How to listen to an audio received in WhatsApp without seen?

There may be times when we want to listen to an audio that a person sent us through WhatsApp, but for some reason we do not want that person to realize that we are listening to said audio, either because we want to hide something or for personal reasons. .

It is for this reason that we have to make use of tools or methods to do so. But what if we do not know how to listen to an audio that is sent to us from WhatsApp and we do not want to leave the seen marked? Keep reading that in this small guide we will show you very easily and simply how to do it.

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  1. How to deactivate the double blue check of WhatsApp?
  2. Methods to listen to an audio without marking the seen in the chat
    1. Send it to yourself
    2. Listen to it in airplane mode
  3. What is the best application to listen to an audio without the double tick of WhatsApp?
    1. Voicey
    2. VLC
    3. Use Telegram

How to deactivate the double blue check of WhatsApp?

Deactivating the double blue check of WhatsApp is a very good way to make other people not know when we read a message that they send us, this is done from the same WhatsApp configuration, to carry out this process, a series of steps must be followed shown below:

  • We enter the WhatsApp application on our mobile device, it is recommended that we have our software updated to avoid problems with the interface.
  • We go to the 3 points that are located in the upper left part of the screen, then click on the settings.
  • Then we go to the account> privacy section.
  • As a consequence, several options will appear, we have to go to the one that says “Read receipts” and then we proceed to deactivate it.

By making this configuration, we will completely deactivate the double blue check of WhatsApp. Something worth mentioning is that, by deactivating this option, we cannot see the last connection statuses of that person, in addition to applying the double blue check for the other person as well.

Methods to listen to an audio without marking the seen in the chat

There are several methods to listen to WhatsApp audios that will be shown below:

Send it to yourself

This method is usually one of the most used, since it only consists of sending WhatsApp messages to yourself , but not to the same chat of that person. In this case we will rather occupy the chat of a trusted friend or in a group in which we are alone and with privacy, when listening to the audio here, the other person will not be notified that we have heard it.

Listen to it in airplane mode

Without a doubt, this is the simplest method used by WhatsApp users, since it only consists of activating the airplane mode of our phone before listening to the voice note. By doing this, we will deprive our device of internet connection, so it will not be able to connect and send the notification to the other person that we have heard said audio.

We have to emphasize that this method is temporary, since if after listening to the audio we have an internet connection again, the WhatsApp application will detect that we are listening to the audio and will notify the other person immediately.

What is the best application to listen to an audio without the double tick of WhatsApp?

On the other hand, there are also applications that allow us to listen to WhatsApp voice notes without notifying the other person, be it the VLC player application, Voicey, using Telegram, among others. It should be noted that not all audio applications allow us to listen to WhatsApp voice notes, since these notes have an audio format that is not reproduced in all players , so it is something to take into account.


This is an application that is available in the Google Play store , it is recommended that it be updated so as not to have problems with the download and installation, now it is just a matter of having automatic audio downloads activated in our WhatsApp and that we access to the application.

In this application we have to provide the requested permissions, we are shown a list with all the audios sent by our contacts, when listening to them through this application, the other person will not be notified at any time.


This player, which is available for both PC and mobile devices, its use is similar to the previous application , since it is enough to find the voice note that was downloaded from WhatsApp and play it through this audio player.

Use Telegram

Finally, we have the option of using the Telegram application, since in its latest versions it supports the audio format of WhatsApp voice notes, so we only have to share the audio that the person sends us through our Telegram and listen to it without fear that the other person finds out .

If you present failures with the audios, interface or privacy of WhatsApp, we recommend that you contact WhatsApp technical support , their trained personnel will help you to promptly resolve your problems with said application.

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