How to disable automatic startup of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

The implementation of browsers in operating systems is something that has been seen a lot in recent years, such is the case of Microsoft Edge, which is an internet browser that comes by default in the installation of Windows 10 .

But it often happens that for some reason we no longer want it on our computer, either because it takes up space or because we use another internet browser. But what if we don’t know how to uninstall the Microsoft Edge browser in our Windows 10 operating system? In this small guide we will show you very easily and quickly how it is done.

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  1. Why is Microsoft Edge in applications that start with Windows startup?
  2. How can we disable the automatic start of Microsoft Edge?
    1. With the registry editor
    2. From the beginning
    3. Directly at the welcome
    4. With account settings
  3. How to permanently uninstall the Microsoft Edge browser if you don’t use it?
  4. What to do to prevent Microsoft Edge from reinstalling itself?

Why is Microsoft Edge in applications that start with Windows startup?

The main reason is because it is owned by Microsoft , who decided to implement it in their Windows 10 operating system as one of the default startup applications.

How can we disable the automatic start of Microsoft Edge?

We can do this through various methods and procedures , either from the welcome message, from the registry editor and others, these methods can be seen below.

With the registry editor

For this process we will use the local group policy editor or from the registry editor, it should be noted that not all versions of Windows 10 have access to this option. Versions like Windows 10 Pro do have this option, so it is a factor to take into account, therefore, we must follow a series of steps shown below:

  • On our Windows 10 desktop, we go to our keyboard and press the “Windows + R” keys, this will open the option to run.
  • Next, we write the following “gpedit.msc” and press enter, when we do this, a new window called “Local Group Policy Editor” will open.
  • On the left side of the screen, we are shown several folders with their respective sub-folders, we have to go to the following path: Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Microsoft Edge.
  • When entering here, we are shown a large number of tabs, we have to click on the one that says “Allow Microsoft Edge to start and load the home and new tab pages at Windows startup and each time Microsoft Edge closes” .
  • A new window opens, in it we have to mark the option that says “Disabled” and press the apply button to save the changes.

From the beginning

For this method we will use the Windows run option, which is accessed by pressing the “Windows + R” buttons on our keyboard, we have to type “shell: startup” and press the accept button. As a consequence, a Windows explorer window will open, we have to locate the Microsoft Edge and remove it from that folder.

Directly at the welcome

This is a much easier process, since it is only a matter of accessing the Windows configuration from the start button, once there we go to the system section, as a consequence, we click on the notifications and actions section, the which is on the left side of the screen.

Being in the actions and notifications section, we will proceed to look for a box with the option to “Show me the welcome experience of our Windows after each update and when I log in to know the new news and suggestions”. Finally, we uncheck this option, which will cause Microsoft Edge not to start automatically.

With account settings

We have to enter the system configuration of our Windows, once there we click on the accounts section, then we go to the login options, on the right side of the screen, we will look for an option called “Use my information login to configure my device and reopen the applications after an update or restart “, it only remains to uncheck this option and apply the changes .

How to permanently uninstall the Microsoft Edge browser if you don’t use it?

We will use a special method, since this cannot be uninstalled in a common way as we do with other programs from the control panel, besides it is recommended to have our Windows 10 updated , taking this into account, we must follow a series of instructions, which are shown below:

  • We have to go to the Windows file explorer, once there, we enter the “local disk c:” of our computer, then we access the following path: x86 Program Files> Microsoft> Edge> Application.
  • Here we have to look for a folder with the latest version of our Edge browser, they are usually numbers. Next we look for the folder called “Installer”.
  • We leave this folder open and in it we access the Windows Power shell as administrator, this from the file option that is located in the upper left corner of the file explorer.
  • A new window opens in which we have to place the following command “. \ Setup.exe – uninstall – system-level – verbose-logging – force-uninstall” and we proceed to press the enter button.
  • Finally we delete the Microsoft Edge folder to permanently uninstall and close the Windows PowerShell program .

What to do to prevent Microsoft Edge from reinstalling itself?

We only have to avoid Windows updates , that is why before uninstalling it permanently, it is recommended to have the latest version of Windows, in addition to the fact that said browser consumes memory and CPU of our computer even without having it open, therefore the Uninstalling it is an excellent option if we want to speed up our computer.

If for any reason you have problems with the Edge browser , we recommend that you contact Microsoft technical support , which will help you solve your problem as soon as possible with its highly trained staff.


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