How to send an email from Gmail to WhatsApp

In this article we will teach you how to send an email or email from Gmail to WhatsApp in a simple and fast way to share any information from your emails through the instant messaging platform in a few minutes with any WhatsApp users . Since it is an option that is done more frequently every day and you must know how to execute it.

How to Send or Forward an Email or E-mail from Gmail to WhatsApp

Today we find that WhatsApp has become par excellence one of the most used applications on our mobile devices that is used daily even in a work group or with friends and thus becomes a vital tool in the communication of this year 2020 and we must get the most out of it.

Emails today have been a bit displaced by the different messaging services that exist. However, this does not mean that they have been totally discontinued. What happens is that now they are no longer the only method of sending messages through the web.

However, emails are still used to make registrations on many web pages as well as on social networks. Therefore, it is the space where these pages or networks communicate with users. In the same way, emails are the platforms through which students and teachers maintain communication and file shipments.

Despite this, sometimes it is necessary to send these files by WhatsApp . Therefore, we must pass the messages that we have in the email to this messaging service.

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  1. Can you forward mail from Gmail to WhatsApp?
  2. How to send a document from my Gmail email to my WhatsApp
    1. Forward a pdf from Gmail to WhatsApp
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Can you forward mail from Gmail to WhatsApp?

You cannot send an email from Gmail to WhatsApp directly , as they are not the same company or application. Similarly, WhatsApp works with phone numbers while emails work with an email address. Therefore there is no support for sending messages directly.

However, there are methods you can use to help you send an email from Gmail to WhatsApp. In this way, you can have the information stored on two different platforms and you can send it more easily through the messaging service.

How to send a document from my Gmail email to my WhatsApp

The first thing you should know is that most of the time, when you send messages by mail, Word files are sent. Therefore it is recommended to convert the file so that when it is sent, it can be read as a PDF.

Similarly, even if you do not send a file to a recipient, the conversations must also be transformed to a PDF file. Since in this way, it is possible to export the conversations made in Gmail to the WhatsApp messaging service.

Forward a pdf from Gmail to WhatsApp

What remains in this great process is to download the file that you have converted into a PDF and save it in memory. These processes can be done from a mobile phone, a laptop or from a computer.

  1. Making a pdf of the file or conversation that you have sent in Gmail is very simple. To begin we must openour messaging client Gmail and look for the mail that we need to share.
  2. From there we must select the option that appears in the upper right corner of the screen. It is here where we will see an icon “3 vertical dots” and there a new menu willbe displayed .
  3. Where we will click on the “Print” option and a new window will open that allows us to see a preview of the email. So that at the top it will let us change the action to perform with this, we will click on “Save as PDF”.
  4. When we enter with this option we must click on the blue round button that will allow us to save the mail as a .PDF fileon our mobile device.
  5. We must choose in which part of the device to save the new PDF file.
  6. Once it is ready we must enter WhatsApp and go to the chat with the user that we must share the file.
  7. We will click on the “Share”option that is in the WhatsApp text box and select the “Documents” option .
  8. There, in the new window that WhatsApp opens, we must select the file that we will share with this user. To later find the path where you saved the PDF file to be able to share.
  9. Once selected you must click on “Send”and it will be sent to the user in question.

To do this procedure on a computer, you must have the WhatsApp web option open To open it, you just have to copy WhatsApp web in the computer’s browser and this will take you to the page.

If you had not opened WhatsApp before by this method, you have to scan a QR code from your phone. For this, in the WhatsApp mobile application on your phone, you look for the WhatsApp web section in the options. In this part, the phone is going to go into scanner mode and you must put it in front of the code that the computer should be dialing you.

Once this is done, the chats are opened in the same way that you have them on the phone. Therefore you must find the person you want to send the email to.


  • The files that you save in PDF from Gmail you can share them via Bluetooth, send it to a Pen Drive, Email or another messaging client without problems, this is not necessarily something exclusive to WhatsApp.
  • You can copy the content of your email and share it directly on your WhatsApp by pasting the content that you saved on the clipboard of your mobile device.
  • To perform the same method but with web pages it is also possible, but you must use a browser such as Chrome or Opera where you can also download the web page in PDF formatand thus share it in different messages if necessary.
  • Also take into account that what is attached to your email will not be copied within the PDF file, you must download the attached file and send it also so that the user to whom you share the information can view it.

With these simple steps you can learn to share your emails very easily and thus make it easier for you to share your important data with other users, you only have to take a few minutes to download a file in a compatible format so that the user can view it without major inconveniences. .

Forward a conversation from the mail to WhatsApp

To send an email from Gmail to WhatsApp or forward a conversation, you just have to copy and paste . In this sense, you have to go to the email and look for the conversation you want to forward through WhatsApp. After this, you must drag the cursor and select the entire conversation that you are going to send, if you are on the phone you just have to press and hold the screen.

After this you need to click copy on phone or dial control plus letter c for computers. At this moment you already have the conversation copied so now you must go to the WhatsApp messaging application.

There you must look for the person to whom you are going to send the message and press the letter v to paste it on the computer. On the phone you just have to hold down the screen and click paste when the button appears.

Another way to forward the conversation that has been made by Gmail to WhatsApp is by taking screenshots . In this sense, what you are going to send are photos of the conversation held in Gmail through the messaging application.

To do this, you again look for the conversation you want to forward and make a screenshot. Then, these images are saved in the gallery of the cell phone or you must save it manually if you are on a pc.


Later, from the WhatsApp application you must add these photos or screenshots as if you were sending a photo normally. Clicking on the clip icon at the bottom where the writing bar is and then going to the place where the images are selected. After they are loaded, click on send and you have completed the process of sending an email from Gmail to WhatsApp.

If this article solved this problem to share files from a Gmail account to the WhatsApp messaging application. We invite you to see more articles where you will learn to solve different conflicts and clear doubts about WhatsApp or Gmail here at, which offers you many guides for free so that you can solve your doubts and learn tricks for the programs that day by day they make your job easier.

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