we want to deactivate, once chosen, click on it and click on “disable the application”.

In this way, we will have done the process of deactivating those default applications and those that do not.

In the case of deactivating the updates of these applications, we must comply with another process or step to do it, in this way:

  • First, we must access “Play Store” on our mobile device.
  • Next we are located in the upper left part, or depending on the version it will be located in the upper right part, we look for an icon with “three horizontal stripes” and we press there.
  • Once this is done, we will be within the “Play Store” settings.
  • To finish, we must click on the option “do not update applications automatically”.

By doing this, we will prevent an update of any application that we do not want from being downloaded at any time Then there would be manual permission to carry out the updates that are really necessary. At the times that we consider appropriate to do so.

Use Lite or Web Apps

One of the many ways to reduce the consumption of storage space on our device is to purchase Lite applications. Lite applications are those that have a very basic user interface. These do not have very elaborate animations and the functions they include are the essential ones; so that the user can enjoy these applications without limitations.

Lite apps comprise a domain that is essentially based on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, to name a few. Therefore, if you integrate an application of this type to your device, you will reduce the consumption of storage space. As well as the amount of cache data, which these types of applications usually download to your device.

Save your files on the PC

Making a backup of the files you store on your device is a very effective option when it comes to freeing up space. Even without the need to permanently delete any data from the device. One way to make a backup is to use the PC to transfer some data from the device to the computer’s storage.

To do this, connect your device using a USB cable to the PC and transfer the files or elements that you consider to take up the most storage on your mobile.

Please note that you can only transfer files such as music, videos, photos, images, and documents. Files such as application data or internal device data cannot be transferred for backup.

Disable automatic file download on WhatsApp

Having this option is essential to download only the files that you consider really necessary on your device. In order to avoid junk file downloads that take place in the background. To be able to deactivate this function is very simple, we only have to:

  • As a first step we must enter the “WhatsApp” application, this is the case.
  • Then we are located in the upper right part, and click on the “three points” that appear together.
  • Once there, we click on “storage and data”.
  • Next, click on “download with mobile data” or “download with WiFi”.
  • This is where we select and deselect the files that we do not want to be automatically downloaded to our mobile device.

So, we will have already configured the downloads and now only the ones that we have selected will be made, this prevents the phone from slowing down and of course favors the fact of obtaining a better capacity and speed.

Move apps to SD card

Most of the device’s storage is occupied by application data . Device developers are no stranger to the need to optimize the flow of data between storage terminals. So it is possible to move the essential files of the applications to a different one without fear that the application will not work well.

So, to be able to move the applications to the SD card of your device , you must go to the ‘Settings’ of the phone. Once there, you must select the ‘Applications’ section and then enter the particular application that you want to move to the card. Now, among the available options, you must identify and select the one for ‘Storage’. Subsequently, select the option of ‘Change’ and then ‘SD card’.

On the other hand, not all the applications stored in the device can be moved to the SD card of the same. Applications that were originally integrated into the device usually do not have the option to change the storage location.

However, most third-party applications that are downloaded from the application store have this option. So it will depend in particular on the application you want to move to the SD card.

Do a factory reset

This method may be the most drastic of all, but at the same time, it is the most efficient. Carrying out a factory reset on your phone will erase anything external to the initial functions of the device ; that may be cluttering your phone’s storage.

However, keep in mind that it is wise to back up items that you don’t want to completely remove from your phone. Since the applications you have downloaded, as well as any files, browsing data or your accounts, will be deleted.

If you have an Android device, you must access its ‘Settings’ and then the ‘System’ option. Later, go to the section identified as ‘Recovery options’ and then select the option to ‘Delete all data’. Finally you will only have to confirm the action of ‘Reset phone’ to get a factory reset on your Android.

If you are going to restore the factory settings of an iPhone you must enter the ‘Settings’ section. Then in the ‘General’ section you will have to select the ‘Reset’ option and choose one of the restoration options that you consider best.

You can choose between ‘Reset network settings’ and ‘Reset all settings’. In the first case, only the data of your accounts and browsing history will be deleted ; as well as the websites marked as favorites. The second option will allow you to erase all the data stored on the device since it began to be used.

How to free up space on my cell phone without deleting anything?

The best way to achieve this is to make a backup of the different files that you have on your device. You can use a computer, an external device such as an SD card, or an online storage service to store the files .

Online storage services are usually a fairly efficient option. However, they have a limited capacity of the space that they give to users to load the content of their devices. On the other hand, they also have the possibility of increasing the storage space available on these sites ; with paying a certain additional cost.

The Google Drive and Photos platforms, iCloud for iOS users and also Xiaomi Cloud for Xiaomi users; They are sites that allow you to store this type of data. This is an option to erase certain data from your device and not delete it permanently ; while freeing up storage space on your phone.

Use the SD card as internal storage

In the same way that you can move applications to the SD card, you can also set it as an internal storage device . In this way, you can increase the capacity of the device to store the information. To do this, we must do the following:

  • First of all we must enter the SD card into our mobile device, or if we already have it then we must enter configuration.
  • And once there, we select the option that tells us “use as internal storage.”

From this method already carried out, files such as images, music, applications and other things that are new to the mobile will be saved quickly and automatically on the SD card


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