How to see statuses on WhatsApp without being seen

Lately, you have noticed that the person you are particularly interested in has started posting numerous statuses on WhatsApp . The desire, on your part, to find out the content of such messages is very strong, however you are well aware that the person in question will immediately know that you have looked at their photo or video, and this does not suit you. genius.

Without losing heart, therefore, you opened Google and searched for information on how to see the statuses on WhatsApp without being seen , ending up on this guide of mine. Well, what to tell you? Today is your lucky day! In the following lines, in fact, I intend to explain to you in detail how to make this happen, all within a couple of taps: the procedure, in fact, is naturally provided by WhatsApp , therefore you will not need to make particular changes on your phone.

Yes, you got it right! You can achieve your goal even without being a tech savvy. So what else are you waiting to get started? Carve out a few minutes of free time for yourself, make yourself comfortable and read very carefully everything I have to explain on the subject: I’m sure that, at the end of the reading, you will be perfectly able to put everything into practice, browsing undisturbed among the states that interest you the most. Happy reading and have fun!


  • How to see status on WhatsApp without being seen on Android
  • How to see statuses on WhatsApp without being seen on iOS
  • How to see statuses on WhatsApp without being seen on a computer
  • App to see WhatsApp status without being seen

How to see status on WhatsApp without being seen on Android

Do you use an Android smartphone and would like to know how to see the statuses on WhatsApp without being seen because you want to browse through the statuses of your friends, without leaving a trace of your visit? Great, then this is just the section for you.

As I already mentioned in the introductory jokes of this guide, you can reach the goal you have set for yourself using an extremely simple trick and which, above all, does not require any particular intervention or modification to the messaging app!

All you have to do, in practice, is to intervene on the privacy settings of WhatsApp and disable the so-called  read receipts , ie the display of the “blue check” when the recipient reads the messages.

Before going ahead and proceeding, however, let me give you a couple of necessary information: first, by deactivating read receipts you will no longer be able to see when contacts are reading your messages (except for groups); secondly, by doing this you will be able to read WhatsApp statuses without being detected, however you will no longer be able to know who is viewing your statuses .

Is everything clear and you intend to proceed anyway? OK, let’s get started right away. First, start the WhatsApp app by  recalling it from the drawer of your Android device , access the Chat screen , which contains all the active chats, press the button () located at the top right (the one next to the magnifying glass, to understand) and select the Settings item  in the menu that is shown to you.

At this point, touch the  Account  and  Privacy items and, when you reach the next screen, move the lever located next to the Read receipts item to OFF . From this moment on, you will be able to view the statuses published by your contacts without being seen, however you will no longer be able to know who has read your statuses and, at the same time, you will have to give up the display of the blue ticks .

Warning: if, after viewing the status of your interest, you want to retrace your steps, cancel the change previously made by going back to Settings> Account> Privacy and moving the previously mentioned lever back to ON . However, if you re-enable this option, it will appear that you have seen the status of the user you have seen previously.

For additional information on this topic , I suggest you take a look at my guide on how to disable WhatsApp blue ticks .

How to see statuses on WhatsApp without being seen on iOS

Would you like to know how to see statuses on WhatsApp without being seen on iPhone ? In this case you should know that, exactly as seen for Android , you can “silently” watch the statuses published on WhatsApp from your contacts even from the iPhone .

All you have to do, in fact, is to act on the read notifications and, therefore, disable the display of the blue ticks . Also in this case, the change takes effect immediately and brings with it, as a consequence, the impossibility of knowing who has read your messages and / or seen your statuses .

To proceed, first start the WhatsApp app by  recalling it from the Home screen or the iOS App Library , press the Settings button located in the lower right corner and then tap the  Account  and  Privacy items to access this specific section.

At this point, all you have to do is identify the item Read receipts , move the relative lever to OFF and that’s it: as already mentioned above, the change takes effect immediately.

If you want to cancel the change, after having seen the status , you simply have to repeat the entire procedure and reposition the Read Confirmation lever to the ON position  . In this way, however, restarting this feature, the person they’ve seen the state will know that you displayed his media.

If you need further instructions on the steps to take to activate the blue check again, you can refer to my specific tutorial on the subject.

How to see statuses on WhatsApp without being seen on a computer

Are you a regular user of WhatsApp for computers and / or WhatsApp Web , so are you looking for a method to “spy” on the statuses posted by your friends without being seen?

Unfortunately I have to tell you right away that I don’t have very good news about it: at the time of writing this guide, the WhatsApp applications dedicated to the PC do not provide the possibility to act in the privacy settings  of your account, therefore it is not possible disable read receipts using this means of communication from your computer.

However, do not despair, because all is not lost: you must know, in fact, that the changes to the privacy settings applied by smartphone or tablet are automatically replicated on WhatsApp for computer and WhatsApp Web .

This means, in practice, you can safely view the states of your friends by either version of WhatsApp dedicated to the computer, without being still “caught” snooping by simply turning off read receipts by privacy settings via the smartphone method reported in the previous chapters of this guide. Always better than nothing, right?

App to see WhatsApp status without being seen

Wondering if there are apps to see WhatsApp status without being seen ? In that case I must absolutely dissuade you from putting this type of solution into practice.

In fact, you must absolutely stay away from any third-party WhatsApp apps or clients since using them could seriously compromise the security of your account, exposing it to potential risks of violating your privacy.

Moreover, as explained in the previous chapters, to see states of WhatsApp incognito you do not need a third-party solution, because the app messaging allows you to do this natively, through the deactivation of read receipts .


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