How to read a direct message on Instagram without seen?

The “Seen” is one of the most characteristic functions of the messaging of social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Although in the first two it is easier to deactivate this function, to remove the “seen” in the social network Instagram , it is more complicated, here we will show you some useful methods.

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  1. What are the ways to open a direct message without the check appearing?
    1. Turning off Wi-Fi or your Mobile data
    2. From message restriction
    3. With ‘APP’ third call ‘AiGrow’
    4. From the notification bar of your Mobile
  2. In what way can you customize that the seen does not appear to your follower?
    1. From your Android
    2. With your iPhone
    3. From your pc
  3. How to know if your Instagram follower has not seen the message?

What are the ways to open a direct message without the check appearing?

It is normal that some people want to block private messages , now, if we only want to read a message without leaving the seen, Instagram as in other social networks has the read confirmation that indicates when the other person and we read a message.

Disabling the Instagram read confirmation is not possible, but it is possible to perform some actions to read the Instagram message without the check appearing.

Turning off Wi-Fi or your Mobile data

Basically, deactivating the Wi-Fi of our mobile or data, activating the airplane mode of our Smartphone works. As we are not connected to any internet network by Wi-Fi or data, the “seen” will not appear; If we connect again after a while, this will appear.

From message restriction

The other way to do it is with a restriction function for your Instagram followers , this will limit the interaction that a person can have with you, not only in the messages.

In the case of restricting a person, in the messaging section you will see a request for acceptance first. Also, the other person will not be able to see if you are online, nor will they be able to see read receipts. To restrict a person on Instagram , you can do it in several ways:

  • From the profile of the person in question directly and there you click on the three points above and then on “Restrict”.
  • With the comments, you just have to look for a comment that the person has made in a publication, touch and then you will get the option to restrict.
  • From the Instagram Direct inboxitself , you go to the top icon above a letter “i” circled and the restriction option will appear.
  • Finally, you enter the profile settings of your account and go to the “Privacy” section; then you go to “Restricted Accounts” and look for the person, select it and that’s it.

The detail of doing this is that if you hit the delete button by mistake, it will be difficult for you to recover the deleted message , since this action does not require approval, so just by pressing delete this will happen immediately.

With ‘APP’ third call ‘AiGrow’

AiGrow is one of the most recommended virtual managers for managing your Instagram account and all the marketing that it involves.

One of the procedures carried out by this app is the messaging of your account, AiGrow directly links your Instagram profile and will have its own inbox, so that any message that reaches you, you can read it from AiGrow without having to enter the social network. The advantage of this is that you can read the messages without the read confirmation for the other person, until you go directly to Instagram of course.

From the notification bar of your Mobile

This method is quite simple and all smartphones have it activated by default, when you receive a message from any application, it will appear at the top of the screen, in the “Notch” or if you have it blocked, when you turn on the screen, below the hour.

In what way can you customize that the seen does not appear to your follower?

The methods that we mentioned above can be used for any type of device you are on, whether on an Android phone, iPhone or PC (only the application). Consider that deleting the private messages read will not prevent them from being seen.

For the first 2 methods, it will work for all platforms, the second that consists of using AiGrow, obviously, will only be valid for mobile phones, and the last one will also work for all three, although you will need some settings to activate notifications and preview the message without leaving in seen on Instagram .

From your Android

If by chance your phone has notifications deactivated or only those of a specific application, you will have to activate them to view their content and more if you want to observe an Instagram message without leaving a seen .

To do this, select the app in question, you may get the option to go to Settings or you may have to drag the icon to take it to the aforementioned option. Then you will tap on “Notifications” and activate or grant the application permission to show notifications on your phone. You can also do this from the app itself, in the settings section.

With your iPhone

Likewise, the steps will be the same as with Android, you must have the notifications activated to be able to preview your message without leaving the other person seen on Instagram ; action that you can perform from the application itself or from the settings of your phone.

From your pc

On PC you will have the option of the application or directly on the website. In the latter, the seen will not appear neither for you, nor for the other person, you can then enter your account on Instagram from the computer .

In the case of the application, you would also have to activate the notifications in such a way that when a message arrives, you can view it without leaving the reading confirmation.

How to know if your Instagram follower has not seen the message?

There is no way to know this unless you enter with his profile from your phone or ask him directly. The safest way is to use Instagram from the website on PC or restricted mode; Keep in mind that the seen will only appear if you go directly to the Instagram Direct inbox with the other person’s chat.

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